The house elves watched the young witch stare at a letter addressed in green ink. They watched the pure curiosity of having required a letter for the first time with slight confusion. Their Mistress never received any letters, only the three Malfoy's communicated with her, unless Master was home.

Green eyes scanned the green ink, in slight befuddlement and wonder. "Have the butterflies made their move?" the tinkling voice of the tiny girl rang aloud, "They must have." Looking to the right was the only house elf to live for the whole life of little Harri Annabella Potter. "Dobby, can you bring my pretty birdy? I have some babble to sort."

"Of course, Lady Potter; Dobby will get Master Malfoy right away, Dobby will." And with a small pop the odd elf that managed to live so long was gone.

"The stars tell me I get to see my little Dragon more. How delightful. The worms are moving quickly though, making the rot come home. Luci has the answers, he always does." She stood twirling in circles to the grand ornate doors of Riddle Manor from the opposite side of the room from where she was sitting at the enormous dining table.

Stopping, she waved her hand, doors opening to reveal a blond haired man striding past the threshold to kneal in front of her. "Harri, sweeting, what did you summon me for?" he asked kissing her tiny little hands.

"You've been a naughty boy, pulling all the strings." She smiled at him, showing sharp teeth. "Planning a surprise as well? You must let me help. But we'll get to that later. The green ink from the butterflies has arrived, they've made their first move." Settling her arms around his neck, she flushed herself against him. "I thought ladies went first, however." He stood, scopping her into a sitting position in the crook of his arm. Walking over to her seat, he sat her down gently, before moving to seat himself beside her.

"you've received your letter from Hogwarts?" the man plucked it from the table. Taking an ornate opener from his pocket, he slid it along the seam of the envelope.

"Is that the school Draconis attends?" the girl looked towards the ceiling, seeing something that the head of Malfoy couldn't. "the butterfly has begun the game." She gave a bone-chilling laugh. "I'm afraid that he'll lose the game, the Serpent and I will drive him into a mausoleum. Worms prosper better than butterflies. Is my serpent coming home to me soon pretty bird?"

"the Dark Lord said he should be home tonight, you were aware of this were you not?" she grinned impossible wide as he gently brushed her hair aside, revealing the lightning bolt scar. "Of course you did."

"Yes. The pretty birdy shall stay 'til then?" at his nod she hummed and took his fingers, cutting them with the perfect silver butter knife. Letting the blood flow into her food she hummed an eerie tune.

Later while Lucius Malfoy sat reading a book with his mistress draped across his lap the doors opened. "My Lord." He nodded to the handsome man, not wanting to wake the tiny witch in his lap, soundly slumbering.

"Harri was good today yes?" The tall man asked, sitting on a blood encrusted chesterfield. The crackle of the blood cracking resounded throughout the room.

"As always, although I fear this batch of elves have not lasted as long as the previous ones." The blond tsked at the little body parts strewn around the room. "I suggest we find more like Dobby."

"That is not a problem." Tom Riddle smiled fondly at the small witch in his right hand man's lap. His dark eyes turned red while thinking of all the new possibilities she had presented him with receiving her letter.