Kenny's parents are behind in deep debt and decide to adopt a foster child named Kyle for the support money

Few things I should mention, in this fic, Stan and Kyle do not know Cartman and Kenny.

Foster Child

"Mom, I don't wanna meet the new foster kid! I'll bet he's a fucking retard!"

"Kenneth James McCormick yew shut yer mouth and come say 'hi' to Kyle!" Kenny groaned loudly, shrugged on his parka, and walked down the hallway, an annoyed look on his face.

Standing behind Kenny's' mother was a small redheaded child, probably only a couple of months younger than Kenny himself. He seemed timid, looking around shyly and keeping his head down, he eyed Kenny suspiciously.

"Hi. Can I go now?" Kenny shot a glare at his mother.

"No, now listen here, your father and I have to go to the school to fill out Kyles paperwork, so we can get his foster money. I want you to watch over Karen while we're gone, and help Kyle here settle in." Kenny only rolled his eyes and gave a thumbs up, having no intention of keeping his promise. He did notice, however, that the redhead, apparently named 'Kyle', had been watching their strange conversation with a look of confusion plastered on his face.

After introducing Kyle to Karen, the parents went on their way to South Park High School.

"Listen, new kid," said Kenny authoritatively, "just 'cause my parents say you're a member of our family, doesn't mean we're friends. Don't touch any of my stuff, and don't talk to me at school, got it?" he glared aggressively at Kyle, who seemed unfazed. Goddammit, we can't afford another kid in the house! But here this little brat comes waltzing in right up the steps!

"Oh, I got it," Kyle stated curtly, glaring back at Kenny. "So, do I get my own group of fleas or do I have to share them with you?"

"You get to share them with me, Karen, and my parents," Kenny grinned at the look on the redheads face as he wrinkled his nose in disgust. I can have so much fun with this kid, he thought, grin widening. "C'mon, I'll show you to our bedroom, I mean closet, oh wait no, I was right the first time."

This time it was Kyle's turn to roll his eyes, "I'm sure it's not that bad." Kenny looked at him for only a moment before walking down the hallway to his room, pushing the door open.

"Okay, so, it is that bad," said Kyle, defeated, walking inside only after receiving a forceful nudge from Kenny. Both windows on the walls had the glass completely removed, plywood and duct tape being the only thing keep the cold out. Two mattresses were laid on the floor, both covered in dirt and reeking of mold and rotten food.

"Welcome home, new kid," Kenny snickered, ruffling Kyles hair.

"This is not my home," responded Kyle, glaring up at the taller boy. Kenny smirked down at him and flopped down on top of a mattress.

"Drop your stuff anywhere, and try not to hit a cockroach, they're everywhere."

"That's disgusting!" Kyle took a few hesitant steps back.

"That's life," Kenny shrugged, "grow up and deal with it." Kyle glared and dropped his backpack on the floor reluctantly, sitting down cautiously on his own mattress.

This is going to be one hell of a week, thought Kyle, trying not to let his discomfort show.