Bella Potter sat beside her best friend's bedside. Ronald Weasley had ingested a love potion that was intended for her, and then poisoned by some fancy wine or whatever the hell it was. Merlin she was tired, but she'd stay awake until Lavender and Hermione got here. As much as she hated that Lavender of all people had to come, Ron honestly really liked her. She wouldn't begrudge Ron of his happiness.

His hand was still overly warm, but the fever was starting to burn out, thankfully. She held on tightly, hoping against all her pessimism that he'd pull through, after all Madam Pomfrey had said he could relapse. Bella was terrified, why couldn't she have gotten in early? It was all her fault, allowing the obsessive hero-worshipers to get past Dobby and the other house-elves guarding her belongings.

Footsteps echoed through the hospital wing before the two other Gryffindors showed up, pushing her out of the way. Ron was still in his clothes-the schol nurse refusing to dress the boy in pyjama's with Bella in the same curtained off area-and Hermione called the nurse over. "Why is he not in pyjamas? These clothes are too heavy!" The nurse looked towards Bella.

"Miss Potter would not leave his side, while I can force you to leave, I cannot force the owner of the school anywhere." She tsked at the two girls. "Give him more space, and don't move him too much." She walke away leaving the three girls.

"Bell, go to class, I've got this." Hermione pointed to the door, not bothering to look over.

"Won-won is my boyfriend. I will stay!" Lavender shrieked, and they clapped happily as Ron opened his eyes groggily. "See he responded to my voice! Don't worry won-won I'm here."

"Get off." He growled pushing the two females off him. "You're both too hot, it's making me burn up again." He glanced to the floor to see Bella looking up with wide eyes. "Bells, come up, you'll be fine. Being cold-blooded might help me."

The two girls sucked in their breath sharply, glaring at the tiny girl who looked to still be in the first year. "Won-won? What about me?"

"Go to class." He shrugged and pulled his best friend on to his chest. "I'm never eating your chocolates again. Who knows what crazy shit that'll be put in. How's your head? I hit it pretty good last night."

"Fine." Bella looked up at him. "You okay mate?"

"yeah, be fine. Mum's going to have a fit." Ron settled her in the blankets making sure they nested around her. "You haven't been eating proper, have you? Should have noticed."

"I'm not hungry." Bella pouted and looked towards the otehr girls. "Dobby?" she asked the air.

"the Great Bella Potter calls on Dobby?" the little house elf asked, practically vibrating on the spot.

"Get us all breakfast, will you please?" she asked patting his head as best she could from ron's lap. Ignoring the other two girls, Bella settled back, pleased she had finally been picked first.