Warcraft (c) Blizzard, I simply had the fun of running around ingame and reading their lore.

Chapter 1: Shiny shit

It all started with the arrival of this new - in rather unusual armor parading- shiny shit as they called it.

Shiny shit was the term used for many people, usually to make a little fun out of. Usually the cases that immediately caught the eye, simply because of new and shiny undamaged armor. A fabulous weapon that never seemed to be used. All races knew the sort: they came walking directly of the boat, boasting around stories to anybody who would hear them about heroic deeds they were involved in, with an attitude indicating they could take on anything in the world simply by looking amazing.

Over time there had been many of the kind that walked in and out to the amusement of the local inhabitants. Sometimes it was the way they would flip their hair back, the color of a robe that was crying out 'target' or jewelry that almost asked to be robbed by any two timed criminal in Ratchet.

But it was mostly the fun of betting against each other if they would last or not.

You always had to give them the benefit of the doubt though, Greymur always said. Because nobody could tell by the looks of new armor, a certain attitude in somebody, if you were dealing with an inexperienced fool that never held a weapon before or simply a seasoned fighter. Amusement, that was what it all came down to.

Greymur and Jeri had divided them into several categories of shiny shits. There were those that came in parading, the fame seekers or bounty hunters that would seek out the 'most-wanted' posters, the occasional but fewer in-betweens and last but not least, the fortune seekers or treasure hunters. All of them referred to as 'shiny shit.'

Ofcourse it was funny, when after a day in the scorching heat of the Barrens, most of those 'shiny shits' returned less enthusiastic. Feared by local stories and legends, haunted by the population of raptors that lived nearby, dirty, thirsty, hungry and usually with damaged armor. Most of them returned without the fortune or the fame to add to their name. They rarely lasted long enough to even make it a whole week.

The Barrens was filled with enough dangers to cause trouble for the inexperienced adventurers, sometimes with a fatal outcome. It would not be the first time Greymur helped out with his wolf to drag back a person missing limbs by the time they found him.

He always wonder what brought them here, what exactly made them choose Ratchet instead of any other city or village they could choose from. Was it the same choice he made a while ago? Did they seek the adventure like he had? He rarely got an answer to that question because most were gone before they had the guts to try another day around town.

For some reason this woman made him ponder.

It wasn't unusual to see blood elves around town, though this particular one seemed out of place in Ratchet. She didn't look like the type that would chose a towns like the busy port of Ratchet. He could tell by the uneasy way she looked around. Suspicious, as if she was trying to hide from something. The way she presented herself did not fit with her armor. It made him more curious.

Though the armor she wore told something else. It made the local prostitutes seem better dressed then she was in her skimpy looking outfit, if you wanted his opinion, not that he complained about what he saw. Far from, but her armor -if you could call it that- wasn't exactly… handy. It was pretty yes, but unhandy in battle he decided when he looked her over again. And, as he imagined, would draw enough attention to many persons with wrong idea's.

Greymur did not have time to think about it much longer when Jeri helped him out of his thoughts by calling out his name near his ear with her loud voice.

"Finally!" She crossed her arms over her chest as she looked at him in a unamused way. Jeri was a small goblin female with a bright green skin and a smirk that usually meant she was up to no good. Surprisingly she was a rogue, how she ever decided to become a rogue was still the biggest mystery Greymur had yet to find out, but she was. Loudmouthed as she was.

"You know how rude it is when people talk to you and you're not listening? If I were a guy I would hit you Greymur Daggerscar!" She loved to scold him, Greymur looked at her and grinned. "You hit like a guy, and will do so anyway if you get the chance," he told her with a half grin. She snorted loudly after that offend.

"Sooo….," she said eventually, changing the subject as if he had not offended her a moment ago:"What do you think of that one Greymur?" Jeri's bright purple eyes seemed to hold a certain twinkle as she nodded into the direction of the woman. Greymur silently observed the woman as she walked towards the counter at the back of the tavern. In his mind he filed her under in-between, not replying to the question he was asked.

