AN: It's been ages since I have written a Jo/Ruby story. Of course this one is kind of angsty, but hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

She's on the ledge ready to jump just a few seconds away from free falling to oblivion, when she hear that voice calling out her name. It sounds so distant at first that she can hardly make out the words, and then with each second it grows louder. She can almost hear the desperate pleading in the voice of her demon; it's what draws her to the surface.

Blinking her eyes a few times she is face to face with her destiny.

"What's going on in that head of yours, Jo?" The demon asked her lovingly stroking the side of her face. Jo can feel the fear coming off of the other blond in waves. All she wants to do is hold her and tell her that she fine, but right now she's just too tired to lie, Ruby would figure it out anyways. She always does.

"I came back wrong." Jo whispered to afraid to look Ruby in the eyes. She felt ashamed. "I'm not suppose to be here, Ruby. "

Ruby drops her hand from Jo's face as if she was burned. "Don't talk like that Jo, don't ever talk like that." Ruby feels the anger build in her, but instantly regret it. She hates losing it around Jo. Ever since she brought Jo back, Jo was distant. "I'm sorry baby. I just don't want to lose you again." Ruby says taking Jo in to her arm rubbing soothing circles on her back.

Jo pulls back and stares blankly into the demon's eyes. "Why did you do it?" Her voice was broken and she lost all control to keep the tears at bay

Ruby looked stunned. She had no answer. It was her own selfishness as to why she fought tooth and nail to bring back her hunter. "I couldn't lose you." She whispered softly with tears falling down her face.

Damn that girl! She always had a way of making Ruby feel human, a way of making the demon feel like she was worthy of such a creature in her life.

"I'm broken." Jo sobbed out reaching out to pull the other blond closer to her.

"I'm so sorry Jo." Ruby said kissing her girlfriends temple. "It's my fault." Ruby got up and grabbed a bag that had her meager belongings in it

Jo's heart started to race when she realized what ruby was planning. "Where are you going?"

"You don't need me around; I'll only screw you up more." Was Ruby's reply as she opened the door and walked out. As the door closed behind her girlfriend Jo jumped to her feet not even caring that she was only wearing bed shorts and a tank top.

"RUBY WAIT!" Jo cried causing the demon to stop in her tracks. Jo grabbed her arm roughly and spun her around to where they were face to face. "You get to just leave, not without me." She brought her lips to the demons and place a gentle kiss to Ruby's lips.

"Fix me." Jo whispered as ruby kissed her back.

"I'm not going anywhere."

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