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Lima was a wonderful kingdom to be in. The King and Queen, Finn and Rachel Hudson, ran it extremely smoothly—even if many people claimed their youth would get in the way of the kingdom's needs. Crime was relatively low, and a majority of the population was employed. But even with this success, the elders of the city doubted their ability to rule. The Queen wrote up most of the laws of the kingdom, while the King tended to enforce them, as he wasn't the best with words, and this female dominance also gave them a feeling of uneasiness—women weren't supposed to have such power. But they continued living in Lima, as the other kingdom—Westerville, to be more specific—was a kingdom that scared them. They were very kind—much too kind—and most citizens of Lima who ventured into Westerville never came back. Thus, the hatred between Westerville and Lima had purpose. And here in Lima is where our story begins—the beginning of what may be a life changing experience for one commoner living in the bad part of the kingdom.

"Finn?" The Queen shouts across the hallway, making her husband pop out from behind the arch.

"Yes, Rach?" The King replies, walking over to where she was sitting, holding her writing utensil in one hand.

"Tell me if this sounds like a good idea—what if we had a masquerade this month, to celebrate the coming of winter? The entire town can come, and they can sing for us and we can have an evening off from all the hard work that we go through—" He cuts her off with a chaste kiss, smiling as he pulls away.

"That sounds like an excellent idea, your Excellency." He winks at her and she puts her hand to her mouth to hide her laughter. She stands up to follow him when she realizes that she still needs to write the invitations and plan out the guest list. So she calls on one of her faithful servants.

"Tina!" She shouts, and an Asian woman scuttles in, her dark hair tinted blonde at the ends, and her eyes smiling.

"Yes, m'lady?" She stands next to the queen.

"Please do me a favor and write up the invitations to the kingdom's winter masquerade." She smiles at her servant as she begins to walk away.

"But your majesty!" Tina calls as Rachel is nearing the door. "What about the guest list?"

"Just…everyone in town. But absolutely no Warblers, as I don't think I can stomach them and their disgusting behavior." She looks back, confirming that her servant did in fact catch all of that, before she slips out of the room and begins to stride through the hallway. Her husband ambushes her, though, kissing her deeply in the middle of the hallway, and she drags him to the nearest door on their left—the bedroom.

"They're disgusting," Mike, one of the guards, groans, making a face. "They can't keep their hands off of each other." He turns to look at the woman now writing furiously at the Queen's desk. She looks up and blushes.

"I think it's cute, Mike, so get back to work before I tell them that you're slipping out after hours to a certain woman's bedroom." She winks at him a bit as he gets red in the face, turning away.

"I thought you were going to keep us a secret, Tina." He mumbles. She quickly hops up from her seat and scurries over to where the guard is standing. Her lips find his for a moment, their mouths colliding as if they hadn't seen each other in years.

"Back to work or else I won't." She breathes, and he swears she'll be the death of him.

"Santana, is this a good idea? What if we get caught?" Brittany whispers, crouched next to a Latina of the same age. She's peering through the bushes as the blonde talks, but suddenly throws her hand over her mouth.

"Britt, shhh, this is fine. We're not going to be arrested for exploring! I'm tired of painting everything in Lima. It's boring and if it were up to me, there wouldn't be a border between here and Warblerland. Goddamn king and queen, thinking they know what's best for this shi—" Brittany glares at her.

"The king and queen are good people! They do know what's best for this kingdom. Stop being so mean, San." Her voice barely gets through the other girl's hand, but it works, because her eyes soften a bit, and she nods.

"I was a little bit out of line, wasn't I?" She's about to continue her apology when the sound of angry voices begin to approach them. Both girls freeze in fear as the voices get closer and closer. Santana begins to listen to them, though, and from what it sounds like, they're not yelling at the girls.

"You know you're not supposed to tell anyone about that, you idiot!" There's the sound of skin hitting skin, and Santana flinches because, from the man's grunt of pain, it sounds a hell of a lot like a slap. "And that's just the beginning, you incompetent moron." Britt looks at her with big, scared eyes, and she turns and begins to run away.

"Bri—" She covers her mouth before she gives away her position and watches as her blonde best friend runs away, her long hair flying behind her. She sighs, upset that the one person who she thought would understand her was now barreling away, back to the boring life that she so desperately hated.

"You're not from here, are you?" A husky voice says, suddenly above her, and she shouts in surprise and falls flat on her back. Her heart rate speeds ten times faster and she's staring into the face of a boy with meerkat-like features. He raises an eyebrow. She quickly sits back up and brushes herself off, not letting go of his stare.

"Listen here, Twink—"

"You can't be here." He cuts her off.

"Asshole, you can't tell me where I can and can't be. So back up." She shakes her long hair out, and for a second, he watches it fall around her shoulders. He'd almost call her beautiful—but then she opens her mouth.

"Dickface, are you listening to me?" He blinks at her, and then sneers.

"Actually, I'm the son of the King of Westerville." Her face goes pale. His smile widens. "So, you know, I wouldn't be calling me dickface, bitch." He nods his head a bit and she turns on her heel and begins to walk away. "Wait." She turns quick to face him. "What's your name?"

"Santana." She says simply, and then turns and sprints away. He snickers under his breath and then watches her turn the corner and rustle through the bushes. He's almost confident that he'll be seeing her again.

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