"Hello! Ratchet to Greymur!" Jeri sounded annoyed sitting there on her chair. The orc looked at her, grinning for a second. "No idea," he told her. She snorted again. "No idea? NO IDEA? Ofcourse you have NO idea! You're a male! Pfff…men! With that plate covering my boobs the surrounding here would not know what to think of me either! Geez, talk of displaying yourself…she could not have picked a worse place to wear that….seriously…a bikini in plate?" She chuckled loudly. Amused mostly by her own reply.

"Makes it obvious doesn't it? She's parading!" Jeri decided as if she knew all along what the elf was about. Greymur shrugged, meaning he did not agree with her yet.

"What makes you think she is parading?" He could not exactly tell what class the blood elf was supposed to present. Probably a fighting class from the looks of the sword she carried. Fighting classes usually meant paladin with blood elves, although nowadays warriors were reported as well. The weapon looked like a two handed sword by the length. It matched her bikini of plate well enough.

"Look at that armor! My sister dresses better then that!" Jeri complained. Greymur grunted. "Your sister is not up for discussion," he reminded her. Jeri pouted her bright painted lips when he did not seem to agree with her on the subject. Whatever the woman was, she was certainly the highlight of discussion at many tables in the Broken Keel Tavern after she walked in. "Care to make a wager on it?" Jeri dared him. Greymur kept quiet, there were new people coming to Ratchet every day. For some reason he did not think this was the right person for their late-afternoon-ritual, though Jeri seemed to think otherwise.

Whenever they had time to sit down and hang out in the Broken Keel Tavern they watched people, sometimes making a bet about how long the person would last, sometimes daring each other to go over and find out more about the specific person. It all depended on what drove the mood.

Usually Jeri would get too drunk, when she started making unreasonable requests for the challenge and remarks that were making the whole tavern laugh. Usually it was Greymur who soothed it so it would not become a nuance for the particular person. The orc sighed while looking at the goblin female that seemed obnoxious in her behavior. "Oh come on big guy! You know you want to!" She licked her lips.

There was always something to do around Ratchet, as it wasn't exactly a quiet port. Especially since the Alliance and the Horde had permission to come here because of goblin neutrality. Tonight Jeri had set her target on the woman.

"She has a story, I can taste it. Not just a pretty plate with an ugly face," Jeri said, as she watched the woman as unobtrusively as possible when she passed their table again. Both the blood elf woman and Jeri seemed restless to him. Greymur grunted when he looked at her again.
"I still do not agree with you Jeri, besides she seems quite attractive to me from here," Greymur decided as he countered her remark.
"Your view on attractive seems pretty messed up Greymur! What sort of women do they even have in Twilight Highlands?" She gasped at him when he gave her another half grin. The goblin female made a face palm and shook her head. "What am I saying! You're an orc! You don't know attractive from ugly if she would trip in your doorway," Jeri claimed with a grimace. Greymur wisely did not respond to that.

Ignoring Jeri's remark was one of the first things he learned when he settled in Ratchet. She was as explosive as any goblin in her moods. Yet he liked them, as strange as they were. By now he knew what he had to think of Jeri and her statements.

He got a good look at the blood elf woman again when she stopped in her tracks, looking around searchingly for something. Her face seemed almost timeless, oval shaped. Her long auburn colored hair worn in a complicated elaborated style on top of her head. Typical blood elf style Hurias would say. The plate armor she wore seemed to shine with a soft jade color, decorated with simple gold-colored deposits. She left little to imagine about, that was true, even so he nodded approvingly, liking what he saw. Much to Jeri's disapproval.

He decided she was indeed a very attractive woman and that the armor made the curves of her body look beneficial. "Seriously? After all I said?" Jeri gave him a pitying look when she saw him eye the blood elf. Greymur nodded, he still disagreed with her. She shook her head as to tell him he was doomed. Greymur smirked in return.

"What did I miss?" The elf seating himself at their table carried a tray with mugs of ale he placed in front of the orc and the goblin. "Took you long enough to get those!" Jeri instantly complained when she saw Hurias. The elf smiled at her. His face young, his hair a shiny white blond like most of his kin.

