I can explain! D:

I was listening to 'My First Kiss' by 3OH!3, and this was born. It was inspired by a You Tube video. My first Durarara fic, and it's Shizaya…should I be proud or ashamed? Oh well…



"Nnn…Shizu-chan." A dark haired male moaned, head thrown back. He groaned again as his neck was bitten and marked.

"Shaddup." His companion grunted. He didn't want to get caught kissing under the bleachers (again) during, a tad ironically, an assembly about preventing teen pregnancy.

"Oooh…But I just can't get enough of you…" His lover teased, biting his lip to hold back another moan. Unsuccessfully, I might add.

Shizuo ignored the weak protests, focusing on the surprisingly sweet taste of the flea's mouth. Lips tasting vaguely of licorice, and his tongue sugary as candy. He explored every crevice possible, the warm muscles slipping easily off each other.

Izaya shivered the lightest bit as he felt calloused fingers graze under his shirt and along the waist of his uniform pants, where a sliver of boxers peeked out.

Neither noticed the slightly distant thundering of feet above them, too wrapped up in their own little world to really care anyway.

"There you guys a- Oh! Sorry, never mind!" Shinra exclaimed, hands raised in defense when he received two glares. Clearly, they didn't take kindly to being interrupted.

"Shinra…you have exactly thirty seconds to go the hell away." Shizuo ground out, a threatening edge to his statement. His thumb still idly traced the boxer's silky material, eager to have it out of his way at last.

"I- I'm sorry, I didn't expect- " The 'victim' stuttered. 'Didn't expect my two best friends to be making out right under me this whole time…'

"Twenty-nine….Twenty-eight…" Izaya began the countdown, impatient to pick up where they left off. That was all the warning their friend needed. Booking it, the doctor-to-be was heard quickly striking conversation with another student in order to erase the images from his mind.

Unfortunately, the moment had been ruined. And no doubt a teacher would be by to make sure everyone got back to class accordingly. Sighing, the blonde pulled away- ignoring the other's whine of protest.

"You don't want another detention, do you?" He pointed out.

"I don't care." Izaya retorted stubbornly.

"Yes you do…Or were you planning on talking your way out of it?"

"Well that's certainly always an option. I could accuse the school of not supporting gay rights~ "

"I'm not gay." Shizuo mumbled.



"Did you just call me a girl?" The informant demanded as the two made their way down the hall.

Shizuo just snorted as the other grew more frustrated at having his manhood questioned.

"Need I prove it?" Izaya questioned, raising a brow.

"…That'd be nice."


I was hoping this would help with my writer's block…Perhaps some reviews would?

If anyone wants, I'll continue this little series- using the same song as inspiration. Heck, I might do it wether you all like it or not….