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Screams can be heard in the distance as a sickle on a chain slices through the air cutting off another head. The chained sickles owner, a young boy in demon slayer garb turns to turns to face the last demon slayer, this one a woman who looked upon the boy with terror in her eyes.

Behind them a Lord and his men watched the siblings face off, lord looking indifferent as his men looked at the slayers with fright and confusion.

"Ko..Kohaku what are you doing? We're your family what…Kohaku AAHHH!"

There was a slight whistle through the air as the sickle moved towards the woman slicing her mask from her face, falling to the floor the woman stares at what once was her brother. Drawing his weapon to his side the young boy looks over to, it was then that the vacant look in his eyes were seen, rushing forward he lunged to cut her down only for the woman to block the attack with the short sword she drew from her hip. Being so close to her brother she could see something coming from the boy neck.

"String? No..not string," the woman thought, as she looked closer she could see it was a tiny spider who's fangs were still plunged into Kohaku's neck was connected to a strand of web that seemed to lead to the Lord who's land they had come to save. Knocking Kohaku to the floor she ran to her discarded weapon, Hiraikotsu, a giant boomerang and made to attack the Lord.

"You! You're behind this whole thing!"

Said lord looked unfazed as he continued to drink from his cup of Saki, "Kill the woman and that brother of hers."

Moving forwards the Lords' men moved to attack the woman. In her fury said woman swatted the men down like they were nothing preparing to cut down the Lord. At the same time, the whistle of the sickle pierced through the air as the blade pierced through the woman's back.

Stumbling to a halt the woman turned to face her brother as she fell to the ground, finding him shaking with tears in his eyes, "Sister…sis..sister…Sango….What have I done?!" rushing to her side only to be cut down by the Lords' archers.


Crawling across the ground to her brother said, tears streaming down bother siblings face.

"Sister…I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.

"Kohaku…no, it wasn't you, you were being controlled it wasn't you who did this but the Lord we had come to..."

Sango was silenced as the archers' arrows pierced her body almost pinning her to her brother, both siblings were still and unmoving.

The Lord of the lands, who had yet to move from this seat continued to drink his Saki.

"A fitting end to such an insane pair", he mused as he went to take another sip of his Saki, the cup never made it to his lips as a sword sliced through his back severing his spine.

The guards jumped and turned around to attack the killer of their lord only to find their Lords' ill son standing above the body of his father, a blank look with a hint of defeat on his face.

"Young Lord", one guard was able to say, "Why had you killed you own father?"

"This man hasn't been my father for some time, my father had died a long time ago possessed by the spider demon we had tried to kill."

At that moment the young Lord pierced the heart of the shadow of his father that still marred the floor, there was a shrill hiss as the demon was finally slain. Looking to the fallen Demon Slayers, the young Lords gaze turned sorrowful.

"Bury the demon slayers in a corner in the garden they deserve to be laid to rest."

"Yes my lord."

Later that night the entire demon slayer group had been buried and prayed over, however, almost before the moon was high in the sky, one of the graves began to shudder and shake, the dirt mound on time began to crumble and fall away as a hand surfaced from the depths of dirt. Soon followed by an arm and then a torso the body of demon slayer Sango emerged from her grave.

"I mustn't die." Was all she said as she crawled her way across the field, before collapsing.

At that time the young Lord came out the manor.

"The female slayer she lives!?"

Hours later the woman wakes up to the sound of men talking.

"Dead…They're all dead?" came the question from a young man dressed in a silk yakuta.

"Yes my Lord all the slayers from the Demon Slayer village are dead save for the woman Sango down the hall."

"Do we know who was behind the demons attack and the slaughter of the Demon Slayers?" asked the young lord.

"Yes my lord," came the reply of a man in a baboon pelt.

"What happened Naraku?" commanded the young Lord.

"I rushed to the village as you told me and I was met with village destroyed and villagers slain by a half demon by the name of Inuyasha, my sources say that he has been trying to collect shards of the Shikon Jewel in order to become a full fledge demon."