"What are we looking at?" Hurias his green eyes looked at both of them, there had obviously been something going on when he was gone, why else would Jeri have such a disapproving look on her face. "That shiny shit who just paraded her ass-less booty by our table," Jeri said and pointed with her pink painted fingernail toward the blood elf woman. "Greymur and I had a little discussion about whether she was considered attractive or plainly ugly. I vote ugly, but I cannot seem to get Greymur to agree with me!" The goblin woman chuckled again now Hurias was involved. The young man bit his lip, if Greymur did not agree with Jeri then it was up for debate.

"You look at her pretty boy and tell me what you think, because our orc-friend over here does not seem to share my enthusiasm to vote her ugly!" The smile on her face was a little annoyed. Hurias was always a bit off when she smiled like that. Jeri was likely to explode in an edgy mood like that.

He had to take a good look in the direction she pointed to see who she meant. All Hurias saw was a blood elf woman from behind as she stood with her back to him. The long auburn curl softly moving when she seemed to nod to the innkeeper. He could not tell if he agreed with Jeri or not. Until she turned sideways.
He stared at first, then smiled for a second, his eyes resting on the woman's face. "That's your discussion?" He asked as casual as possible. Jeri nodded, her face telling him to hurry up with whatever it was he was going to say. Hurias deliberately waited for a moment before he answered her. "I can safely say that's just an average face from the looks of it, and that there are many more beautiful women to be found in Silvermoon." Was the outcome, Hurias looked relieved when Jeri winked at him. Greymur gave him a questioning look when he saw Jeri smiled again.

"I knew it!" She boasted. "Hurias agrees with me! HA!" She stuck out her tongue to Greymur. Hurias nodded, hiding the slow upcoming blush from his neck while Jeri gloated over her victory, rubbing it in Greymur's face that it was two against one.

"You're sure?" Greymur wondered, cocking his head as he eyed his elf friend. Hurias nodded. "Yes, I'm sure she's right…she's a shiny shit," Hurias stared a bit too long at the woman to cover his admiration for her. It made Greymur laugh out loud. "Maybe a little more than a shiny shit Hurias?" Greymur asked. The elf blushed more furiously when he said that, Jeri muttered something horrible under her breath he was more scared of.

"You're all the same! You see some tits pass by decorated in some fancy outfit and suddenly there is all excited! You're no real friend of mine Hurias, or you would have backed me up here," she complained. Gone was the victory when she looked at the silent smirk Greymur gave her in return.

"Sure, rub it in! Like I would do that to you!" They heard her say. Hurias tried to remain neutral, just in case. Knowing she was not done sharing her opinion yet. "Anyway, you're a blood elf pretty boy," she addressed Hurias. "Tell me, what is with that look on her face? I mean, she looks like she has to poop!" Jeri continued. "Thanks for this detailed description," Hurias said with displeased expression. "Yeah well, sorry pretty boy, some of these women of kin, they look like their panties are up too high between their lips if you know what I mean. Hell, even I would look like that if my underpants were pulled up that high, obviously," Jeri grumbled back.

Jeri was always critical if she could not win it. Her feelings a bit jealous if they agreed some other woman surpassed her feeling of beauty and drew the attention of the men. And that happened quite often.
"Fortunately, Jatfast is not here, but he would have agreed with me," she said. The orc smiled at her. Jeri looked at Greymur, horrent with annoyance. "I think Jatfast would have said she was worth a shot," the orc said.

"Leave my husband out of this Greymur! I'm THE LOVE of his life," Jeri fumed with a sharp tongue. "Really?" Hurias sniggered. "YES! If he dares to say anything else I will eat him alive," she said angrily. Hurias and Greymur both laughed as Jeri gave them a devastating look.
"Jatfast would never look at something like that, too skinny and too posh," she concealed her face behind her mug and took an overlarge sip of her beer. The foam remained on her upper lip, as if she had a mustache. Hurias smirked looking at Jeri. With a gesture of his hand he tried to attract her attention.

"What! What is it you want to tell me? Be clear about yourself Hurias?" She yelled at him. Hurias looked at Greymur for help. When Jeri was not looking the orc made an obscene gesture with his tongue, pointing at Jeri's back. It made Hurias all the merrier. "Jeri?" The goblin woman looked at him in a stingy way when she turned her gaze toward him. The wrong tone was set instantly when Hurias tried to show her she had something on her upper lip by running his tongue over his own upper lip.

