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Mutation. It is the key to our evolution. It has enabled us to evolve from a single-celled organism into the dominate species on the planet. This process is slow, normally taking thousands and thousands of years. But every few hundred millennia evolution leaps forward.

It all started on a normal, sunny day like any other. My name is Paige, and I am the older sister of Marie. She was always dreaming of leaving with her boyfriend Ayden, but always told me she wasn't entirely sure she wanted to leave, because she would be leaving me behind.

Most people can't believe we're related. She had long, straight, dark hair, pale skin, and loves to wear dark clothing. I have long, wavy-bordering-on-curly, brow/blond hair, very lightly tanned skin, and wears medium to light colored clothing. The darkest clothes I wear are my jeans, boots, and black leather jacket. There was another thing separating me and Marie, but no one but I knew about it.

I was a mutant.

Mom was playing the piano while Marie was in her room with Ayden lounging on her bed while I was sitting on the floor. Marie was standing at the foot of her bed, trailing her finger along the map of picture of where she wanted to go.

"Niagara Falls, up the Canadian Rockies, and then it's only a few hundred miles to Anchorage" she said, shaking her body while looking back at Ayden. I smiled indulgently at her.

"Well, won't it be kind of cold?" he asked her. He had a point. We were Southerners, not meant for cold weather. Marie disagreed. "Well that's the point stupid. Otherwise it wouldn't be an adventure"

"And Marie's all about the adventure" I said from my spot as Marie lied down next to Ayden. We all laughed. I got along really well with Ayden, so we often had these times where it was Marie, him, ad me all hanging out since not a lot of people really liked me because they thought I was the perfect, snobby prep when I'm not.

"And when are you going to do this?" he asked her. Marie's smile dropped slightly. "Ah don't know" she said sadly. Ayden rolled over so he was on his stomach next to her. I had my sketch pad in my lap so I wouldn't intrude on their 'moments' but could be involved when the 'moments' were over.

"After high school? Before college" there was a moment's silence, but I didn't look up. Ayden was very good at reading my little sister.

Suddenly I heard a gasp and looked up. Ayden was lying back and looked like he was having a fit. It was like he couldn't breathe. Marie screamed loudly, backing away for both of us quickly. Mom and Dad came running. "Marie!" Dad said before entering the room. When they saw Ayden they froze. "Ah just touched him" Marie sobbed. So she was a mutant as well. I stood up very calmly and said "Step back" my voice was cold and emotionless, shocking my parents enough they listened to me.

I raised my hand slowly and straightened my fingers, slowly down his molecules enough I could make them stop whatever it was Marie caused them to do and work properly. I curled my fingers slightly once I was done and suddenly he was breathing properly, passed out, his molecules moving at their proper pace.

I turned to parents. "He should be okay now, I fix whatever was wrong. He should get to a hospital" his body has shut down to help him recover" I told them. My parents looked at me strangely. I looked away, ashamed for them. Someone different, a freak, wasn't exactly what someone wanted for a daughter.

I walked over to Marie, who was screeching to 'get away from' her as Dad told mom to call an ambulance. I reached out, freezing my own molecules just before touching her. She stiffened and flinched back, but stopped when she noticed nothing was happening to me. I leaned down and whispered in her ear; "We need to get out of here" She nodded in agreement.

Later that same day, we were gone.

Marie and had hitched a ride to Northern Alberta on a semi-truck. They guy was nice enough to not ask any questions. While Marie slept in the truck I stayed away, conversing with the man. He didn't ask why we were running, and I was grateful.

Eventually he stopped and got out, opening the door for Marie and I to get out.

"This is it" he told us, holding the door open for us. I smiled and gave a quiet 'thank you' to the man, who smiled back in response.

"Where are we?" Marie asked, as the place in front of us was not what she had imagined. "Ah thought you said you were going to take us as far as Laughlin City" she said, slightly rudely. I elbowed her as the driver, George, replied "This is Laughlin City" before walking away.