At that moment Sango had burst through the screen door separating her from the men.

"My Lord thank you for healing me, but bring me my weapons and armor, my village will be avenged and Inuyasha will die."

Neither Sango or the Lord had noticed smirk that traveled across Naraku's face.


It had been about two weeks since they left the village town where they picked up Miroku. The little rag-tag group where still headed west towards Sesshoumaru's castle, at the same time still looking for the jewel shards and helping out with other villages on the way. The group had been on the way to the village of Demon Slayers just to get a firmer grasp on the powers and effects that comes with handling the jewel shards.

"Man this is damn far!"

"Well Inuyasha, the demon slayers are rather secretive, and they have to be if it is truly the birth place of the Shikon Jewel."

Inuyasha just grunted, Shippo who had been leaning on Inuyasha just sighed at his mate's impatience. Even Sesshoumaru had an air of amusement around him at his little brother's antics. It took another half hour before they finally came across the village and through the three demons could smell the death and destruction they never would have thought it would be as bad as it was.

Demons and Demon Slayers alike were scattered all over, some with gruesome cuts along their bodies others were hacked into pieces strewn across the ground. The village looked more like a war zone death was everywhere.

Walking more into the village the group was stopped by a large fire cat demon.

"Ah ha, so one of them lives!"

Getting into a fighting stance Inuyasha draws Tetsusaiga, as the feline growls and moves to attack only to stop.

"That voice…belongs to Inuyasha."

Pausing and looking at the feline, Inuyasha as well as the others, minus Sesshoumaru, couldn't help but utter a simple, "Huh?"

"It spoke!" squeaked Shippo.

"Back off, Kirara", the beast tilts its head, "These people are not enemies."

The beast drops the demon head and transforms into a very tiny almost kitten sized cat with two bushy tails. She looks at them innocently.

" W-wha…!" Was all Inuyasha could say.

Kirara scratches herself and a flea jumps out, and lands on Inuyasha's nose.

"Oh how I've missed this nose, it has been such a long time."

The flea proceeds to suck the blood from Inuyasha's nose, Inuyasha slaps Myoga off his nose.

"Old Myoga!"

He opens his palm with Myoga inside, his flattened body slips off INU's hand, "Oh dear…", is all he mutters and he flutters to the ground.

"You know him?" Miroku asks?

Sighing Shippo answers, "He's Inuyasha's vassal…or tries to be."

Miroku is digging graves with a hoe. While Inuyasha lays the corpses on mats.

Myoga perched on Inuyasha's shoulder, "So this is the secret province of the Demon Slayers. For generations, the people of this village have trained and worked to get rid of demons.

"Well then", Inuyasha muttered, "They must've been hated by the demons."

Myoga nodded, "However, to be attacked now of all times? A number of the warriors had been summoned to a castle and this village was left with few to protect it. I have this bad feeling. I wonder if those who went to the castle are safe?

"What makes you say that?" asks Shippo with a sleeping Kirara in his lap.

"Throughout my journey here I had seen a figure in a white baboon pelt slipping in and out of my sight. It's very odd to have someone spotted off and on so close to this village."

"That's Naraku!" Inuyasha, Shippo, Sesshoumaru said at once.

"Naraku?" asked Myoga.

"He is a self-made half demon, with a lust for power and was the cause of Inuyasha as well as the original priestess of the Shikon Jewel hatred and betrayal of one another fifty years ago, he will stop at nothing to get what he wants." Came Sesshoumaru's reply.

Myoga nods, "There were jewel shards here but now that they are gone, the only hope that we have at getting answers about the jewel is to find this castle the group of Demon Slayers went to and hopefully get some answers."

The others agree and leave the village in the direction the Demons Slayers sent seemed to go.

~Meanwhile coming back towards the village~

Naraku ties the horses he and Sango had ridden up to the village on as Sango rests upon a tree.

