Vanille stretched, arching her back high in the air where she held, trying to get the kink out that Sky had given her earlier this morning. "Did you absolutely have to flip me this morning? I was already so sore."

Pulling her trousers on near the closet, Sky watched her flame from behind hazel eyes with a steady dedication to appreciating that form. "I'm about to do it again if you keep flexing your breasts at me."

"Nooo," Vanille crumpled inward on her back, "I have to shop today; I need to be able to walk. No more hard-on!"

"Cocoon and this 'shopping' nonsense," Sky shook her head, "I still can't understand how they live like this."

"But we've been here for months now!"

"Do you get it?" Sky challenged

"Well, it's different…" Vanille admitted.

"You still sore?"

"What do you think?"

Sky started over for the smaller girl. "C'mere, Vanille."

"Nooooo," Vanille squirmed, but Sky was already bending over to scoop her arms up under Vanille, who wriggled then in her grasp. "I can't take it! Too much pleasure for my little body to sustain! Eiiip!"

Sky grinned, snow-cream teeth sharped and almost feral with charm as she stood with Vanille. "You'd make a tasty little snack."

"No, please!" Vanille begged, the hints of a smile showing despite her genuine bodily exhaustion. "Don't devour me! Don't lay your mouth to my body and suckle me 'till I writhe and scream, seeping out the core like a soaking wet little— " Sky kissed her, silencing the dirty words from her filthy little mouth as she brought Vanille over to the bed.

"I should ravish you," Sky told her, laying Vanille down on the bed. "You could use a good whipping to clean your dirty mouth."

Vanille grinned up at her, particularly enjoying the view of her ample breasts from below, with how her long straight locks fell over her body, falling forward to hang and scrape Vanille's equally naked breasts. Vanille loved Sky's dark hair, a lush black that burned deep blue in thick streaks towards the middle down. It was so beautiful on her-and it tickled. "You make me quiver, you big, scary Yun."

Sky's teeth showed again as she laid her hands on Vanille's stomach and rolled her. "Get over there, Dia. On your back."

Vanille giggled. "I'm in for it now."

Saddling her rear, Sky grabbed her shoulders and started working the skin, grinding her rough palm against Vanille's sore flesh. Vanille moaned and quivered, feet lifting to twine with each other. "Ohhhh," Vanille breathed, "I think I love my Yun."

"You better love your Yun." Sky leaned over to kiss Vanille behind the ear. Vanille squeaked, toes curling at her soft spot. Sky grinned.

Knock, knock, knock, knock, "Vanille?" Fang's voice floated through the door, "Are you appropriate?"

Vanille glanced back over her shoulder at her topless Yun straddling her naked ass. "We're okay."

Fang hesitated. "You smell busy."

"We're gonna be in about five seconds if you get in here."

"Five seconds?" Vanille squeaked.

Fang pushed open the door, finding Sky straddling a naked Vanille on her stomach. Her nose wrinkled. "Can't you guys crack a window between rounds?"

Sky's feral grin lit up her eyes. "I like the way she smells." She licked her bottom lip.

"Creators," Vanille cursed, letting out a small moan when Sky hit a tender spot. "Quick, Fang, open the window before she sullies my purity again!" Vanille tensed, then groaned. "Oh God, there she goes again."

"Hold up a minute, Sky." Fang crossed to the window to push it open and let in some air.

"Keeping her up's not the problem," Vanille lamented, "I can't go another round. Not till tonight. Can I just give you head after this?" Vanille squirmed, "Shit, there she goes. Fang! Quick! Say something squicky!"

"I got a Cocoon girl pregnant."

Sky's head darted up. "You what?"

Vanille breathed, relaxing. "Oh, thank goodness."

"I actually haven't," Fang revised, sending Vanille a little smile. Sky scowled, "But the papers say I did, and we may have to pretend it for a little bit."

Sky's eyes narrowed. "What is this about?"

Vanille sighed, relaxing into her massage. She laid her head down sleepily.

"It's just a little fib for a friend at work." Fang explained, "It just might get some attention for a little bit. I wanted to give forewarning if either of you are asked about it."

Vanille groaned softly as those hands roughed into her back. "This is about that straight little pink tramp at work, isn't it? She's having you do favors for her now?"

"I volunteered."

Sky sneered, pretty features darkened by a hard-pressing scowl. "You're acting like her bitch."

