The last twenty four hours were without a doubt the strangest and most random I have ever experienced in my life. How was this even possible? How could this be happening? Was I losing my mind? The same questions always came up in my head when I examined a particularly odd creature in my room. It was a Cyan-Colored Pegasus with outlines as though she was came straight from a cartoon show. Although the pony was rather gray in form, she looked semi realistic from my perspective. Her Mane and tail had colorful details on every strand of hair I saw from the pony; from every angle you examined her hair, it looked just like the colors of a rainbow after a storm. The detail was so phantasmagorical that several times I had stared in astonishment for the unusual hair. However, dirt and mud seemed to contaminate her divine mane in some places that it was unsaturated and unhealthy. Although she had considerable amounts of filth in some parts of her hair, the long mane was still beautiful to look at. One thing that caught my attention was her eye color. It was the same and appeared to have the exact pattern as I had, it was really strange. I felt like I was looking into my own eyes through a mirror whenever we made eye contact with each other.

Honestly I didn't care anymore if a cartoon character existed right in front of me. Every day was becoming the same routine. Meeting Rainbow Dash actually made things a lot more interesting. Whenever the pony spoke it was clear English almost as though she had learned it here from someone. Another thing that caught my interest was that she seemed to have the same accent I had while mine was deeper in tone and color. She seemed oblivious to the fact we shared some similarities however, maybe it was because she didn't pay attention to what was being said to her. Her expression was monotonous, she was obviously bored. It had only been an hour since she had woken up and already she wanted to get out of bed and do something.

The pony seemed to be tomboyish in nature, almost the complete opposite from what I was. Whenever I brought up things we girls usually liked, she would always switch to something boys like to do like sports, flying and other masculine topics like racing and physical games. Rainbow Dash told me that she was quite the daredevil, so she loved to participate in very dangerous stunts. However, there was one thing I was interested in what the Pegasus did on her free time. She told me she loved to engage in outdoor activities. I gleefully hopped up and down in excitement. Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes.

"Me too! I SO love the outdoors, I think staying indoors for too long is bad for your health"

Rainbow Dash looked away, "Yea…tell me about it"

"I usually go camping to do some digging; I want to be an archeologist someday"

"Well, what's stopping you?" Rainbow Dash asked

"I'm too young, I still have to go to school" I replied

"Where I come from, anyone can have a job, so long as they are responsible enough" Rainbow Dash said

Apparently, Rainbow Dash would sometimes go camping with her friends although this was on special occasions during meteor showers or other natural phenomenon. However, during most of her days when she was not busy she would fly high in the sky for hours, not giving a care about anything else that happened around her.

I looked toward the ceiling and sighed, "Flying must be fun…sometimes I wish I could fly"

Rainbow Dash's expression lightened. The Pegasus got out of her sheets and crawled over to the opposite end of the bed to see Madison.

"It's the best. When you are up there in the clouds, you have a sense of freedom and independence for yourself, I love it. Too bad I can't show you any moves right now because of my wing"

I giggled, "What kind of moves?"

Rainbow Dash smirked, "Most of them are flying techniques I made up myself: The Rainblow Dry, the super speed strut, the fantastic filly flash, the buccaneer blaze and my personal favorite, the Sonic Rainboom!"

"The last one sounds pretty interesting, why is it called the Sonic Rainboom?" I replied

"Only the best move in the entire world! I'm the only pony to have ever accomplished it, twice!"

I was quite interested in asking her what her daily job was after she said that.

"So if you're really fast and have this famous move, do you have a job where you come from?" I lay down on the floor while Rainbow Dash sat on the bed.

At first, the Pegasus was disgusted by my comment but rose from the bed in a state of self-glorification; her pride was not broken at all despite all the beatings she had taken last night. Rainbow Dash seemed to have that sense of determination in her soul. Her eyes shined with a hint of vanity in her voice.

"Controlling the weather and being the coolest pony in Equestria!"

I raised an eyebrow, "Controlling the weather? That doesn't sound like a job I would want to do if I could fly" I retorted

She nodded to this, "Yea…that's my fault for slacking in school, but hopefully one day I'll change all of that"

I slightly nodded in response, "Maybe you will, you never know".

I explained to the pony about all the sophisticated types of jobs that existed in our world, I named a few that she had never heard of before. One of them was attorneys. She had never heard of lawyers, when I asked why it was because Equestria had a strict justice system in which Princess Celestia, who governed all of Equestria, would give the defendant a chance to plead guilty and have another chance before they were thrown in cold dungeons for short or long periods of time. Fortunately the dungeon was only for murderers, insubordinates and other types of high crimes that existed. Rainbow Dash told me that murders were an extremely rare type of crime in Equestria, accounting only for less than 0.5% of the crime in the region. The odds of a murder happening was less than 1 out of 500 for every one-hundred years. When I always talked about murders, Rainbow Dash seemed to cringe in response.