"Hurias? You horrible man! First you stand me up and now you're trying to flirt with me? That won't help you pretty boy!" Jeri cried out. Her voice changed in tone as she looked at him defiantly. Greymur tried not to laugh out loud when Hurias realized this was perhaps not the right way of trying to tell her.

Why the female goblin took this for a flirt he did not know, but she turned it into something else. Before he knew it Jeri was making obscene gestures at him. The awful way she tried to look sensually by wetting her bright red painted lips wasn't very appealing for both him and Greymur, it was rather funny. "Say Jeri, Rena is doing it like that as well, only she uses a bit more tongue when she has something on her upper lip," Greymur blurted out. Hurias choked on his beer while Jeri gave the orc one of her even more dangerous looks.

"Bunch of idiots! Horrible weirdo's! You don't know what you're missing," she claimed and turned around to show them her back. While Jeri was still angry, the shiny shit had now seated herself at a table a few feet away from theirs. Hurias took her appearance in quietly.
"Typical, isn't it," Greymur noticed, bestowing Hurias a dry half grin. "What is?" The elf asked. "That you keep staring at her, even though you claim that she is only average in looks," the orc said. Hurias looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes pretty boy! You stare at her! The only thing you do not do is drool while looking at her! "Came Jeri's bitchy voice. Hurias pouted his lips and sniffed offended.
"She's still a bit average ... and a shiny shit,' he said in defense. Jeri gave him an ugly face.

"It does not sound right when you say 'shiny shit' like that Hurias. That's really for the more seasoned veterans among us instead for some youngster like yourself," Jeri was not done with being angry at him yet, otherwise she would have chuckled after that remark.
"Youngster? I'm not that young Jeri," he claimed, as she gave him the challenging look, letting him know that one wrong move would have her explode again.

"Erhm...you look soooo sweet ... and extremely handsome Jeri? Why do you even bother commenting on average creature like that?" Hurias tried to save his skin as he looked at her with a faint smile, Jeri stuck out her tongue. She was sensitive for comments of the ones she liked. "I'm trice the woman she is. Maybe not in size, but in brains," she muttered.

While the blood elf woman enjoyed a mug of something Hurias smiled at Jeri. "Ofcourse you're our brains Jeri, I know nobody better at making a bargain then you," he said. It made her smile again as she emptied her mug of ale in one go. For a moment the woman was forgotten. There would be many newcomers that exuded the exuberance and wear polished plate armor to make fun out of. "Right," Jeri said, feeling her bladder after she emptied that last ale too quickly," if you two will excuse me, I have to do what a womanly woman does when she needs to excuse herself for a moment, don't do anything stupid while I'm gone," Jeri said as she got up from her chair and walked in the direction of the way out.

"Glad that's over," Hurias admitted. Greymur only nodded. Both of them glad Jeri's mood was back to a nice neutral sort."Oh…I don't know." A voice out of nowhere suddenly said. Why weren't they surprised to hear that voice?

"Since pretty boy seems to enjoy the view so much…," the voice said. Hurias flinched when a hand pressed on his shoulder. "What do you say pretty boy? Fifty silver saying that you dare talk to her without pissing in your pants? Or are you too busy to be fearful for my wives explosive moods?" The voice had a certain undertone he did not like.
The jingling sounds of silver coins rang in his ears when they seemed to be tossed carelessly on the table. The coins came to a halt as they lay scattered across the table. The last one ticked against one of the mugs, nearly dropping on the floor if the orc had not caught it in his hand. The blond haired blood elf looked thoughtful as he stared at the coins.

"Perhaps you care to show yourself Jatfast?" Greymur said. There was a chuckle and the sound of a rogue that came out of stealth. "I raise you one gold saying you will say at least make one offensive comment on Jeri's behalf about that beautifully polished armor she is wearing. You know, to make amends with Jeri," The goblin that appeared out of stealth was a sleazy looking one, with greasy blond hair tied in a ponytail behind his head. The man looked specifically at Greymur with a wicked grin and moved another a shiny golden coin towards the pile of silver already on the table. The blood elf looked at it. "You're giving me a hard time Jatfast," he said honestly. Although Hurias did not really feel like taking on this bet, money was money. And money was important even for him. "Perhaps," said the rogue thoughtfully.

