It was a normal day at camp half blood. The Stoll brothers had dumped an entire bucket of dead fish into the Aphrodite cabin's wardrobe, a couple new kids were trying in vain to climb the climbing wall (Wimps. Who can't take a little lava?), and Annabeth was trying to teach me the basics of architectural design. We were sitting near the practice arena. The sun was bright in the sky, and I was doing Horribly so far. "No, Percy, you have to put the supports to the right side of the central column, so that the vertical force doesn't push the…" Gods she was hot. I mean, we only started dating about a week ago, but it was honestly the best week of my life. And it came right after the worst week of my life… "And what is this line here supposed to be?" she said, jerking me out of my train of thought. "It's, um… I think it's a… catwalk?" I said. "Wow, seaweed brain. I shudder to wonder what Olympus would look like if you'd designed it." But she smiled and kissed me like she always does when I do something stupid. I could of just stayed like that forever, but then a voice yelled, "Percy! Annabeth! I have a proph…" and then Rachel stopped, and as both Annabeth and I turned to watch, her mouth started to spew green smoke. Then she started to talk.

"In far off land, brave princess weeps

Her love will fall to deadly sleep

Three men go on their mission stark

Chased by man clothed all in dark

The aid of sea and owl will

Help unite the lovers still

If by the next day, the enemy hath fell

Then all in mortal lives be well

But if to the next day that man survives

Then he will destroy their mortal lives"

Rachel fell to the ground. We both hurriedly helped her back up. "What was that?" Annabeth said. "Did you just give us a quest?"

" Yes, she did." Said Apollo. "Whoa!" We all jumped in surprise. "What're you doing here, Apollo?" "Just stopping by." He said. "Also I need to transport you to a different time and place so you can fix a problem that might end up destroying an entire period of history because of an inter-dimensional interloper who has rejected the gods! Wow, that was a mouthful. Maybe I should make a Haiku about tha-"No, lord Apollo! I mean, you should hang onto your haiku's for… wait, what? What did you say?" " I said that… never mind. I'm just going to send you on your quest. Have fun!" "No, wait lord Apollo…" I managed to say. Then my vision went dark and I couldn't feel anything.

When I woke up, I was sitting in some ruins. I had Riptide in my hand, and I was wearing... wait, what! Instead of my usual clothes, I was wearing some thin, puffy white shirt, puffy black pants, a tight velvety sea green... doublet, I think, with tridents embroidered on it, tall black boots, a black cape and a black musketeer hat with a swan feather sticking out of it. Riptide was different too. I didn't realize it at first, but riptide's normal bronze glow was now a strange silvery sheen. "Annabeth, this is weird..." I started, but then I realized that she wasn't there. "Annabeth?" I called, but there was no answer. I was completely alone.

When I woke up, my first thought was that I was on a pegasus, and Percy was taking me on a ride. but then I opened my eyes. I was sitting on the back of a strange horse, and a girl only a few years older than me was holding the reigns. "Who are you?" I said. "Oh, you're awake! Hello. My name is princess Buttercup. What's yours?" "Annabeth Chase." I groaned. I sat up and looked around me. The first thing I noticed was that we were in a forest. The second thing I noticed was that I was wearing some sort of weird renaissance leather vest and a simple wide sleeved white dress with owls embroidered on the sleeves. Getting over this fact, I asked, "So, where are we?" she replied, "Oh, we're in a forest in Florin, the kingdom I'm going to inherit when I marry the prince. Such beautiful weather we're having..." She continued to ramble on about this and that. I could tell that Buttercup was lacking in intelligence , but she was nice all the same.

After awhile we were stopped by three figures. Alarms went off in my head immediately, because even though I was pretty sure they were mortals they looked dangerous. The short man in front said, "Hello, fine ladies. We are but humble entertainers at a local circus." Well, that was obviously a lie. The small man had a dagger, the wiry man had a rapier and looked like he could use it, and the giant? Well, he could be from a circus, but it seemed very unlikely. The man continued, "And we have lost our way. Could you point us to the nearest town?" Buttercup replied, "No, sir. I'm afraid there's no one for many miles.""Then there will be no one to here you scream." The giant moved forward, but I leaped off the back of the horse and drew my knife. The man with the rapier advanced with his sword drawn.

"Surrender, girl, you are no match for me." The man stated. I laughed at him and lunged within his guard. He frantically parried and danced backward, nimbly dodging every slash I made at him. I managed to back him up until he tripped over a tree root, and I closed in for the kill. But I paused before finishing him. I didn't want to kill anyone.

That pause defeated me, as I felt a huge fist latch on to my neck and hoist me up. My dagger fell out of my hand as I grasped futilely at the giant's hand. "We're out of time," The small man said. "Bring her too, we need to get out of here." I felt the giant hoist me onto his shoulders as I blacked out.