I decided to change the topic, "How often do you race by the way?"

She quickly returned to her usual attitude, "Well, whenever I get the opportunity. I always win a race, I am just too good" She said, she was obviously proud about it.

"You really have a lot of self-confidence; I wish I was like that" I replied

I turned around and looked over to my friend, Christopher. Every detail he told me about Rainbow Dash seemed fairly accurate. Chris told me that the pony did not believe in failure or even losing for that matter. Her pride seemed to establish that fact.

When I asked her about controlling the weather she said, "When we need rain, we make it rain. When we need snow we make it snow" She said

I was intrigued by this "We". I gestured a hand on my chin; Rainbow Dash seemed to look at me with an awkward face.

I raised my hands to make sure we didn't start a feud, "Ahh…Sorry"

"So do you work for other ponies?" I asked

Rainbow Dash looked at me with a dumb look on her face, "Of course I work for other ponies, who you thought I was working for in the first place? Diamond Dogs!"

I gestured a hand

"Calm down"

Rainbow Dash lowered her somewhat aggressive attitude toward me

"Remember that my parents can't find out about you" I stood up and sat down on the bed next to the pony and said, "We don't have the same things you guys do here, and we don't have any Diamond Dogs either, but we do have dogs though…just regular dogs"

I looked towards Chris, who was standing by thewindow. He had opened the blinds to reveal the dark clouds that loomed over the damp city. It has been too long since the rain started; it actually seemed the clouds intentionally remained stationary over the city!

Rainbow Dash stood up from the bed and cautiously stepped down from it. She then walked over to the human male and looked at the window with curiosity. She observed the storm that had brought heavy rain into our city for weeks.

"Who controls the weather here?" She asked

When I was about to answer that question Chris spoke out

"No one manipulates clouds here" He just kept staring at the wet window and balcony.

Rainbow Dash raised an eyebrow at his comment, "You mean the clouds move here by themselves! Then it's like the Everfree forest, oh man…this is bad" Rainbow Dash observed the storm outside and covered her head slowly.

"I actually remember the storm pretty well just before I ended up here. It formed out of nowhere…I was told to avoid it, but I didn't listen…" She said sadly

"Why didn't you listen if you were warned about it?" I asked as I fixed up the bed a little

Rainbow Dash raised her head to look toward us

"Do you guys know about the Wonderbolts?"

I turned toward Chris. I was expecting him to acknowledge the question. However, instead all we got a silent no as he kept staring at the window.

"They are Equestria's flight demonstration team; I've always wanted to be a part of their team!"

I raised an eyebrow, "Oh really?"

"Yea, they are the best of the best…though…they sort of need me to be THE perfect team" Rainbow Dash chuckled

"And why is that?"

"Well because they need fliers who are naturally fast and have a lot of guts behind them, and I believe I qualify considering I am the fastest flier in all of Equestria!"

I made somewhat of a confused face, "Then how come they haven't invited you into their team yet?"

Rainbow Dash retorted, "Oh they did, that's the thing…they were the ones who told me to stay away from the storm in the first place"

"And…that's how you ended up here then" I concluded

"Pretty much…" Rainbow Dash turned and walked to the center of the room where my rug was resting. She examined it and even moved it around a little with her hoof.

I shrugged, "You should have listened to them"

Rainbow Dash continued to examine some of the other decorations in my room while Chris continued to seemingly stare off in the distance. When Rainbow Dash heard me she suddenly jumped although her injuries slightly instigated once again as she held her torso in pain.

"I had no choice! I was just about to do the Sonic Rainboom! I was getting to the good part; they were amazed at just how fast I was flying. They weren't able to see me when I did a Sonic Rainboom before the try outs several months before, but I managed to impress them enough for a callback."

"So basically, you didn't want to mess up your chances"

"It's very hard to do a Sonic Rainboom because it requires a lot of speed, accuracy and concentration. It was my chance to get a position into the Wonderbolts…it was a chance to finally fulfill my dream of joining their team…I had to risk everything that day" Rainbow Dash lowered her head, "I regret nothing"

"I understand" I simply said, all I wanted to do was comfort the injured Pegasus from all the pain she went through last night. I gave her a small hug as she cried a little, her small tears trailed down against my exposed shoulders. Her cold tears made me cringe slightly, but I did not let her go. Chris still stood by the window, apparently oblivious about what was going on in the room.

