Knitting had always been a source of comfort to Molly Weasley. When her parents had dies, when her brothers had died, when her children (especially Ron) had deliberately placed themselves in the path of danger, Molly Weasley knitted. She knitted sweaters and socks and scarves and about anything one could want. Knitting had been her safe haven after the death of Fred, just like it was when Fabian and Gideon had been killed. Her children and grandchildren never needed to buy sweaters and the like, for each had their own exclusive woolen wardrobe, courtesy of a certain Mrs. Weasley. However, the fact that members of the Weasley family had almost too many woolens had never stopped her from knitting, and it didn't stop her now. Molly sat in an armchair in her living room, her hands busily working a pattern into a sweater she was knitting for little Fred. The rambunctious boy was so like his uncle, that Molly was often thrust into the past when she interacted with him. He truly emulated his namesake, and he and James were complete devils if they were left together. A fond smile graced her face as she reminisced about Fred and George when they were the age James and Freddie were now. The similarities between the two pairs of mischief makers never failed to astound her, especially considering that James and Freddie weren't twins or even siblings! The cousins had bonded so well, that one would've thought them to be twins, had it not been for James inheriting the Potter hair, and Freddie having Weasley-Red hair, along with the differences in their features.

It was as Molly sat contemplating these thoughts that an owl flew in through the window, an owl well-known to her. The owl squawked as it swooped down to her shoulder, allowing her to untie the piece of parchment tied to its leg, and then flying out of the house the same way it came in.

Molly unfolded the parchment, noticing the untidy scrawl of a certain Mr. Potter's handwriting, her curiosity ignited.

Mrs. Weasley,

There's a surprise for you and the rest of the family here at Grimmauld Place. Please do come as soon as possible. It's nothing bad, I swear.



The staring was starting to make him uncomfortable now. Three pairs of eyes sat in front of him as he fidgeted, staring unblinkingly at him.

"Honestly," he thought "haven't Harry and Gin taught them any manners? It's rude to stare so much!"

Fred had been left in the living room with the older Potter kids and Teddy while Harry explained the events to the rest of the inhabitants of the house, (he had been delightfully surprised when Sirius had barreled into the room and hugged him, followed by Tonks. Remus had shaken his hand, as had a couple he guessed were Harry's parents) and was unnerved by the fact that no one in the room had spoken as much as a word.

It was indeed remarkable that three children, two of them being under the age of five, could be so intimidating, if you didn't take who their parents were into account. Teddy Lupin, Albus Potter, and James Potter Jr. all sat there, staring at their previously dead uncle. It had confused the younger children a lot, seeing a man who looked so much like their Uncle George, but was instead their Uncle Fred, who they'd been told was in heaven. Teddy was curious to know if the stories and legends he'd heard about Fred Weasley Sr. were really true, or an exaggeration of events.

"Did you and Uncle George really set off fireworks in the Great Hall?" the turquoise-haired boy blurted out suddenly, and then blushed, realizing he had spoken aloud.

Fred grinned, "Yes, actually. The toad's face was so good! It's a memory worthy of a patronus!" he sighed, his eyes reminiscent.

Teddy and the Potter children gawked at him in awe, which did wonders to Fred's ego.

"And have you heard about the time when…."

"….and I thought it was best to bring Fred home and then call the Weasleys here." Harry explained.

Ginny had hidden her face in his chest, and he knew she was crying due to the wetness of his robes. Sirius had been grinning ever since he saw Fred, and his parents looked happy, knowing how ecstatic Molly and Arthur would feel, being reunited with their son after thinking they'd lost him forever.

"Mum and the rest will be here any second." Ginny said, her words muffled as she refused to look up.

Harry nodded in agreement, "I told Mrs. Weasley it was urgent. She'll be here as soon she can, which I'm guessing isn't going to be very long. We should go back to the living room. God knows what Fred is teaching the kids." He muttered the last part, urging a shaky laugh from his wife.

"Nothing that we wouldn't have taught them anyway, I'm sure." James grinned.

"God save Professor McGonagall." Remus grinned, shaking his head.

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