Rebirth of the Senju Princess Challenge

Summary: At the climax of the Sannin Grudgematch, Orochimaru managed to place a seal on Tsunade to spite her for not healing his arms. The Forbidden Technique: Rebirth Regression Seal. The seal was one of Orochimaru's failed immortality techniques. What it would do is that it would take one's age, and divide it by a factor of four, and regresses the person's body AND mind to that point, the seal has a plus-side of unlocking hidden bloodlines though. So someone like Tsunade, who at that point was 51, is now Naruto's age, with only her memories and skills obtained at that point, her not-so-super-super strength, superior medical knowledge and jutsu along with a VERY heavy affinity for mokuton jutsu.

Tsunade mistakes Naruto for Nawaki, and almost doesn't recognize Jiraiya and is crushed to learn that Hiruzen is dead at Orochimaru's hands and vows to make him pay. (can be used for the fuma clan arc and the bikochu arc)



Jiraiya is Hokage

Tsunade is added to Team Seven

Shizune and Jiraiya and Tenzo act as teachers to the rest of team seven alongside Kakashi (hiruzen was able to balance being a teacher and being a kage, plus there are shadow clones for paperwork)

Sasuke doesn't leave, instead the Naruto filler arcs play out.

No training trip

Elemental affinity training starts after Tsunade is added

Team seven becomes team Rasengan (ie rasengan is taught to Sasuke, Tsunade, and Sakura)

Genjutsu/medic sakura

Fuinjutsu/Ninjutsu Naruto

Ninjutsu/Taijutsu Sasuke

Medic/Ninjutsu Tsunade

No lemons before time-skip

No Yaoi!...!

Have fun!