I stood up and went toward the door

"I'll be back with some snacks to cheer us up"

Chris suddenly snapped from his trance

"Wait, Let me come with you" He said

I sighed, "You're going to leave Rainbow Dash all by herself? You're quite the gentlemen"

Chris rolled his eyes, "Come on! She can't leave the room anyway"

I sighed, "Alright then, you can tag along"

Chris and I left the room. As we walked down the brown hallway, Chris was observant of the doors to the left. It was quiet for a moment till I spoke out.

"What made you suddenly want to tag along?"

"I just wanted to tag along, that's all"

"Oh really? I think there's a better reason than that"

"Nope, I'm just…scared, that's all"

"Scared? Of what?"

Chris stopped walked, "My foster parents won't be so nice to me once they come pick me up, I might actually never see you guys again"

I made a heavy sigh, "You always worry too much, why can't you just live in the present?"

"Because! Every day I am their punching bag! Imagine being in my position!"

I crossed my arms, my patience was drying out

"You know what, you're right. I'll stop worrying for now" He concluded

"Thank you" I concluded

We then continued walking until Chris noticed some posters on a red door, my eyes widened as he was about to reach for the door knob and open it, I lunched forward to grab his arm.

"Stop! Don't open that door!"

Fortunately, he stopped as he heard my voice call out to him. I grabbed his hand and guided it away from the forbidden room


"It's…a private room; no one is allowed to enter there…not even me."

Chris raised an eyebrow

"Who does this room belong to?"

I lowered my head, "it's my brother's room…"

(Scene change)



"Be a dear and come out your room for a minute please"

A young girl was playing with various everyday toys that were scattered all over her room: Barbie dolls, animal plushes, you name it…everything typical to a young girl's age was present in the room. However, there was one toy that stood from the rest, a very peculiar Smithsonian excavation set. The child seemed to be playing with it more than anything else that belonged to her. The toy itself was in a tray that was covered under large quantities of dirt with several bones sticking out of the brown sand. She used a brush to move the dirt several times. As a result,the sand revealed the bones a lot more until she found a sapphire inside one of the bones. She gleefully jumped up and down upon finding it, "Hurray! We found the treasure!"

A slightly younger Russo entered from the beige door. He was much skinnier in appearance, his hair was hardly gray and he had no bald spot on his head. He wore the same apron like he always has.

"Honey, did you hear us call you?"

The young girl took the sapphire and hid it under the brown sand and stood up.

"Sorry daddy, I didn't hear you" The young Madison giggled

"That's ok"

Russo went toward Madison and playfully picked up his daughter. They left the room toward the hallway and down the stairs.

"You remember what we told you last night, Mad?"

The little girl tried to remember, "Something about my brother?"

Her father smiled softly, "That's right. Your brother, Orsino, is going away for a while."

By the time they arrived at the Bistro downstairs, Marcella and a young man, who appeared no older than eighteen years of age, was standing in the center of the restaurant. Several Camo-Colored bags were sitting adjacent to the young boy. Marcella could not stop hugging her son. Despite his camo uniform and boots, he did not resist or struggle. Russo set his daughter down. Afterwards, Madison was running around the Bistro with some of her dolls, unaware of the departure. Russo walked toward his son and laid his arms on the young cadet.

"Orsino, are you sure you want this?"

The young man nodded, "It's always been my dream to serve my country. You guys might think this is not what you expected from your son but it is."

Russo reassured his son, "The only thing I expect from you is to make the right choice, if you want to kill some terrorists and come home with a big fat medal than I don't care who you choose to be"

Russo hugged his son tightly, "You will always be my son, no matter what choices you make out there…just promise you will come back in one piece"

Orsino replied, "I will dad, I won't disappoint my family"

Marcella came towards the small group and hugged her son again as well; meanwhile they noticed that Madison was completely oblivious to what was going on. Orsino nodded to his parents to let go of him, he walked towards Madison and kneeled down to her.

"Mad, remember when I promised that we would go on an excavation hunt in Strathcona park?"

Madison nodded, "Are we going now?" Her eyes seemed to glee in excitement

Orsino sighed, "No, I won't be able to this week"

Madison's happy expression ceased, "What! Why? You promised you would take me this weekend!"

Orsino gestured his hand toward his young sister

"You see sis; I'm going on a trip to catch some bad guys in a faraway place from here, so I won't be back for at least six months. I might be gone for even longer than that"

"Let me come with you!" She retorted

Orsino chuckled, "I rather you stay here for now, you can wait till you're older"

Madison grunted, she crossed her arms

"It's not fair, why can't I come with you!"