Naraku looks over to Sango, "Is…she dead?" he wonders out loud as he turns away.

Sango sits up and glares at Naraku, "No way! Until I get that Inuyasha, I'll not die!"

Naraku scoffs, "That's good. But can you fight decently in that condition?"

Sango struggles to get up, "Slaying demons is my profession."

As the two walk along the mountain path, Sango thinks to herself, "I will never return. I do not have much time left" breathing heavily, "Please… body…hold up a little longer. Until I complete my final task."

Sango suddenly plagued by visions of her brother and fallen comrades starts to struggle up the path her breathing getting more and more labored. Suddenly she collapses to the ground, Naraku turns to her.

"Are you in pain, Sango?"


"Pitiful thing… But you won't be able to rest in peace even if you died."

He holds up a jewel fragment.

"Would you care to try this?"

Sango stares at the fragment, "T-that's…a Sacred Jewel fragment! Why were you in possession of it?"

"I have had this from long before. I am willing to lend it to you."

"To me?"

"You may believe that the Sacred Jewel is used only for evil. But there are good uses for it as well."

Back with Inuyasha

"Damn! I lost their scent"

There was a pause as the other demons conceded to that as well.

"It's hopeless", grumbled Shippo

"Myoga, is the castle this way?"

"Hmmm? Master Inuyasha, I haven't been there I'm sorry"

Inuyasha just sighed and looked back at this brother, "Do you know of any castles over this way?"

"I know of a few demon castles but humans one I'm not too familiar with. I tend to stay away from humans unless absolutely necessary."

Inuyasha just looked at him.

"We need to work on you people skills."

Shippo snorted, "And you don't?"

Inuyasha looked indignant, "At least I'm will to talk to other outside my social class!"

Sesshoumaru let a sigh of annoyance leave him, "Don't start Inuyasha."

"Don't start what how much…," Stopping mid-sentence both dog demons paused listening for something.

Kirara who was in Shippo's arms suddenly meows as her ears twitch.

"What's the matter?" both Shippo and Miroku asks.

A boomerang suddenly flies in their direction, cutting the trees in its path. INU holds KAG's head and the group dodges while it flies past them. It returns to Sango, who stands a distance away from them. She is wearing a mask.

"You are Inuyasha? I will slay you!"

"Just who are you?!" growls Inuyasha.

"Sango!" squeaks Myoga

"Someone from the village?" asks Shippo.

"Master Inuyasha… You must not cross swords with Sango!"

At that moment Sango throws Hiraikotsu swiftly at Inuyasha, causing everyone to leap out of the way.

"This ain't the time to say that!" Inuyasha unsheathes Tetsusaiga and blocks as the weapon comes flying at him, sliding backwards from the impact.

Sango grabs the retuning Hiraikotsu.

"Why do you come after me?!"

"Silence, half-demon! I will avenge everyone from my village!"

Throwing Hiraikotsu at Inuyasha, Inuyasha dodges and Hiraikotsu hits the ground, sending chunks of earth everywhere.

"Old Myoga! What's she saying?!"

"I have no idea! Master Inuyasha, it's coming again!"

Hiraikotsu hits Inuyasha again in its return path. Inuyasha leaps away.

"We must do something about that weapon!" shouts Shippo

"Agreed!" states Miroku as he opens his wind tunnel, " Wind Tunnel!" Hiraikotsu's motion is slowed, "Got it!"

A drove of Naraku's poison insects suddenly appear and fly towards Miroku.

"Look! Naraku's poison insects!" shouts Inuyasha.

Shippo panics a bit, "No, Miroku! You suck them it, you'll be poisoned!"

Miroku closes his wind tunnel immediately, " W-why are they here?!"

"It can't be…!" grunts Inuyasha as he throws back Hiraikotsu.

Hiraikotsu returns to Sango as Naraku appears behind Sango.

"Naraku!" Inuyasha growls.

