Alone by Fefe46

Nothing…there was nothing to be seen…it was dark and cold, God I have never been somewhere so lifeless before…wherever I was…it wasn't good. All I could hear were sounds of wind, yet I didn't feel wind blow at my face. Suddenly I began to hear the sound of rain echoing in my ears, and flapping of wings. I still could not see anything but whatever the flapping was…it was getting closer to me. I tried running away, though I knew it was hopeless because the shadow seemed to pick up the pace. I stopped dead in my tracks, the sound of dirt and rock falling into oblivion could be heard.

"A cliff, oh shit…"

I turned around and just as I did, I was thrown into a world of pain…I began to fall endlessly inside the void. Screams and agony could be heard…blood curling screams and sounds of people being tortured.

Is this Hell?

Have I been condemned for my sins?

The screams got louder until I was not able to hear myself think anymore, I covered my ears and prayed to God for the voices to stop…to no avail. I began to feel numb all over my body, but I also felt dark human like hands grab my arms and legs, my body began to stretch…I never cried so much in my life, so I yelled out to my mother, over and over…until.

"Christopher! Christopher! Wake up child!"

I woke up with cold sweat, my breaths made it hard for my vision to focus…I tried to inhale, but it felt like I was in space with no helmet on.

"Take deep breaths…count to five and take deep breaths" My mother held my hand, she gestured me to breath like she was doing, slowly but surely…I recovered.

"That's it, deep breaths…"

She sighed as I got out of my sheets and raised my arms to let air into my lungs.

"Christopher, did you pray to God like I told you to?" She stood up, towering my small posture.

"Yes…Maria…" I tried to talk but the amount of air I needed to make simple sentences was limited

She raised her voice, "You will not refer to me as Maria. I am your mother. Do you understand me young man?"

I simply replied, "Yes mother…"

"Did you pray to God last night?" The annoyed accent in her voice made me squelch my fear, knowing what my mom was going to do.

"Yes mom…"

She slapped me.

The amount of pain in my cheek combined with my heavy breathing, I began to retaliate

"You lie! Have you forgotten that Satan is the father of lies? My own son is in league with the devil, a mortal sin! Have my lessons about the grace of God to you simply fritter away into nothingness? Here you are, conjuring sins in your sleep!" She said with anger in her voice

I cried.

"Mari…mom, please don't hurt me…" I said with a sporadic accent in my voice.

She gestured a finger towards my door, "Go pray to God, when you are finished, get dressed for school"

I stood up with caution, slowly walking toward the door with my head down

"Three hail Marys' and an Our Father"

I walked out of my room, the beautiful art deco interior of my house made me seem fortunate to have wealth in my family. Our servants downstairs were getting ready to serve breakfast to the family which meant I had to hurry before father found out about my absence of getting ready for school. As soon as I entered the restroom, I locked it and I took out my Ipod which I had in my shorts the night before. I unlocked it to view various photos of a show that seemed to catch my interest lately. My "friends" seemed to love the show; I, unfortunately, was a victim as well and became a Cult member known to many men today as "Bronies".

I sighed as I viewed the various pictures of one creature that always made me smile through the everyday of suffering I had on this planet. The only creature that helps me make it through the end of the day. The one creature that brought me some sort of warm feeling to all the pain and suffering I had to endure in my life.

"Rainbow Dash…"

I simply ran my fingers across the Ipod screen. Her eyes looking directly at mine, her smile…her gracious smile made my heart warm up every time. Sometimes I feel she is here with me…comforting me in the best way possible during my worst times. Sometimes when I see her smiling gesture in my Ipod, I feel as though she is watching me through a glass, telling me to come with her…only to be stopped by my rather…insidious, adoptive parents. The blue pony's colorful mane and tail always gave me some sort of hope. Inside and outside this house was colorless, gray matter.

"Why can't I be in Ponyvile with all of you?"

I spoke to her, hoping that she would somehow hear my plea.

"Why can't I somehow fall into some pit and end up in Equestria, where I could be happy for the rest of my life…"

"Why do I have to live in such a miserable world? Why me? What did I do to deserve so much pain in my life…I'm not even fifteen yet…" I began to form tears in my eyes.

