A/N: This is based, obviously, in Series 1 Epi 3. This is the conversation between Stephen and Abby after he gets his memories back. I might continue this all eventually, maybe another episode 4, this was gonna be longer than it was, it was gonna be a whole series of redone episodes, with Stephen and Abby together, as a couple… Maybe when I do another one, it'll be a chapter story.

WARNING: This ending is horrible... I don't like it, it's very abrupt, but I drew a blank on what to put.

WARNING 2: Abby and Stephen might be OOC, I've never written Primeval before, so there's a high probability that they are. If they are, sorry!

Disclaimer: I don't own… If I did, Stephen and Abby would be together, and Stephen wouldn't die…

"Listen, Abby, I'm sorry, alright? I just didn't want to die without you knowing that I liked you," he told her, hesitating at the sharp glare she sent him, and cringing at the slam of the equipment as she responded.

"You should've been thinking about your girlfriend," she snapped. Stephen let out a sigh, closing his eyes and remembering the worried look on his Abby's face as she peered down at him in the ambulance. Wait… when did she become his? He shook his head to clear his thoughts, and grabbed Abby's arm, dragging her away from the curious eyes of the soldiers, gesturing for Ryan to continue loading the equipment.

"W-Stephen! What are you doing?" she cried. Hidden from the soldiers, Stephen stopped and turned towards her, releasing her arm. Abby huffed and glared at him, her bright blue eyes piercing his. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair, his blue eyes shifting to look at the ground. Abby melted at the sheepish look on his face, unable to stay angry at him, no matter how hard she tried. Stephen, not noticing the change in the blonde, began to speak, shifting nervously.

"Abby, I care about you; a lot," he started, his eyes finally locking with hers. "When I heard that the Mosasaur attacked you and Conner, it scared the life out of me. I don't know what I'd do if you got hurt."

"What about Allison?" she asked, after a momentary pause. Stephen's body was stiff, as he watched her, her face not betraying the butterflies in her stomach.

Stephen was startled at the question, looking away from her once again. "Allison and I aren't together anymore. We broke up, officially, the day she got me from the hospital. She met someone, someone she wanted to be with, and so did I." At this, Abby's countenance flickered between joy and jealousy. "I met you, Abby. I don't want to be with anyone else, if I can be with you," he finished; Abby's eyes were glassy with tears, causing the tracker to panic, and move towards her. His large hands lifting towards her face, wiping the tears away, "Don't cry. Please don't cry, sweetheart," he begged.

Abby let out a watery giggle and slapped his hands away; she stood on the tip of her toes, and wrapped her arms around his neck. Stephen froze, before quickly wrapping his arms around her waist, and holding her, tightly, to his front, he buried his face in her neck.

Finally, Abby pulled away from his comforting embrace, lifting a small hand to rest on his cheek. A small smile on her lips, her blue eyes filled with emotion, his confused and worried. She pressed a shy kiss to his lips, "I want to be with you too," she whispered. A large smile lit up Stephen's face.