"But perhaps we need to make it –so to say- a little bit more worth his while?" He laid a finger on his lips and moved back into stealth when Jeri came walking in again. "Think about it pretty boy," the goblin said with an obvious chuckle before he became silent again.

"You boys have been good? What's with the looks on your faces? Did she die? Good! Next round of ales? Hurias, you could have refilled me by now," she said, looking at her empty mug. Taking his she drank what was left of the ale inside while she settle herself in her chair again. "Pretty goblin wife…," Jeri screamed loudly when she heard the voice near her ear. She nearly spilled the last of the mug.

She jumped from her chair screaming "Hey!" in an almost offended way when a green hand pinched her bottom. Jatfast Fastfingers released from his stealth again. The sinister grin on his face promised little good. It gave Jeri the last boost she needed to get back into her good mood again when she could cry "Honey!" before jumping into Jatfast his arms.
"How long have you been eavesdropping on us?" Greymur asked as Jatfast grinned in a slick way. "Long enough," Jatfast chuckled and pulled a chair to the table.

"I heard the discussion, then something about a bet. And from the mood my wife seems to be in, I thought it would be nice to please her a bit. She gets to pick the target and the loser doubles the amount," he said casually and looked straight at Hurias for that. Greymur sighed and finally nodded. He wasn't in the mood to stop this from happening. "Fine," he agreed. "Pay up Greymur, if you want to do this you add to the bet!" Jeri giggled and nodded toward the table. "That over there, she's going to be our target" she said compassionately, while Jatfast looked interested. His eyes twinkled as he watched the woman over carefully. Jeri did not see him cast more than a few overly interested glances into the woman's direction because she was too busy making lousy comments about the woman. "Interesting armor, I bet the one who crafted it had a great time fitting it to the wearers….assets…good steel is hard to come by, with a hint of jade, looks expensive enough," he mentioned.
"You can get a nice price for that," he mumbled. Greymur heard him but said nothing. "Interesting target if I do say so myself," Jatfast admitted, his wife beamed and gave Greymur a certain look.

"And Hurias here is going to be his charming self aren't you sweetie? He's so going to be all over her! You should have seen him, he nearly drooled while looking at her," Jeri finally said, not to the blood elves relief.

"Yes, well, I didn't realize this bet meant I had to romance her. Usually we only find out more about why a person is here don't we? All I usually do is talk to her and in your case make some crude remark about her polished armor," he reminded them equally fair.
"I bet another extra gold," Jatfast said with a lame grin at the elf, "that you can talk her into bed," the grin showing his yellowish teeth.

"Talk her into bed?" Hurias shook his head. That was even too much for his standards. "Oh, isn't he sweet? He blushes all over," Jeri cheered as if he had performed a trick. "What's wrong boy? Too much for you to even romance an' average woman' like her?"Jeri cooed as Hurias snorted.
"I have enough experience, but for that meager amount I'm not going to end myself up in bed with a complete stranger," he said, half offended as he looked at the pile of money on the table. "Listen kid, you obviously do not really have to sleep with her! The key to this is that you romance her a bit. You know, making her feel she is wanted. Drink a few drinks with her, just enough until she invites you to her room for an appetizer. Because she is sure to have a room here for the night, otherwise she would have left already," Jatfast explained to the elf. Hurias listened to him with a doubtful look on his face.

"Come on kiddo! When you're upstairs with her you can always say you're too drunk or something. It will be hilarious!"Jatfast winked at Jeri. Her eyes blinked, knowing he had something up his sleeve. "Yes of course. Unless you're...chicken?" Jeri said, standing up and doing the imitation of a chicken to challenge Hurias. The orc hushed the whole thing.

"Cut him some slack. It's no disgrace if he does not want to do," he said, making Jeri give him a displeased look again. Greymur ignored her. "Killjoy" Jeri hissed at Greymur. "It's fine, I want to try," Hurias said, anything to get into Jeri's good graces again.