"Why must I suffer? Why don't I just…drop dead?" I collapsed on the wall; I completely gave in to grief.

I cried so much, my nose clogged in mucus and my eyes turned red. The pain returned to my body once more, my head began to ache, I felt pale once again. This was a normal phase in life for me now, always crying…always suffering.

"I…if I had…one…chance to…to…"

Suddenly, the sound of the door caught me off guard. I quickly hid my face and made a praying gesture.

"Christopher, are you praying to God like your mother told you to do?"

My "Father" was worse, every little detail that I said wrong or if I disagreed with him would useually end up in a beating, he would always say it was because he wanted to "purge all my sins", but to me…it was nothing more than meaningless torture.

"Yes…father, I'm almost done" I said softly, a hint of sadness in my voice.

"Do not take long in purgatory my son" His footsteps grew colder until not a sound was made. I simply raised my head to the ceiling and said, "One chance to actually see her…"

I was fully dressed in my vest and school pants and was ready to start another dull day at school. I walked down the curved stairs toward the hallway where the marble columns stood down the hallway. I arrived to the dining room and sat down quietly. The family and the servants stared at me until I spoke.

"I confessed my sins"
This fortunately made my father smile slightly, which pretty much meant the rest of the day there would be no beating from him.

Music surrounded the dining room; the sound of a grandfather clock was also included in the soundtrack. (Song: He sung, Toil and trouble) I simply carried on with eating my breakfast for the day, the sweet sound of music calmed my nerves, sometimes I closed my eyes to this tune because it would always remind me of my younger years with my real parents…oh how I miss those days so much.

My "father" spoke up during the feast, "Your mother told me about your uneventful encounter with Satan, do not fear child, the lord is here with us."

"That makes me feel better…" I thought sarcastically

"The child did not practice prayer last night, it was fortunate I found Satan inside him before the devil had time to manipulate his conscience." My foster mother smiled with pride.

"Father, Mother…am I a bad person?" It was a stupid question to ask them, but all I wanted out of them was love…love that my other parents had for me

"Once a person parts away from God, he/she must commit their life to his name" My father answered

"Do you love me?" I simply retorted

My Father and Mother had ill expressions, which meant I should have kept my mouth shut.

"Do you have doubt in us Child?" My mother asked

"We gave you a home, shelter, a roof to sleep under, food, a bed, yet you ask such a callous question"

I stopped talking after that, if I were to question them further…it would mean another beating for sure…

"The driver is waiting for you Christopher" My father said as he observed the grandfather clock.

"Be sure to pray to God on your way to Rudimentary school" My mother concluded.

I asked to be excused and grabbed my backpack and left the despair that was my "home"

It was just another average day, another infortune day for Christopher Jenkins…

It was another rainy day here in Vancouver, British Columbia in good ol Canada. The rain here hasn't stopped for weeks and it seemed to get worse by each passing day. I even heard from some friends that the sewers are getting flooded as a result of constant 10 inches of rain hitting the coastal city. As I got into the limousine, I had to watch every step I made or I could end up being in the hospital for a week. I entered the rather warm vehicle and we drove off to the school. I just hope school was going to be a breeze today…

(Scene 2)

(Song: Final Fantasy 8 – Julia)

A cold alleyway down the street to where the limousine was driving by was empty…with the exception of a single soul. A creature yawned as it stepped out of a cold, brown cardboard box. Its rather unsaturated mane and tail dragged along with the blue colored abomination as it looked for its daily meal of the day. Grass was nowhere to be seen here, for they have drowned under the amount of hard rain hitting Vancouver, so other alternatives including stealing food. The moment it started moving, pain shot out from its back. It turned to face its extra appendages with a concerned face. They were covered in bruises and cuts from some unfortunate event. Several other cuts and bruises appeared all over its body as though maybe she went through a beating last night.

