Haven 01: You are Not Alone


Do not cry for me young daughter of God for I shall be with you in Paradise. – Anonymous


"This is it…"

I said to myself as the entire length of my body was tied down very tightly to the pole on my back but for a reason I could not fathom they allowed my hands up to my elbows free from the bonds that had hindered me. I have my suspicions that the reason for them to allow me this limited freedom was to force me to perform magic while I was being burned alive as a proof that I was a witch. The temptation was strong but my mind was clear. I won't do such thing for my friends counted on me and I knew for certain that they were preparing something to rescue me despite the fact that it would be in vain but the thought of them trying to find a way warmed my heart.

I looked down and gazed at the little egg in my hands, at the little gem that sparkled with a dim glow of its own, and whose presence was invisible to the otherwise normal people. This is the price that I had traded for power, for the magic that now coursed through my veins. The gem of my soul, born at the time of the contract and extracted from the inhuman body that I now inhabited; I still could remember it like it was yesterday and the intense pain that accompanied it when it left.

I closed my hands upon it and silently prayed to God that I knew was listening to me even in my darkest hour and silently begged for his mercy that my execution be quick and my suffering shortened. I knew that there was no escape for me here in the mortal realm except for death thus allowing me to receive my just reward from God uplifting me from the pain of my torment.

Opening my eyes, I gazed at the clear sky above. Strange, for I don't feel any fear for my position nor am I panicking for my life at this time. It was like someone was there silently watching in vigil for me, waiting for to draw my final breath for my soul to be taken to the everlasting paradise, my final resting place. 'This will be my final moment here in this world.' I thought with my eyes valiantly transfixed to the beautiful sky unmarred by the carnage of war and the timeless symbol of freedom that encompassed the world. 'I am glad to die for God, my friends, and my country, for that is what I had wished.'

Something flickered at the edge of my vision and I visibly flinched at the moment that my eyes laid upon it but I did not draw back at the sight of the torch. I willed myself to face it courageously, to face my death no matter how painful it may be.

No …

Pain was the least of my concerns but rather the fear that it gave to me and how debilitating it was to feel it. I looked down to my hands that held my soul and placed a tender kiss on it. I can numb the pain with my magic but I knew that it would be a temporary solution at best for the pain will return once I had exhausted all of my magic with twice the pain as the last.

The man carrying the torch walked up to me and said the last words I would ever hear coherently. "Do you have any last words, witch?" He tried to be as impassive as the others but I could tell that even he couldn't stomach the sight of a young girl being burned away at his hands.

I didn't answer him right away and instead I returned my eyes back to the clear sky before answering his question with my own reassurance that I would be saved. "God will come for me…"

"Blasphemy!" I heard the shout from the fat priest but I paid it no mind for I knew that arguing with him would not result in anything helpful for his mind was sealed in his own values about what was right and wrong no matter how true was my reasoning.

The soldier made a grunt but no more words were said from him and I knew that he wanted to urge the time to move forward so that this killing of a young girl would pass. For me to receive my punishment in a brilliant surge of agony in my short, final moments and for him to leave so his eyes wouldn't see a girl burning into ash nor see the suffering in my eyes.

He threw the torch to the stack of hay and oil on my feet before turning around to leave despite orders to watch me slowly die to prevent my escape.

I drew a deep breath as I saw and felt the flames surround me burning my feet as it did and with an unconscious silent surge of power the pain disappeared as the gem of my soul brilliantly glowed cutting off the pain from my feet.

A singe tear fell down my cheek before evaporating just as instantly from the rolling heat. I looked up and stared at the sky for I didn't want to see the eyes of the people around me nor hear their words about the damnation of my soul. The flames intensified and I knew without looking that my clothes had started to burn off and my hair started to singe but I didn't look away from the sky for I was waiting. Waiting for an angel that I knew would release me from my torment. I could already smell it; the smell of my burning flesh being cooked inside out but I still kept my eyes to the sky. Never losing hope that God will come for me.

I could no longer move my eyes for they had dried up and my vision was starting to flicker with spots of darkness from the sides but I didn't care for my body as I kept waiting for this was merely a doll for my soul.

A sudden surge of intense pain shot through me and I wailed a breath that I didn't know that I was holding in and my thought was suddenly halted from its intensity. I looked down in my desperation but it was harder than I thought for my eyes were fixed upwards and my hands were shivering in pain as they clutched my soul tighter than I'd ever held it before but with an intense effort I managed to gaze at myself despite already knowing what was happening to it.

It was starting to darken…

I wailed in despair wishing my pain to end in spite of knowing that it was all for naught as the heaving blaze licked my body adding more to this hellish agony.

A moment had passed and I was stuck in place, unable to move due to pain and my body burnt to a crisp but I was somehow still alive to feel this phantasmal pain both of this doll that I called mine and my soul. I wished to cry but tears won't fell as there's no more water in my eyes as it tried to burst away to leave shriveled up husks. I wished to scream but my throat was too dry and charred.

I was nearly blind but there's just enough for me to see my soul before darkness finally consumed my vision and with it my final piece of hope.

It was dark and cracked with a single point of light…

Deep in my soul I cried and screamed about how unfair everything was to me. I strived hard and had done everything for my country but the reward that was given to me was to be burned alive clinging to a false hope that God would save me from my pain and my suffering. I felt something inside and felt the shattering of glass well within and for the first time I felt like cursing someone driving my will inside of me and fueled by rage and hatred, entrapping my mind in a shell of malice.

Right then and there I nearly cursed someone to show him the pain that I felt if it wasn't for her…

She was there floating infront of me as she appeared from a bright flash of pink. I saw her warm smile and the vision of it was enough to quell the raging anger and hate while dispersing the pain from her presence alone. Without thinking it I lifted my trembling hands and offered my soul to this beautiful being and she placed her hands at the sides of my soul gently cupping it within and the darkness that was inside threatening me was being ebbed away like smoke in the winds and I felt her love for me. This angel that was infront of me cared for my well being.

The jewel in my hands glowed brilliantly restoring it to its glory before breaking apart and releasing my soul.

Instinctively, I inhaled without meaning to and I smelled the scent of fragrant lilies. I felt something drop on my lips, licking it; I unconsciously tasted the warm, teardrop of the being before me. I blinked and my eyes began to focus clearer than it had before in my body and I drew a breath of unimaginable disclosure at her beauty. It was a young woman in front of me no older than I with hair as beautifully pink as the flowers of the countryside and eyes with the color of sparkling gold. On her body was an elegant dress that seemed to float with her, weightless and ethereal. Looking up I gazed at her indescribable splendor and saw her lips move to the sound of her bell like voice.

"It's all right. I won't allow you to be in pain anymore." She moved closer and hugged my body to hers and from her back I saw wings made from the purest white.

And she was crying for me for she knew my pain. I closed my eyes and allowed her to drift me higher and higher towards the clouds and beyond to the realm of God.

I opened my mouth and whispered to her ear. "Do not cry for me young daughter of God for I shall be with you in Paradise."

I heard her soft giggle in my ears as I slowly drifted off to sleep to recover the energy for my exhausted soul.