"But I want a doubled amount if I win," he said quickly. The rest had no objection to that. "So you'll do it?" Greymur asked surprised. Hurias nodded. Jatfast looked well pleased, clapping his hands together while looking at everybody around the table. "Somebody should check him though, you know to see if he's telling the truth when he comes back," they heard Jatfasts sneaky voice say. Greymur looked doubtfully at the male goblin. Jeri just nodded enthusiastically.
"And I think I'm the obvious person for the job. She'll never notice me when I sneak up behind them when they move their party upstairs," he chuckled slyly.
"Pervert. Don't think for one minute I will lie down and make love to her if I know you're around!" Hurias said, clearly hurt they did not take his word for granted and that Jatfast would stealth his way around. The whole idea of not knowing where the goblins presence would be at a certain gave him the creeps. knowing he was being watched even if this would turn out into something more.

"Alright, it seems thoughts are running wild here, as I hear talk of when Hurias is performing his deed with the lady instead of the original plan? The bet states he will romance her, place a remark about her polished armor and maybe even makes it up to her room. After that he is even with Jeri," the orc decided. Jeri's eyes glanced at him, knowing he did not favor her choice, yet she still chose it to show him he did not always win.

"Sure sure," Jatfast agreed, to be rid of it. Greymur gave him a long glance. "It still is the boy who's performing here, not you Jatfast," Greymur chose sides. Hurias looked embarrassed. "I'm not inexperienced, I may look young, it's just...well different with my kin," he moped.
"Do not worry Hurias, I doubt you would lie," Greymur supported him.
"I do! He has not been with us that long and I do not trust him yet, so I think he has something to prove to us Greymur, " Jatfast was clearly not going to change his mind, so eventually Hurias gave in to prevent any further annoyance.

It took him three beers and lots of encouragement from the group until he finally found the courage to take the first step. As Jeri's encouragement became more sozzled now the alcohol starting to do its job. Eventually she could only imitate the challenging sound of a chicken as she thought herself totally awesome. Hurias finally got up.

The woman had not yet removed herself from the table. She was eating a meal now and drank from a cup beside her plate.

Full of courage, he walked by, closing in on her table. Jeri's chicken sounds in the background still hearable. It almost felt like time slowed down for him when he passed her table.
"Enjoy your dinner…miss," he said, followed by a brief nod of his head as he passed her, straightening his back and shoulders, pressing his chest forwards to concur the unpleasant nervous feeling of his heart beating in his throat. Her emerald colored eyes briefly made contact with his. The curious gaze of the woman as she looked up from her dinner was met with a subtle smile from his part, he quickly turned his head. His heart pounded even harder in his throat ...

When he arrived at the counter, he had to blow out his breath slowly. With both hands he gripped the edge of the wood firmly to support himself a bit from all the excited. He had dared to say something and look her straight in the eyes. Usually things like that did not work so well for him, he was too shy to talk like Greymur or Jatfast, who seemed to have a talent in speaking to people without causing suspicion of any kind. Even Jeri did a good job at it, though sometimes a bit over the top. But he still had to find his own way into this.

"What will it be?" Wiley the innkeeper looked at him as Hurias stood there reorganizing his thoughts. "Uhm ...," The elf had to think hard before he could remember what he came here for. "A bit slow-minded aren't we? I will repeat my question," was Wiley's blunt comment. "Whaaaaaaaaaaat wiiiiiiiillllllll iiiiiiiit beeeeeeeeeeee?" he repeated ridiculous slowly. "Or did you only come here to wheeze over my counter with your alcohol invested breath kid?" The innkeeper whipped a dirty rag over his counter to prove his point. The elf gave him an angry look.
"Four mugs of beer or ale ...please," he stammered polite. Wiley grumbled as he muttered under his breath about making up his mind, beer was cheaper than ale. He took four large mugs from under his tap, filling them quickly and straightened the collar of each beer with a flat spatula so that the mugs would not run over. "Forty silver... boy," he said, and held out his hand. Hurias paid him with half trembling fingers.