Orsino set his arm on Madison, "When you're older, you'll understand why"

"Oh please tell me!"

By now, Russo and Marcella had taken the bags to the car and checked upstairs to see if anything was still in the house that Orsino needed for his trip across the Atlantic Ocean.

"Orsino, Time to go" Russo said walking over to the car outside in the parking lot

Madison looked almost teary eyed. How could Orsino do this to her? She's only six years old!

He sighed, "You want to tag along to the airport with me?"

Madison's expression changed, "Yes please! I can't wait to tell you what happened today in the adventures of Madison!" Madison gleefully replied

"Mom, mind if you tag along as well?"

"Of course dear!"

The young military cadet chuckled as he picked up Madison and carried her to the family car. The family entered a 2003 Audi A4 Sedan and drove off toward the horizon.

Today had been a relatively sunny day in Vancouver, traffic was calm like always and the streets were cleaner than usual.

Madison did not stop talking to Orsino, all he could do was smile softly. However, the trip to the airport took only twenty minutes and by the time they arrived at the airport, Madison attempted to stop Orsino from leaving several times. Russo and Marcella checked Orsino in and took his bags to the security check point. Orsino gestured the other side of the checkpoint, his platoon was eagerly waiting for his arrival. He walked towards Russo and Marcella and hugged his parents.

"I love you mom and dad, please pray for me that all goes well"

"Please send us letters, and often to" Russo asked

"And call us whenever you get the chance"

"Okay I promise"

He hardly ever lost his grip on his parents, that is, until Madison tucked on the side of his camo pants. The young adult looked down at the innocent little girl, she was about to burst into tears. Orsino kneeled down and hugged his sister. Both of them seemed to never let go of their embrace.

"Do you promise you'll take me to the park someday?" Madison tried to say while she cried

Orsino lowered his head, "I promise"

"What if you'll never come back?" The young girl asked

Orsino cringed, that comment hit him with full force. He tried to speak out to his sister.

"I will come back someday"


"Yes Madison and even if I won't show up in person, I'll always be by your side to help you"

He hugged her one more time before saying, "I promise"

After they exchanged farewells, Orsino passed the checkpoints with his bags and turned around to see his family one last time before he would go in the terminal with his platoon. He gestured Madison a peace sigh to his family and then left the scene. Madison lowered down her head; Marcella kneeled down and hugged her daughter.

"Don't worry; your brother will be back soon. In the meantime, you can go camping with your new friend, Alex."
Madison smiled, "really!"

Russo laughed, "Sure, I'll call his father right now to see if you guys can go next weekend!" Russo said as he dialed a number on his phone

Madison smiled.

(Scene change)

"Madison? Hello? Madison? You there?"

I saw a hand in front of my obscured vision. I blinked a few times to see Chris waving his hand in front of my face.

"Sorry, I had a flashback…that's all. You can't enter the room, it's forbidden for everyone." I said, threatening Chris

"I was just curious that's all"

I laid a finger on his chest, "Well, stop being curious because if I catch you in that room I won't be Mrs. Nice anymore to you"

Chris raised his hands, surrendering to my bold statement.

"Fine, fine…I won't. Just calm down"

"Good. With that out of the way, let's get those snacks" I proclaimed as we continued walking downstairs. We had to decide on what Rainbow Dash could eat, considering she was not a Carnivore. I suggested lettuce, potato chips, and sandwich with no meat in it along with salads, vegetables and other foods that could be edible for the Pegasus. I decided to get the pony a salad, and potato chips to start her off. Who knows, she might even like the brand lays after she's done eating them. We got the snacks and hurried upstairs where, unfortunately, we were stopped by my father. He crossed his arms in response.

"Mad, what did I tell you about eating upstairs? Remember the rat problem this family had a few weeks ago?"

"Yes…well, it's only this once dad, I promise." I smiled innocently

My father sighed

"Alright, but only this once Madison"

We passed by my father in a hurry, Chris yelled out in haste.


I accidentally dropped a bag of potato chips and reached down to get it, but Chris, without even looking where he was going, tripped on my torso and we fell on the cold floor with all the other food products. Now we had like a dozen misplaced potato chips and salad containers on the floor. We scattered all over the place in response to the mess. It was like a game of twister while trying to pick up all the mess.


"Hurry and pick them up!" I whispered

We quickly picked up the food and hurried toward my beige door. We slammed the door shut in response. Russo shrugged and went down the hallway toward the stairs.

