Haven 02: The Room of Solitude


I have wings! – Anonymous


Groggily, I opened my eyes as my consciousness returned and felt the soft and cool blanket of clouds envelop me. I instinctively knew that it was a cloud for no such mattresses would be as soft and smooth as this and definitely better than the usual bed of hay that I slept on when I was a child. The brightness of the objects forced me to close my eyes and hid my face further into the soft embrace of the pillow hugging it.

I smelled its fabric and I got a whiff of undistinguished fragrance that allowed me to relax in its soothing aroma. I relaxed my body, knowing that no one would dare to touch me here in this tiny little heaven that I was in.

A word echoed throughout my mind. A word that seemed to have some relevance of some sort to me but I couldn't point it out.


The place where God is and where I will be soon after my time here on earth is over.

Now, what was I doing before? Before I plopped down on this bed? I tried to remember …

Pain …

Darkness …


I nearly screamed as I bolted myself up, pushing my body from the comfortable bed that I had been sleeping on and only now that I noticed that I had been sleeping on my belly, unusual for I had always slept at my side.

Blinking, I looked around and noticed the unusual design of the place. It was wide and spacious and tinted with an otherworldly shade of comforting pink. I took a few deep breaths to calm my heart and turned myself around to sit upright before stretching my body and felt a few of my muscles shifting, obeying my orders to awaken.

At this I noticed something; something that was missing. Looking down I flushed in embarrassment as I noticed that I was entirely naked and was showing myself off for the world to see. I hurriedly hid my breasts behind my arm as my other arm drew the covers over my body, hastily covering myself from being seen by anyone who might enter the room and see my nakedness.

Something caught my eye at the corner of the bed and I turned my attention towards it. Picking it up, the tiny ash colored feather glinted with a hint of moisture in its soft lustrous sheen. I tilted my head at it and tried to remember something.

A sudden impulse of understanding reached my mind as I suddenly had a vision of a girl, the angel that came for me and rescued my soul from the fiery pit and placed me here in Heaven. I stopped whatever lingering thoughts right there as I tried desperately to look at my back for the final confirmation that my soul had been rescued.

"I can't see it." I said desperately to myself, forcing my eyes to keep trying to no avail. I groaned out of frustration as I gave up and decided on to feel it. Closing my eyes I focused on the feeling of my body and centered my attention to my back, trying to feel if 'they' were there.

I gasped as I felt them. "I have wings!" I said but the sensation that I was feeling was like they were numbed out. I tried to move them but they only shivered in response and pain suddenly shot throughout my back indicating both my inexperience and my body's natural response to cope with it.

Opening my eyes, I moved to the side of the bed and slipped my feet at the slippers that I saw on the floor. In my right hand was the sheet that covered most of my body down to my feet and I dragged it with me as I went to the mirror that leaned placidly at the wall perpendicular to the bed. I was cautious when I walked towards it as it sat nearly at the edge of the balcony and I was for certain that if someone were to appear there using a ladder then they would have a clear view of me wearing nothing and using only the sheet for modesty. I felt my heart race at that prospect but calmed myself as I removed it from my mind and replaced it with the thoughts of what my reflection would show me.

I looked up at my reflection and fell silent as I contemplated what I saw there. The wings weren't dark like the ravens that would signify my fall nor were they white like the doves that signified my ascension.

The wings on my back were a dull monochrome gray that perfectly showed my silent symbolism of humanity, the people in between. Neither condemned to the eternal inferno of hell nor given an everlasting reward in Heaven.

'Why?' I asked myself the question 'Why do I have wings with the color of ash instead of white like hers?'. I pondered for a bit on it but without any additional clues I didn't have any conclusive answer to my question.

Looking around, I spotted four things on the ground that I knew instinctively were definitely clothes strewn there by my hasty dragging of the blanket. I picked those up and examined them. Two of them I recognized as a blouse and a skirt. I gazed at one of the last two articles and it took a while longer to recognize one of them as an undergarment but the last one was something that puzzled me which for the look of it was like two cups connected together by straps of cloth. Looking at it from different angles and stretching it again and again didn't provide an answer. Exasperated, I threw the thing at the bed and proceeded to wear the three while thinking how such things could be so stretchable.

I found much to my chagrin that trying to wear the blouse was a lot harder than I thought it would be due to the presence of my newly grown wings in the way and the aches and pains that it brought to my back as I tried to move them to the back slits with minimal movements on them as possible.

I looked down at myself in the mirror after putting the clothes on and I'd have to admit that I'm a bit surprised that they fit my figure perfectly. Too perfectly I might add that I'm seriously thinking that wearing such a thing might be a sin due to how it showed off my figure to anyone who might try to look and the skirt wasn't helping at all since it was too short and my legs were visible. I squirmed a bit as I gazed at my reflection and blushed. My legs shouldn't be seen by anyone other than the person that I would deem as my betrothed for doing so would make me look like a prostitute that sold her body for coins of gold.

But then again, I'm no longer in England since I died back then and these clothes are the only things I found on the bed. I stood still for a moment as I contemplate whether I should risk it or not before giving out an exasperated sigh and opening the door.

AN 1:


Danny Barefoot:

This is actually something that I created out of a dream or rather multiple dreams regarding places that I could only describe as 'beautiful' and not just places like floating islands but also places that are geologically impossible like a world inside the crust or the tug of gravity at impossible locations and thus this is mostly a fanfiction concerning on what the girl will see on the outside and not the girl itself. Also I wished that people will add their input here and decide to add their own Ideas into the mix, or, if they can, a whole chapter.

Also this one didn't have any depth and more of like a light writing on my part.