Naraku laughs, "Inuyasha, give up and let her slay you."

"Why you…! Not in a hundred years!" he runs to Naraku and leaps past Sango.

Sango grabs Inuyasha's ankle with a ball and chain and tugs him to the ground.

"I am your opponent!"

"Why you…! Interfere and I'll kill you first!"

"Try it! You may have said those words when you killed my people?! But I'll not die so easily!"

Shippo stares at her incredulously, "She believes that Inuyasha attacked the village! She's being deceived by Naraku!"

Sango leaps and throws Hiraikotsu at Inuyasha. A Sacred Jewel fragment glows in her back.

Miroku gasps, thinking, " She has a Sacred Jewel fragment in her back!"

Inuyasha blocks Hiraikotsu with Tetsusaiga. Hiraikotsu is deflected to behind him.

Inuyasha sprints towards Sango.

"Poison Powder!" Sango throws a smoke bomb at Inuyasha.

Inuyasha covers his mouth, "A miasma!"

"Demons with ears like yours have a weakness against strong scents!"

Inuyasha thinking, "I can't get close!"

Naraku looks on with the insects, "Leave it to a Demon Slayer."

Miroku appears in front of Naraku.

"Well, well…if it isn't the monk."

"Naraku…die now!"

"I can't. Not until I gather all the Sacred Jewel fragments."

"I don't know what you are scheming, but it's over!"

Naraku takes out a sword from his suit. Miroku attacks him with his staff viciously. He cuts off Naraku's arm with brute strength. The arm (with sword) flies off. Miroku continues attacking and Naraku falls backwards. Miroku points his staff at Naraku.

Shippo gapes, "He did it!"

The hand suddenly flies up and towards Shippo. Inuyasha gasps.

"Shippo!" both Inuyasha and Miroku run to him.

Both are too late as the arm moves to snatch the Sacred Jewel necklace from Shippo's neck only to be obliterated by Sesshoumaru.

"Ah, Lord Sesshoumaru I almost forgot you were here."

"Vile creature."

Naraku sneers, " I need not linger."

"Naraku…why you!" shouts Inuyasha.

"Farewell, Lord Sesshoumaru, Monk,…and Inuyasha."

"Why you-!" yells Inuyasha.

"You won't get away!" says Miroku.

Inuyasha and Miroku run to Naraku. A thick miasma emits from Naraku and they are forced to stop. The miasma turns into a vortex and spins into the air, carrying Naraku. The insects follow.

"Sango…I await you at the castle. Kill Inuyasha without fail and return."

Sango thinking, "Naraku… Can I really trust him?"

Kirara jumps out of Shippo's arms to Sango and meows. Sango kneels and Kirara jumps into her arms.

"Kirara… You're still alive!" looks at the vortex spinning away, "Kirara, follow him. If he does anything strange, kill him."

Kirara squints her eyes at the vortex and growls. She jumps off and chases, transforming into a fierce large tiger. Kirara leaps into the air and flies, roaring.

Miroku yells, "You won't get away!"

"Stop, Naraku!" yells Inuyasha.

Miroku and Inuyasha run after the vortex. Inuyasha is stopped suddenly by Sango's Hiraikotsu crashing into his path. Hiraikotsu returns to Sango.

"Inuyasha! I will fight you! You will die right here!"

"Are you still saying that?!"

Sango runs to Inuyasha thinking," I must kill him now! Before my life wanes." She leaps and throws Hiraikotsu at Inuyasha.

Inuyasha dodges, "Cut it out!"

Inuyasha leaps and throws Tetsusaiga in Sango's direction. It strikes the ground in front of her. She dodges and ends up missing Hiraikotsu in its return flight. Hiraikotsu flies past her.

"No!" Sango exclaims as she chases Hiraikotsu

Inuyasha runs to Sango, "Without your weapon…!"

Sango throws a smoke bomb, "Poison Powder!"