"Get yourself together Rainbow…you can't think about your wings right now"

The creature was known as none other than Rainbow Dash, the infamous fastest flyer in all of Equestria, but now reduced to that of a grounded, stray pony in an alien world. She looked high and low for anything that could be edible for her. Being a pony meant that she was vegetarian and could not eat meat whatsoever. However, that fact may soon change. Rainbow Dash found a suitable prey to feast on, a defenseless large rat. Her instincts told her to back off and continue looking for fruits and vegetables, but her stomach drove her insane, with one swift move she charged toward the creature. She was way too fast for the rat and she tackled the poor creature to the ground. About to pierce the dark fur of the animal, Rainbow Dash noticed the animal's dark, brown eyes look straight at her, pleading for the larger creature to spare its life. Her fierce expression changed immediately, tears began to form in her eyes and she lost her grip on the rat.

"I'm sorry…" she let go of the creature completely, "I am so sorry…"

The rat disappeared into the darkness which meant Rainbow Dash might not have any luck finding food for today"

(End song)

"What am I becoming…?" Rainbow Dash looked at her hooves and then broke in tears, rain continued to strike her body as she sat on the ground, hopelessly wishing for all of this to end somehow.

(Song: Rite of spring by Igor Stravinsky, part 3) (0:00 – 3:58)

This place…why was it so dull in color and form? Black carcasses filled the alleyway with revolting stench emitting from their confines. Animals that appeared to bear a resemblance to Rarity's pet littered the alleyway along with some other rats that were hiding; most of this area was cut off by some wall with square holes in them. Rainbow stood up from her defenseless position and walked down towards the "wall" and she noticed there was a way to get through. She went into a prone position and slowly crawled to the other side, where she was met by more alleyways and hopefully, food. She came across a trashcan, filled with bags inside but was fortunately open for her to peek in and scavenge. She climbed a bag that allowed her to see what was inside the trashcan. Then, Rainbow heard something beside her.


A small, white cat gestured a larger white cat to follow and scavenge several other bags that were adjacent to the trashcan and Rainbow.

"Go away…" Rainbow dash said as she threw a can at the large cat, but she missed and finally surrendered

She began to cry again as she looked for food in the rotting garbage.

"A week ago, I was happily sitting at home, eating all the food I wanted…now look at me…I'm like a common house flea…"

She cried even more. Rainbow Dash lifted her head and shouted

"I AM SO HUNGRY" This only instigated a large growl in her stomach; she covered it with one of her hooves in pain.

The larger cat had obtained a small unfinished serving of salmon and gave it to the smaller cat, now the larger cat went to find food on its own

"I swear if I wasn't a horse and all nice, I would eat both of you right now…" Rainbow said with frustration

The larger cat looked up in confusion and quietly meowed at Rainbow Dash

"How the hell are you guys so good at finding stuff? How the hell do you do it?" She asked them

No response

"I'm talking to cats…I thought they would at least understand to some extent…"

Where she was from, cats lived side by side with Ponies, so it was hard to imagine a common house cat fending for itself on such a depressing street. Rainbow Dash continued crying, the tears falling into the black bag with a mixture of rain pouring into the trashcan as well.

"Why did this have to happen to me? What did I do to deserve this? Stupid storm! Stupid city!" She continued to bash on everything but suddenly stopped in defeat. By now the smaller cat had finished its meal and was licking off the remnants of the spoiled fish.


The rain continued to endlessly pour down on the rainbow colored pony


A mixture of sadness and pain was found in Rainbow's voice

"Twilight, Pinky, I miss you guys…"

(Song end)

By now, she had given up any hope of ever returning to Equestria, she was stuck here…in this miserable world for the rest of her life. Suddenly, a flame inside Rainbow began to grow. Her body twitched in response, her hatred grew. Rainbow's eyes began to target the trashcan, all of her anger focused on one thing.

"I HATE ALL OF YOU!" She kicked the trashcan toward the cats and caused the animals to run away into the darkness, leaving Rainbow alone once again. The dark sky, combined with its companions, brought forth the coming of melancholy and grief through a flash of energy, high above the city with no one but Rainbow to experience the dreadful weather phenomenon through her weak rose-colored eyes. She sighed in defeat, allowing despondent thinking to control her emotions.

"I'm alone"

No vocal expression was in her voice, for she was now a victim to melancholia. She curled up in the rain and began to hum a tune.

Her mother's lullaby...

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