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Izaya looked out the the window of Shinra's car, watching all of his pawns going about their day. He had hitched a ride with the doctor because really, he couldn't be expected to chauffeur himself around. And besides, it was his birthday. The 21st, to be exact. Now, Izaya never really made a big deal about birthdays- but why pass up on free drinks?

"We're here!" Shinra announced, pulling up in front of a fairly normal looking bar. With a quick glance around, the birthday boy determined they were in Ikebukuro.

'This just got much more interesting.' The informant thought almost gleefully, having a certain blonde haired monster in mind. He could still taste their last encounter on his tongue, could still feel those hands encircling his waist.

The trio exited the car and sauntered into the small, discreet building. Celty had insisted on coming only so one of them didn't attempt to drive afterward. She didn't have to worry about drinking too much, or at all , for obvious reasons.

They seated themselves comfortably in front of the bartender, surveying his various drinks.

*-A little bit later-*

Izaya leaned against the bar, watching his drunken friend attempt to uphold a conversation with a poor soul that had happened to walk by. Izaya could hold his liquor pretty well, actually. Unfortunately, Shinra was the opposite. The considerably more sober friend wasn't sure wether to be amused or disgruntled.

He glanced idly around the small tavern of a place. His eyes kept straying to one place by the stairs- was that a familiar blonde head of hair, or was he imagining it? The man moved his head a little, and it was all the confirmation he needed.

Seeing as how Celty was occupied with the drunken doctor, he got up and sashayed on over there.

Shizuo seemed a bit disoriented, but so far not totally wasted. Then again, it was always hard to tell with brutes like him.

"Izaya…kun..?" He asked, slurring only slightly.

"Oh Shizu-Chan, I'm overjoyed that you came to my little birthday celebration~"

"Uh, yeah. Happy Birthday." He didn't have any idea it was the flea's birthday, but at times like this it was best to play along.

"So where's my present?" Said flea teased, a smirk easily playing over his features.

"Isn't it enough that I'm here?"

"Tch, cheap…But I guess it'll do. For now." He said, sighing a tad to dramatically for the situation.

"Whadya mean for n- " Shizuo began, but was cut off when a familiar taste was on his tongue- sweet as pocky.

Izaya had taken the opportunity as soon as it presented itself to capture the other's mouth. He pressed his prey against the wall, using the element of surprise to do so. Feeling a little infuriated at the slight height difference, he stood on the step directly behind him in order to compensate for it.

The kisses were on the verge of sloppy, Izaya being a little more worried about his own pleasure than Shizuo's. However, this suited the blonde just fine. Seeing the informant take on such a dominant role was strangely invigorating. He relaxed, letting his mouth be ravaged and chest explored by eager hands. He groaned as a nipple was tweaked, trying very hard not to do anything that would leave him kissing a corpse.

"Ooooh…" The ex-bartender let out a breathy moan (One that he would be denying later), when his attacker moved to bite his collarbone.

"Care to give me my real present now?" Izaya smirked, a glint of lust in his eyes.


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