Hi,Mrs. Beckett, it's me, Rick Castle. I'm sure that you are probably wondering why me of all people would show up to visit you. Kate has told me several times how comforting and helpful it is for her when she comes here to talk to you. I am hoping that sharing my secret with you can give me the insight and courage I need to tell the woman that I love that I have been keeping something from her. I know that she is going to be very angry with me when she finds out about it. I know I need to tell her but I don't even know how to bring it up. Honestly, I am scared to death that she will walk away for good this time. She is going to feel so betrayed. So here I am seeking your counsel.

A man called me not long after Kate returned to the 12th after her shooting. He claimed to be a friend of Captain Montgomery's. He told me that Roy had sent him some very damning information about the people behind your murder. Roy's friend says he can use the information to keep Kate safe only if she stops investigating your murder. He told me that is she keeps going after this they will kill her. Fearing for her safety, I went to Kate and asked her to step away from your case until she was healed and able to physically handle it. She said she would step away but I don't know how long that will last. You of all people know how stubborn that woman is. I understand that she needs closure with your death but what good is finding closure if it gets her killed in the process?

I don't know if Kate has been by lately or if she has talked to you about the case we had where every sign pointed to the mayor being the prime suspect. During that case, Montgomery's friend contacted me again. These people behind your death were also behind setting the mayor up. This man met with me during the case to give me a tip of where to look so we could exonerate the mayor. He also told me that the people who want to keep Kate safe have found it very important to keep things as they are. They need the mayor to stay in office and for him to keep me in place at the precinct. We are apparently all pawns in a game to keep your daughter alive and safe. I don't like being used, Mrs. Beckett, but I will accept the hand that I am dealt if it means keeping Kate safe.

I love your daughter more than anyone in my life, with the exception of my daughter. As a father, I know that I would do anything to keep Alexis safe. So know this, I will do everything in my power to keep your daughter safe for you as well. I know that Kate will be devastated when my secret comes out but I have to protect her from these men and to some extent, herself. She has lost herself numerous times in her quest to solve your murder. We have all tried to be the voice of reason with her where your case is concerned, but she can't see beyond this quest once she gets onto something. If she chooses to walk away from me, from the "us" that we both want someday, I will accept it. I would rather be without her in my life and know that she is safe than to watch her die in her search for closure. I will just have to settle with having loved her from afar and know that she is safe and alive somewhere out there.

Oh, I brought you these. Kate said you always had flowers around when you were alive. Thanks for listening.

Until next time Mrs. Beckett.