He left with a tray and four mugs of beer in a calm pace, back toward the table where the rest sat. He would have to pass her again. She had curiously looked up when he had given her a smile. So she had noticed him. Now he had to think of a way that would make her want to talk to him. This next step requirement a substantial amount of alcohol before he had the courage to take it. And this time Jeri's challenging chicken noises would not rush him he decided. "Step aside slow turtle, I have customers to serve," Wiley rushed passed him without a warning before he realized it. The handle of his broom caught between Hurias his knees, making the youngman loose his balance. As he clapped to the ground the tray flew through the air ...

The whole tavern held its breath when the tray hit the ground with a loud bang next to her table. The beer mugs were flying in all directions. The content was spilled over her table, on her dinner plate,- thank goodness she was already finished-...but worse ...over her armor, her hair and in her face. He stared at her, his eyes wide as he scrambled to his feet as quickly as possible. The banging of four empty mugs on the hard wooden floor, the only audible sound in the silence of the tavern that watched the scene with open mouth.

She was still in the same place, arms close to her body, fists clenched, eyes closed while the beer dripping from her face. Her elaborated hairstyle was so to say ruined and her beautiful shining armor now sticky with dark brown beer. Everyone stared in their direction. With a gracious hand she took the napkin of her lap, and with a simply gesture wiped her face with it as if nothing happened.
Her light green emerald colored eyes looked straight at him as he stood beside her table.

"... I'm sorry sooo sorry...," He stuttered, feeling guilty. "YOU IDIOT!" Wiley kicked him against his sore knees. Hurias grunted painfully as the goblin pushed him back roughly.
"Shoo! Go away! Leave my customers alone! Go bother someone else! "Wiley was furious. He quickly turned his attention to the woman, apologizing a thousand times over for her inconvenience. Saying that she would be fully compensated if there was any damage. He offered her a free opportunity to bathe herself and that the elf would apologize for all his fatal errors. He was entirely in her service, the innkeeper Wiley, cringing creep with his unshaven face, the only thing he did not do was lick her heels to complete the picture the way he humbly tried to fix things.

Hurias looked at her, his attitude defeated and ashamed. She had a beautiful smile as she listened to Wiley. She only nodded as he assured her again that she had free use of a bath at any convenient time she wished. Wiley also talked about how he would personally see to it that everything would be arranged. Hurias wanted to sink into the ground out of shame.

"Come on you!" Wiley roughly yanked him by the hem of his blue shirt. With his broom stick he poked him in the ribs to show he meant serious business if the elf would refuse. "Stop poking me with that stick! I'll come alright!" Hurias whispered looking at the blazing Innkeeper. Her eyes follow Hurias, he saw her. He just grinned embarrassed, not knowing how this would end. At least he had her attention.

At the counter Wiley blew steam from the top of his roof. Hurias never seen a goblin speak so fast and in a yelling tone, but the little green innkeeper looked like he would go off any moment. Hurias almost felt like he was pelted with rotten tomatoes.
"You offer your sorry excuses to her a hundred times over if that is what she asks of you, you hear me you idiotic elf? You and your silly group of goons do this every freaking time! Enough already! One more of these incidents and you are no longer welcome in my tavern! "He hissed at the elf. Hurias only nodded, collecting more 'rotten tomatoes' as Wiley continued his angry stream of accusations.
"You cost me my good name! Shall I talk to mister- foreman -your boss- to see what he thinks about your behavior young man? Huh? Let's see how funny you think old Wiley is when he has you fired for messing up his tavern again?" Wiley grumbled loudly. The elf stoot there, not happy with the threatening promises the goblin gave him.

Meanwhile, you could mob up Jeri from laughter. Her cackling giggle meant for non other then Hurias while Jatfast tried to soothe her when people started to point at their table. It did not interest Jeri one bit that her husband tried so save his hide, not after drinking too much. At that time Greymur decided to mix in. He got up from the table and slowly walked towards the counter where Wiley was still busy with his thundering speech to Hurias.