As I was twenty-two, six years older than my little sister, I was allowed in a bar. In fact, I had been in many. I had traveled for a little after graduating. I had seen and done a lot of things in that time, though I had never done anything I truly regretted and was still, as my parents liked to say, 'pure'.

I kept Marie at my side as we walked in to get a bite. In the bar there were cages set up for fighting. We walked closer and watched men pumble each other. I scoffed. Most of these men were so drunk I could take them without a sweat and without my powers. In fact, even if they were a sober as a nun I could still take most of them. Boxing, kick-boxing, and martial arts were a few things that interested me as I grew up, mush to my parents' dismay.

"Round one!" a man called over a microphone as a man was dragged out of the cage, unconscious. "In all my years I've never something like that men" he said, and the crowd cheered. "Will you let our best man walk away with your money!" he cried, goading the men in the crowd to try and fight the shirtless man whose head was resting on his forearm on the side of the cage.

A man in the stands stood. "I'll fight him!" he cried, cocky. I instantly knew his weakness. He wouldn't anticipate his opponent's movements, he would rely on brute strength, and he would go for the obvious hits. I shook my head in dismay at the lack of talent.

Marie whispered in my ear, "You could take all of these guys down without your power, couldn't you" on the way here I had told Marie everything, and explained why I had kept it a secret. She completely understood and was very supportive of me.

I nodded. She smiled softly at me. "If you weren't here with me, Ah would be a lot more scared" she told me. I slung my arm over her shoulder so she was tucked into my side. "Don't worry kid, I got you" I told her.

I didn't have the same accent as my sister. I had lost it, as well as my naïve mind-set, on my travels.

Men were leering at me, but I was used to it. I – Unlike my darling sister who was wrapped up in a scarf, long coat, and gloves to protect herself from the cold as much as to protect other people from her – was wearing a skirt with a built-in shorts that were mid-thigh, high-heeled black leather boots, a medium purple tank-top with my black leather jacket over that, my hair left down.

The man in the cage drank a shot, I could only tell because I saw his arm moving, as his back was to me, was the idiot walked into the cage.

The microphone man said something to the idiot, who looked confused at first, and then scoffed before walking over to the fighter.

And then the bell rang, starting off the round. The idiot kicked the other man, causing some people to boo and the fighter to stumble. It was an act. The best thing to do in a fight like that was the let your opponent think he was wining and let his guard down before making him fall. I told Marie as much, and the look of worry on her face fell slightly.

The idiot threw a couple of punching, making the fighter fall onto his hands and knees.

The crowd cheered.

I rolled my eyes.

The idiot kicked the fighter in the stomach a couple of times, as people 'oohed' in as they imagined, what they thought was, the pain the fighter must be going through.

The straightened up slightly just as the idiot was going to punch him, and met the idiot's fist with his own. I closed my eyes, feeling the impossible contact of the molecules and knew this wasn't a fair fight, and not just because one was an idiot.

The idiot grabbed onto his broken hand and was on his knees from the pain as the fighter stood up slowly and made his way to the idiot. I should interfere, but I didn't. I knew better than most why I shouldn't.

The fighter punched him, and the idiot fell into the cage before falling forward. The fighter knocked the idiot onto his back as the idiot fell unconscious and the bell rang, signaling the end of the round.

I tightened my arm around Marie. "I hope you never understand" I told her. She looked at me, looking into my eyes so deeply she must have seen some of the deeper emotions that represented my haunted past. I never told anyone what I had gone through when I was gone, and eventually they stopped asking.

Marie slowly nodded and looked away.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight's winner and still king of the cage, the Wolverine" I frowned slightly in sadness. I felt bad for the poor feral mutant; though I'm sure he wouldn't appreciate the sentiment.

There were equal amount of cheering and booing as Wolverine slowly took a puff of his cigar. I watched in. There was something about him that made me unable to take my eyes off of him.