"Oww," Vanille protested, "Sky— "

Sky let up on her shoulders with a mumbled apology. "Sorry, Van," she rubbed the spot softly again to make up for it, looking back up at Fang expectantly. "Well?"

Fang shrugged. "I like her, Sky. She's not like all the Cocoon wimps. What do you want me to tell you?"

Sky growled lowly.

"Come on, Sky," Vanille encouraged, "You're dating me, I'm not a Yun!"

"Not really comparable, Van. You're Pulse."

"It's Fang!" Vanille insisted, "She's not gonna pick any regular, helpless little Cocoon girl."

"They're all helpless." Sky gruffed, smoothing over Vanille's back now. "Delicate like flowers, they don't know what it is to really work.

"It's just a small favor." Fang insisted, "Not a big thing."

"You're hoping it'll be a big thing," Sky made a face. "Ughh. What could there possibly be in the Cocoon tramp that's got you so hooked?"

Fang offered a small smile; it was the closest to acceptance that she'd get from her fellow Yun. "Appreciate the support. I'll leave you to defile Vanille some more now."

"Noo!" Vanille squirmed.

"No, you ruined the mood now." Sky bent over to kiss the top of Vanille's head. "You feel better?"

"Please don't ravish me," Vanille whimpered. A hint of a smile returned to Sky's lips as she clambered off her exhausted flame.

"I'm done with you cutie." Vanille slumped in relief. Sky glanced back at her on the bed. "For the moment."

Vanille squeaked. "Where's my bra?"

Smiling, Fang shook her head and left.


Serah happily poured milk into her cereal and grabbed up the newspaper. Flattening it out, Serah reached for her orange juice and took a long drink, scanning the front page as she did so.

The juice splurted from her in a rush as Serah choked and spewed over the paper.

"Cllaaaaiiirrrreee!" Serah pushed through the closed door without pause and crossed straight to Lightning's curtained windows, which she tore open with flair. Sunlight poured in through the glass, soaking Lightning's exposed features in its lighted warmth. Lightning groaned, the invasion unwelcome— only seconds before the small body of her sister jump-tackled her on the bed.

Lightning moaned, "Seraahh— "

"What is this? !" Serah demanded, brandishing the paper in Lightning's face. "Are we really to the point that I have to read about yourpregnancy in the paper in my mornings? That my sister doesn't even have the decency to tell her own sister that she's been knocked up by a boyfriend I didn't even know you had? I'll tell you what this is!" Serah started rapping her over the head with the paper. "This. Is. Proof. We're. Broken!" Lightning fought from under the covers and grabbed Serah's arm to stop her.

"You dimwit! " Serah exclaimed in a huff, straightening the newspaper with her free hand to read it. "Dated August 10, 2067. Resident waitress Lightning Farron was fired yesterday after her boss, Galenth Dysley, sexually assaulted her in the midst of Sanctum Headquarters' finery dine-in. Claire!"

"It's really not as bad as it sounds…"

"Harassed into participation, Dysley tried to force an alcoholic beverage down the waitress' throat, who was revealed to be pregnant moments later by the resident bartender, Lebreau Rider. Farron retreated to the bathrooms, only appearing later after her significant other, Fang, angrily beat Dysley for the advance." Serah paused to gape at her. "Boyfriend, Claire? ! and what's this talk about a baby? Claire! You can't keep hiding this stuff from me! Do you even have anything to say for yourself?"

"You're crushing my stomach," Lightning groaned, "Probably killing the baby."

Serah squeaked, horrified, and rolled off Lightning to her side, which she turned Lightning on to face her. "You stay there, looking at me, watching my face as I read the rest of this article."


"When questioned," Serah continued, "Farron confirmed the claims, saying she and Fang had been a private couple for a little over five months now and, though the pregnancy proved an unexpected bump in the relationship, they both plan to keep the child. When asked of marriage and future plans, no further comment could be attained. Farron will report to work under a dual set of new bosses, which the company feels will be better suited to watch each other..." Serah looked to Lightning in earnest, scared, "Claire," she pleaded, "What's going on?"

"I, uhh…"

"So it's true?" Serah squeezed her eyes shut, dragging Lightning close enough to bump foreheads, which she did again, and again. "Why, Claire! Why wouldn't you tell me?" The jerks got a little rougher. "I've a right to know! Before anyone! Before even the guy!"

