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Challenge Name and Number: #062, Crack
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Yami might be a wee bit OOC here.
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Yuugi is sleepy, Yami is vain. What else is new?
Author's Notes: Horribly inspired by That One Moment in the YGO Bonds Beyond Time movie, where my jaw dropped and I went, "Why does Yami have such perfect nails?"

Yuugi opened his eyes to a brightly lit ceiling, warm blankets, and the world's most comfortable bed. Sitting up, he spotted the usual scattered mess of toys and games on the floor. Alright, so he was in his soul room. And if he was here, that meant his Other Self had wanted to borrow their body for a moment to do something. Which, as far as Yuugi could tell, was fine. They'd managed to come up with a "Terms of Agreement" of sorts regarding what was "Okay" and "Not Okay" for their body.

For example, using their body to go out and experience the new inventions of modern era? Totally okay. Using their body so they could both hang out with their circle of friends? Also totally okay. Playing mentally-scarring Shadow Games on teenage bullies? Not okay, unless it was the difference between life and death. Or if the other guy started the game. Ever since their run-in with Pegasus, Yuugi was totally okay with his Other Self finishing what the other guy started – as far as Yuugi was concerned, the Shadow Realm ranked as his Number One Place to Never Go For Vacation.

Which left the teenager rather confused as to why he was in his soul room - as far as he could tell, it was the crack of dawn on the day of a Very Normal Tournament. So why was his body awake when they could both be allowing it to rest so they could be awake enough to win that prize money? Leather clothes and silver accessories – both of which the spirit seemed to adore - weren't cheap!

Concentrating, Yuugi willed himself to appear in spirit form. Spotting the sign, he asked, Other Me, just what are we doing out here at the bus stop at this hour? The sun's barely up!

"Oh, aibou, you're awake," his other cheerfully spoke, and Yuugi was happy to note the streets were empty at this ungodly hour; the last thing he needed was the world to think up and coming Duel Monsters Champion Mutou Yuugi had a few bolts loose in his head.

You still haven't answered my question.

"We're going to this place," the spirit answered, pulling out a booklet of ads and coupons and flipping to one in particular. "See here? It says 1500 yen a deluxe manicure, complete cleaning, trimming, and polish. It's a very good deal."

. . . And grandpa wonders why I never seem to gain any weight despite spending all of my allowance money, Yuugi muttered.


And just why do we need to go and get this manicure? 1500 Yen is enough money for two Super Deluxe Cheeseburger combo meals at Burger World! Which, as far as Yuugi was concerned, sounded like a far better deal.

"Because, aibou, the press will be there." Upon seeing Yuugi quirk an eyebrow, the spirit continued, "A pharaoh cannot make a public appearance looking anything less than his best."

Yuugi rolled his eyes. It was entirely too early in the day for him to be dealing with vain spirits from ancient Egypt trapped in pieces of tacky gold jewelry. Fine. Do as you wish. I'm going back to sleep.

"Aibou?" the spirit asked, shaking the puzzle. Getting no response, he desperately shouted, "What did I do wrong, aibou?"

So much for the rest of the world thinking Mutou Yuugi was sane.

Or straight, for that matter, after pictures from the tournament were released.