Inuyasha leaps and knocks off Sango's gas mask.

Sango covers her mouth shocked.

Inuyasha grabs Sango's arm and flies out of the miasma.

Sango thinking, "What is he up to?! H-he's…not trying to save me?! No, he isn't!"

Inuyasha lands with Sango a safe distance away.

Sango thinking, "He's the enemy who attacked my village!" She unsheathes her sword and strikes Inuyasha's arm.

Inuyasha doesn't flinch. Sesshoumaru and Shippo move over to them.

"Inuyasha!" screams Shippo as he moves over to his mates side looking at the wound.

"You! Haven't you realized yet that Naraku is tricking you?" Inuyasha grumbles taking the sword out of his arm, "And…you're covered with blood."

"W-what?!" blood drips profusely from her body to the ground, "I-I didn't know it was this bad… I didn't feel any pain."

Shippo looks to Inuyasha, "Are you all right?"

Inuyasha looks to his mate and smiles, "I am."

Sango gasps as she looks at her hands. Sango closes her eyes and collapses to the ground. Inuyasha, Shippo and Sesshoumaru look at her.

Shippo looks wary at her, "Is she dead?"

Sesshoumaru barely glances at her, "She just fainted. Inuyasha, she has a Sacred Jewel fragment imbedded in her back."

"No wonder… I know from the scent of her blood that she was badly injured. That Naraku… He used the Sacred Jewel to make her fight until she died."

~To Miroku chasing Naraku~

"No way will I lose him!"

Miroku stops suddenly and gasps. He had reached to the end of a cliff. A huge gap lays between the next cliff. Kirara flies from behind and nudges Miroku onto her back. She flies upwards and chases the vortex.

"Thanks…you're gonna give me a ride? Naraku!"

They reach the vortex and Miroku hits Naraku with his staff. The miasma dissipates to reveal more of Naraku. He flies higher up and thick branches appear from the bottom of his suit. The ends of the branches turn into claws and attack them. Miroku and Kirara fight off the arms. One of it grabs Kirara's neck and another grabs Miroku. They are then thrown to the ground.

Naraku laughs, "Don't take me lightly."


Back to the other group

Sango is on someone's back.

Sango thinking, "Someone's back… Warm." She opens her eyes, "Whose…? (gasps)"

Seeing that she was on Inuyasha's back she tries to sit up.


"Conscious, are you?"

"Put me down! What're you doing?!"


Shippo running alongside Inuyasha moves to Sango's side, "Hey we're going after your little cat friend as well as our monk."

Inuyasha looks back at her, "Your name's Sango, right? Keep bothering me, and I'll leave you right here!"


Myoga jumps to SAN's shoulder, "Sango, Master Inuyasha and the others could not leave you to die with your deep wound."

"Old Myoga…?"

Inuyasha scoffs, "Let's speed it up!"

~Back to Miroku, Kirara and Naraku~

"Is Naraku's appearance a deception?"

"Deception or not…find out for yourself!"

Naraku's branches zoom towards Miroku and Kirara who fight them off. The pieces that fall off joins back to the main branches.

"Damn! No matter I slash them, they revert back!"

One of the branches grabs Miroku's ankle and another strikes through Miroku's stomach.

Inuyasha suddenly appears and cuts off the branch.

"Miroku! What're you doing?! You're hopeless!"

"Inuyasha, behind you!" shouts Shippo.

Several branches fly at Inuyasha. He turns around and cuts them with Tetsusaiga.

"Inuyasha, so you're still alive?"

"Keh! As if a human can kill me!"

"You looked to be losing to that wounded Slayer."

"Shaddup! Naraku, you're the one, huh?! You turned the pack of demons on the village and annihilated everyone!"

"I just told the demons that the guard on the village was down."

Sango and Shippo look on in the distance, as Sesshoumaru joins the fray.

Sango gasps, "So he…!"

"Was your goal to get the fragments kept at the village?!" questioned Miroku.