"Wiley?" Greymur cut Wiley off in the middle of a sentence. The innkeeper glared at the orc, ready to include him into the blame. "I think this will be more than enough to compensate for any damage," the orc said. Hurias was so glad to see Greymur. The orc hunter watched the little green man look at the moneypouch he placed on his counter. The shining eyes of the innkeeper immediately looked eagerly. He snatched it away, his attitude towards the orc instantly changing. As he counted the money in the pouch quickly and made it disappear in his clothes, his face suddenly looked serious as he dared to look at the orc again.
"Greymur, you should know better than this you know? You're a grown man. Do you not think those childish games should end by now? I have no customers left that dare come back to my inn ever since you and your goons decided to have some fun with them," it still sounded accusatory. But it was dressed in a slightly chiding manner as he had seen money now. Greymur frowned slightly.
"We were just having some fun Wiley, nothing more. We did not meant to harm anybody," the orc said quietly. Wiley sighed, he had a different thought about that. "Let me settle with the lady and then we call this even, okay?" His look inquiring. Wiley grumbled a little but nodded eventually. "Good," Greymur said, beckoning Hurias to follow him.

"Miss?" She was about to walk away from the table when Greymur addressed her. He did so without the difficulty Hurias had. The male elf stared at the orc, wishing he too had the ability to easily converse and speak to somebody like that. The female blood elf looked at him questionably. "Miss, I'm very sorry for disturbed you, but I wanted to apologize for the rather clumsy way my friend here messed up in front of you. He was not quite there with his thoughts, but his intentions were not to cause trouble," he said sincerely, looking at her with his dark blue eyes. She smiled, first at him and then at Hurias. Greymur grinned as the young man turned red in his face. "I...Imsooosorrymiss," he stammered. She looked at them.

"It does not matter ... sir ...I do not think I caught your name correctly?" She looked at Greymur, her expression open. The orc bowed to her. "Greymur Daggerscar," he said briefly and nodded to her. "This here is young Hurias Stillblade," he said, pointing sideways to the subtle yet blushing elf.

"Riselle," she only said. He smirked. "A pleasure to meet you miss Riselle, again I apologize sincerely for the inconvenience of my friend. If there is any damage to your beautiful armor we will reimburse. If Hurias can help you polishing the stains off he will be at your full disposal," Greymur offered her. Riselle looked at the sticky gunk on her armor. It was no longer a shining armor. She shrugged. "It'll be fine, keeps a person alert, "she only said. Greymur wondered what she meant. What made him wonder more was that she did not seem to be afraid of him. The way she presented herself was with the allure of someone who has had more life experience than some of the youngsters that came rushing off the boat.
"Then we will no longer interfere with your evening miss Riselle and continue our way," he said, making Hurias follow close behind him. The elf stuttered something that sounded like a -good evening to you too- making Riselle smile again as she watched him leave.

She was already gone when he wanted to take a last look.

"Baaah! You have a really bad timing you know that pretty boy?" Jeri complained loudly, the alcohol making her swing from left to right as Jatfast tried to keep her steady. "Jeri darling...keep your mouth shut hun! You will say things you'll regret," Jatfast soothed her. "Riiiight! Says mister goblin who was planning to steal her armor!" Jeri giggled loudly as she dangerously pointed with a pink painted nails towards his potato-like nose. Jatfast looked caught in the middle of the act when Greymur gave him a stern look.

"Whaaaat? I know plenty of people who would pay a pretty amount of gold for that set," he apologized, as if that made everything right. Greymur did not say anything yet, but his face told Jatfast enough.
"Well," said Greymur, and swept the coins off the table. "I expect Hurias to bring me the doubled amount of the wager tomorrow. And Jatfast, I hope your next 'exciting addition' to our fun content will be better thought off then what you originally intended today," Greymur said. Jatfast kept his mouth shut while Jeri mocking him.
"I am off, I think I had my share of the evening," the hunter said quietly. "Oh and Jeri," he looked into a pair of bloodshot eyes that eagerly looked back at him. "What's up sugar?" She giggled as if the dark gray tinted orc was somebody hilarious. "I do find her attractive," he said with a half grin before he was gone. Jeri stuck out her tongue. "KILLJOY!" he heard her cry out to him when he was already outside. Rena swished her tail when she saw him.

Outside the day slowly ended the grey orc noticed, perhaps for the better. "Hello handsome lady, ready to go home?" Greymur asked the large red brown wolf. Rena let out a barking sound as she followed him.d