I had been walking for hours. I had decided that if I couldn't find Annabeth, I'd have to find a road, or a stream, or a town, or something. So I kept walking. Eventually, I stumbled onto a road. I was trying to decide which way to go, when the glint of shiny metal caught my eye. I walked over to it and picked it up. It was a dagger. Annabeth's dagger, the one that she always kept with her at all times, and would never drop unless forced to. I started to get worried. I looked around and saw giant footprints leading off into the distance. I set off at breakneck speed, and all I could think was "Oh gawd, something ate Annabeth!"

"Owwwww." I woke up. My neck and back were aching. "Where am I?" I said. "Shhhh," said Buttercup, "they might hear you, they don't know you're awake." I opened my eyes. It was nighttime. We were on a small wooden ship, and the three men who'd kidnapped us were trying to sail. I say trying because they weren't doing it very well. I mean, I know my perspective was skewed since I was dating a guy who can sail a ship literally with a snap of his fingers, but come on. None of these people were close to being sailors.

"Ahh, so you're awake." Said the short one. "Whe're in the middle of the Guilder channel, and unless you think you can out-swim killer eels, I suggest you stay onboard." He went back to talking to the others. "We'll reach the cliffs by dawn." The short man said. The Spaniard looked back the way they came. "Why are you doing that?" "You're sure no-one could have followed us?" The Spaniard said. "That would be inconceivable." The short man replied.

Buttercup spoke up. "Despite what you think, you will be caught, and the prince will see you all hanged." The short man coldly replied, "The life you should be worrying about on this ship isn't mine." "Leave her alone!" I said. "What are you planning on doing with us anyways?" "That is for me to know and you to guess." He replied. I looked over at the other two, but they avoided my eyes. The Spaniard looked back again. "Stop doing that! We can all relax It's almost over!" The short man said. "Are you sure no one is following us?" "As I told you it would be absolutely, positively, and in all other ways inconceivable! No one in Guilder knows what we've done, and no one in Florin could have gotten here so fast." He laid back. Then sat back up and said, "Out of curiosity, why do you ask?" The Spaniard casually replied, "Oh nothing… just I happened to suddenly look back and something was there." "What?" The short man said as he got up. I craned my neck to see. There was another small boat far behind us, it's small white sail clearly visible through the darkness. "It's probably just some local fisherman out for a pleasure cruise, at night, through eel infested waters…" Then there was a loud splash as Buttercup half-fell into the water.

I finally found a landmark, a large channel, after getting lost twice. Strangely, no matter how many things my clothes caught on, they never seemed to rip. After catching my breath, I waded into the water. I could feel two ships only about a mile away, and jetted towards them at lightning speed.

It looked like I found them just in time, because someone fell off the bigger boat as it came into view. Just as I came into view, I felt that weird 'I'm being watched' sensation, and I looked around me.


Lots of Eels.

Lots of really, really big, razor-toothed, angry looking Eels.

"Hi, Guys," I said in eel-speak, "Die, sssurfaccce dweller!" "Um, look, I'm the son of the sea god, so could I just get by this once-" "DIEEEE!" They shrieked as they wriggled towards me. I quickly jetted back and drew my sword. "All right eels. You wanna go? Lets go."

I leaped up and tried to run to the edge of the boat, but I was jerked to a halt by a cord that I hadn't noticed was tied to my hands. "Ah! Wha!"The short man spluttered. "Inigo, go in after her!" The Spaniard, whose name was apparently Inigo, replied: "I don't swim." The short man turned to the giant. "I only doggy paddle." The giant mimed doggy paddling."GAH!"The short man exclaimed. He then ran down to the deck and yelled "Veer left!" I laughed and said, "Looks like you lost her!" That girl may not have been smart but she sure was brave. I felt pretty good until the short man worriedly said, "She's escaped right into the jaws of the eels, and if they get her than no one but the eels will be happy. Left! LEFT!" He shouted that last part up to Inigo.

A strange, echoing sound started to drift across the water. "Do you know what that is, highness? Those are the shrieking eels. Don't believe me? Just wait. They always get louder when they're about to feed on human flesh." As he said it, a big, watery, snakelike thing slithered right past Buttercup. About Thirty yards away, a huge roiling mass of bubbles suggested many wriggling bodies below.

"If you swim back now, I promise, no harm will come to you. I doubt you'll get such an offer from the eels." The ship slowly closed in on her, but an eel was getting closer and closer and closer, its mouth opening wide...

The eels closed in on me. I jetted around and slashed with my sword, but no matter how many I killed more just popped out of the pack. Finally, I was enveloped, I was bitten over and over, and eels were everywhere... but I kept slashing and hacking and eventually I was the last thing standing. exhausted, I swam over to the nearest boat and latched on, my last thought being: I. HATE. Eels.

WHAM! The giant slammed his fist down onto the eel's head, and then he plucked the soggy princess out of the water. "Next time, we'll leave you to the eels." The short man threatened. They turned the boat around and started to head in their previous direction, but whoever was following up was a decent sailor, because they were gaining.