"Oh? Very perceptive of you! I must say where there's a Sacred Jewel fragment, there's always a fight to be found."

"For just that…you killed so many?!" growled Inuyasha.


Naraku looks over to Sango, "Sango?"

"The demons in the castle…the demon spider… Were they all part of your trap?"

"Trap? Is that what you call just simple games? I thought that the Slayer of this village could handle any sort of demon."

Sango stands and picks up Hiraikotsu, "Why you…!" She runs towards Naraku.

The Sacred Jewel fragment falls out of Sango's back and she collapses to the ground, yelling in pain.

Shippo runs to Sango,"Sango!"

The fragment lands on the ground and one of Naraku's branches pick it up.

"Fool… No way I loan the Sacred Jewel to one who defies me. You should have believed Inuyasha was your sworn enemy and killed him, and then you would have died happily.

"You always trample on people's feelings!" seethes Inuyasha as he leaps and attacks Naraku.

Naraku dodges, "Are you remembering Kikyo?"

"Shaddup! You son of a bitch!"

Inuyasha cuts off Naraku's head and it lands on the ground. Miroku runs to Inuyasha.

"Damn him!"

Miroku looks at the head, "Too easy… Could this really be the Naraku I was pursuing?"

"A punk like this…made Kikyo suffer…as well as countless others."

"Inuyasha, watch out!"

Naraku's decapitated body strikes a branch in Inuyasha's direction but he dodges.

Shippo stuttering in shock, "His body is moving freely!"

The head turns around and laughs.

"I will not die!"

"His head is alive too! What's going on?!" exclaims Miroku.

Several branches attack Miroku and Inuyasha who parry them off. The fallen pieces rejoin to the main branches.

Sesshoumaru looks on the battle thinking over what he sees thinking, "He's reverting back to himself. He must be using the power of the Sacred Jewel!"

Sango thinking, "Why didn't I notice it? I spent time with such a demon…yet I sensed nothing at all. In fact, even now… No! I can't sense any demon spirit! Then…he is… " ,turning to Inuyasha, " Inuyasha! That's just a demon puppet!"

"A puppet?"

"In demon puppetry, the true apparition is hidden in the deepest part of the body. His heart! Aim straight for his heart!"

"Humph…so you figured it out".

"Take that!" Inuyasha wails as he leaps and slashes Naraku's body right in the middle.

The head spins around and flies into the air, where it bursts and disintegrates. Inuyasha lands as the rest of the body disintegrates.

"He did it!" cheers Shippo.

The smoke clears away to reveal a wooden stick puppet, as well as the jewel fragment from Sango's back. Miroku picks up the puppet.

"What's that?!" questions Inuyasha as he moves over to look at the wooden figure.

"This is demon puppetry. See the hair wrapped around the doll belongs to Naraku."

"Then who was it that we fought all this time?"

"A counterfeit Naraku. Probably the real Naraku was somewhere safe controlling this puppet."

"Well then" said Sesshoumaru, "I know now what needs to be done."

What do you mean Sesshoumaru? You weren't much help in this fight you know!"

Sighing in an annoyed way, "The fight wasn't that serious I would have intervened if I saw the need to, also I wanted to understand how this Naraku worked, a good strategy would be very beneficial to take a creature such as this down."

"Keh I guess." Looking over to Sango, who was leaning against Shippo.

"I guess we should get her back to the village see if we can't get the old lady to heal her."

Sesshoumaru just nods.

"Wont that take a few days?" asked Miroku

"Not if we fly" say Sesshoumaru looking at the demon cat, "You and the Slayer on the Cat I will carry my brother and his mate."

With that Sesshoumaru wrapped his Mokomoko-Sama around his brother and mate as the slayer, who had passed out, and the monk hopped on Kirara and off they flew, back towards the village. Along the way they were all thinking of ways to better their fighting or ways of taking down the Monstrous half-breed.

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