"Crazy kids"

(Scene change)

We unloaded the cargo of chips, including one small salad in a bowl, on the bed. Rainbow Dash was examining a remote control with her hooves until she heard the door open and close abruptly. I was curious at how she was holding the remote control so well. This intrigued me, how could a pony with no fingers or thumbs whatsoever be so natural at holding something like a plastic bag? I examined the Pegasus again and found that she was able to carry things with her wrist. She was quite a natural at holding inanimate objects. Christopher told me about the world of Equestria and how they had similar objects like we had on earth, so i assumed that they were able to grasp objects like furniture and other appliances.

"I bet you're hungry, so we brought you some snacks"

"Chips?" Rainbow asked

Chris and I looked at each other in confusion, "You know what they are?" I asked

"Well of course I know what they are; ponies eat them at parties all the time"

Chris coughed when I turned toward him, obviously knowing about this. I turned back toward the pony.

"Yes. We got some Potato chips and a little bit of salad to alleviate that hunger problem you have"

Rainbow Dash got one bag with her mouth and set it between her hind legs, she cautiously examined the chips. Her suspicious eyes were set on both of us.

"And you're sure there's no meat in these? Or fish?" the pony asked

The human male nodded

"We are sure; check the contents in the back if you don't believe us"

Rainbow Dash acknowledged, she examined the back contents and shrugged.

"Well, if I find out there's meat in these chips, I'm going to bring a new meaning of pain for the both of you"

We couldn't help but smile. The Pegasus hasn't really eaten anything for the past week, so this was her chance to gain her strength once again and to also build some trust with us. The pony told us that she accidentally ate meat a few days ago and it didn't turn out so good for her, so she was very tedious about what she would eat from the family. Rainbow Dash slowly grabbed a potato chip with her mouth and cautiously started to chew, not knowing if these chips were the same back home. At first she rejected the meal, but then began to like the flavor from the chips. The pony then started to assault the bag mercilessly, we laughed in response. She stopped eating and raised an eyebrow.

"What are you guys laughing at?"

I stepped in, "Enjoying those chips?"

Rainbow Dash smiled, "Yes…very much!" The pony continued as Chris and I laughed.

Then, we heard a knock on the door. Both Chris and I jumped in fear.

"What is it?" the pony asked us

"Crap!" I retorted

"Crap?" the Pegasus asked

I hurried and took the bag away from Rainbow Dash.

"Madison? Can I come in for a second?" The voice of my mother could be heard

"Hey! What are you doing! I'm not done eating those!"

"Sorry" I said as I laid the chips on my desk.

"Take her in there for now" I gestured the bathroom door with my finger

Chris quickly, but carefully, took Rainbow Dash into the bathroom. He ignored her yells to let go of her. Chris set her down on the tub and he closed the door.

"What are you doing?"

Chris gestured a finger to his mouth, "They can't find you here. You'll just stay here for now okay?"

Rainbow Dash crossed her arms, "Can I at least have my chips back?"

Chris smiled and nodded, "Sure thing" he went back into the room in haste and got the potato chips. He walked back into the bathroom as I said, "Chris! A little help here would be greatly appreciated!"

Chris gave the Cyan-Colored pony her chips, she smiled

"Thanks Chris"

"No problem"

I was cleaning up the place as fast as I could, chaos was present in my room, I put some potato chips on my bed however I laid the unopened ones under my bed.

"Ahh, mom could you wait a second?" I yelled

"Okay" my mother responded

"Chris! Get out here!"

The young teen walked out again and helped with several of the mess around the room. A miute later we were done.

"Okay mom, you can come in now"

My mother opened the door and saw how clean and tidy the room was. She raised an eyebrow as she saw our fake smiles.

"What was going on in here?"



"Nothing!" We both replied

"It sure felt like you guys were moving furniture around, I also heard another voice in here"

I shrieked in response

"Did you invite someone else without telling us?"

I fiddled with my fingers, "No mom, it was just Chris making noises while we work. You see, Chris is an aspiring voice actor." I set my arm on the boys shoulder

"Isn't that right, Chris?"

Chris made a deeper accent, "Yea…I hope to be in the movies speaking like this someday"

I slapped my forehead, "What do you want mom?"

My mother gestured the hallway, "its Chris's parents, they need to speak with him on the phone"

We both looked at each other in response. Chris began to freak out, I sighed as a result.

If this continued, I swear I will kick him out. He is worrying too much about this, and I think he has forgotten about having a conversation with me completely.

(End Chapter)

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