"Serah," Lightning winced, reaching out to grab Serah's shoulder and stop the mounting headache, "It's not a big deal— "

"Not a big deal?" Serah squeaked. "You're having a baby! How is that not a big deal?"

"I'm no— " Thump, thump, thump, thump!

Serah looked up with the speed of a missile. "Who's that?" Lightning jostled to get up, also alarmed to the guest, but Serah was already halfway to the door by the time she'd scrambled out from under the covers. "Serah!" Lightning tripped as her foot got caught then and tumbled to the floor as Serah answered the door.

Serah stared out at a tall, bronze, beautiful woman in their doorway. She quirked an eyebrow in surprise. "Hellllo?"

"Uhh, hey," the woman rubbed the back of her neck nervously, noting Serah's champagne hair instantly, miniature Lightning, "You must be Serah, right? Light's sister?"

"Fang!" Lightning yelped, pulling up from the floor with a muted groan.

"Fang?" Serah glanced back at her fast-approaching sister back to the stranger in the door. "You're…" she looked Fang up and down, features suddenly hardening. "You got my sister pregnant!" She released the doorframe as if to advance on her, but then paused. "Wait…"

"Serah!" Lightning appeared behind her then, hand on her shoulder, eyes locked on Fang. She absently tried steering Serah away. "Go to your room, Serah."

"Oh, now you wanna play parent, Hormones?" Serah shrugged off her grip, "Shoulda tried that before you ran of getting pregnant with some exotic… Pulse-born?" She looked to Fang for confirmation, who smiled a little at the immediate recognition. "Woman…" a light lit up in her eyes then. "Oh! Oh! You're a Yun, aren't you?"

Fang seemed pleasantly delighted by the guess. She inclined her head partially. "I am."

"Oh! Oh! OhmiGod,that'ssocool! Claire, invite her in! Fang, come in!" Serah turned to Lightning angrily then. "I didn't even know you liked women! Is this why you hid her?"

"Serah— "

"Why wouldn't you tell me about her? She's a Yun! I've never even read of one breeding with a Cocoon girl! How in the world did you manage to seduce her with your dry outlook?"

Fang coughed lightly. Serah spun on her. "Fang! Why're you still outside?" Serah grabbed her wrist and started tugging her in.


Serah spun on Lightning and raised the newspaper threateningly. "You've done enough already, Claire!"

Lightning inwardly sighed and shut the door behind them as Serah pulled Fang into the kitchen and hopped the counter, turning to Fang. "So Fang," she scanned her up and down quickly, "Yun Fang?"

Fang gave her a little smile. "That's right."

"It's true then?" Serah asked excitedly, "I read speculation about it in my history books, that the Yun warriors were all-women bred clan with some of you having a…" her eyes dropped momentarily before zipping back up.

"Serah, we don't really need to be talking about— "

"Oh man," Serah groaned, so excited, "Can I see it?" Lightning stiffened.

Fang chuckled, delighted with the girl. "You're not the first Cocoon girl that's wanted to." She froze a moment, then immediately looked to Lightning apologetically. "I didn't mean that like— it's not how that sounded."

Lightning sighed tiredly. Serah giggled. "So, there are lots of Yuns like you, Fang? But— if they're all like you, how do you…"

"We're not all like that." Fang clarified for her.

"O-kay, Serah, enough discussing Fang's equipment. Fang, can we talk?"

"Yeah," Fang nodded, looking over to her, then back. "Serah, can I have a moment with Lightning, please?"

"Claire, I like her. You shoulda went gay a long time ago." Serah smiled sweetly back to Fang. "Okay, Fang. Can we talk some more later?"

"If you'd like," Fang gave another acknowledgment Lightning's way then. "If Lightning's okay with it."

"Great!" Serah scooted forward on the counter and hugged her then, taking Fang entirely by surprise. "Welcome to the family, Fang!" She let go almost as quickly and popped off the counter, shooting Lightning a dirty look on her way by. "We're having a talk later." Grabbing an apple up from the counter, Serah disappeared into her room. Presumably listening at the door.

Lightning blinked, watching the closed door in astonishment. "How did you do that?"

"She's a sweet kid." Fang paused. "You're not gonna tell her?"

Lightning shook her head and turned from the door. "I don't know. Serah's… fragile about that kinda stuff. She's probably better off not knowing."

Fang gave her a curious look. "She seems like she'd be okay… " Lightning quirked an eyebrow, "Nott that it's my business or I would know," Fang hastily added.

"So what's going on?" Lightning questioned, "I didn't even know you knew my address…"

"I don't! –Didn't." Fang corrected, "But I got a call in from Sanctum HQ off the books of regular job offers. They told me to report in to their office and bring you. It sounds like they've brought in a couple of new honchos and want us to meet them."

"On a Saturday?"

Fang shrugged. "They're probably trying to cover their asses about the whole incident, soothe it over with both of us, make sure you want to stay on with them and I'll still pick up contracts."

Lightning's brow furrowed. "Why'd they only call you?"

"Uchm," Fang gave a small, semi-uncomfortable chuckle. "I guess they suppose we live together. Just asked me to bring you and turn in this morning. I, uhh, I hadn't exactly found where you lived, but there was a street name in the paper for you and Serah's apartment. I went there hoping for the best and found a truckload of reporters outside your door. I snuck in the back with someone's exit. Took a bit to find your floor."

"Reporters outside?" Lightning sighed. "Sorry about your difficulty getting here. I shoulda thought about that last night. Did you call?"

"Twice, but I guess you were still asleep." Fang gave her a small smile. "It's okay anyway. Still found the place."

"Alright," Lightning ran a hand through her unwashed hair, "Um, I did just wake up. Do you mind waiting while I get ready?"

"Oh, sure," Fang nodded, "Take your time, I'm fine here."

"Thanks," Lightning pointed to the small family room off the hallway of the kitchen. "TV over there, or newspaper— " Lightning glanced around, "Newspaper escaped with Serah. There's food in the cupboard if you haven't eaten, and I'll bring Serah out," Lightning glanced to her door, "Just, easy on the talk about Yun… " her eyes flicked down, "Qualities. She's young."

"Absolutely," Fang agreed, "I'll use discretion."

"I'll be out soon," Lightning promised.

Fang nodded, but then halted, "Oh, Light!" Lightning glanced back at her. "What if she asks about… us?"

Lightning bit her lip. "Are you good at thinking on the spot?"

"I could…" Fang allowed. "But… you really rather lie than just let her know? You're sure?"

Lightning glanced back at Serah's door. It was the first time Fang had seen her allow the shame to flood through her and instantly, Fang understood why she'd prefer to lie, even before she revealed it through her words. "She still looks up to me… I won't ruin that too."


"No!" Serah squealed.

Fang smiled affectionately. "Yes," she chuckled, "Vanille couldn't sit straight for a week after that nip. Damn nursing chocobo mothers." Fang paused, "Don't tell your sister I swore when I said anything."

Serah giggled. "Claire's just a stick in the mud. Don't worry, I wouldn't rat you out. You're cool, Fang."

Fang grinned. "Thanks. You're not half-bad either, Little Farron."

Serah rolled to her elbows and faced Fang then. "So Fang,"

"Ut oh?"

"Shhh!" Serah quieted, "It's nothing scary! I just wanna know how you and Claire met. How you got together and all. Claire never tells me this stuff— but you will, right?"


"Come on!" Serah encouraged. "Please? I didn't even know you existed until just this morning!"


"Pleeasse, Fang?"

"Alright, alright," Fang sighed, "I'll tell you how it went," Serah's face shown with glee. Fang took a breath. "Lightning… she's the kinda girl that you get up for, y'know? Makes me wanna take smaller jobs from the Sanctum, so I can see her when I get up in the morning. We were just friends, but… when I learned she was available, that she might have a Yun partner… I didn't have to hold back anymore. I… I got lucky. She chose me."

"Awww!" Serah cooed, "Fang, that's so sweet! It's like you were waiting for her, 'till you finally got the chance that you might catch her interest!"

Fang cracked a warm smile, a hint withheld. "Pretty much how it went."

"Did you make the first move then too?"

"Would it surprise you if I told you it was her?"

Serah's features popped in surprise.


Fang startled half out of her mind at the elder Farron's return, "Light!" She stood hurriedly, scrambling to her feet. Fang felt half compelled to explain herself. "I was just—explaining to Serah how we met—are—together."

Lightning quirked a brow. "I heard." Fang's heart froze. For half a minute, she feared the worst— that Lightning had discovered the truth before she was supposed to, before Fang had had the chance to prove herself or change Lightning's mind of her, where her only shot to worm into Lightning's heart would be over before she could even— "You ready to go?"

Fang nodded, breath still half-held. "Yeah. Let's go."