Hi, TotalDrama612 here. It's been over a year since I posted my fanfiction, Total Drama Finish. Now I'm back and have decided to write my own version of the new season, Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. I love the show so far, but I thought I would write it my own way. Also, I will be using some of the challenges they do in the actual show. I will try to post an "episode" every day, but some may take a little longer or I may be busy, so I can't say for sure that there will be one every day.

Reminder: I do not own Total Drama, or any of its awesome characters.

Chris McLean stood on a beat up and broken dock.

Chris: Hello, and welcome to season four of Total Drama! This season, thirteen brand new competitors will battle it out here at good ol' Camp Wawanakwa for one million dollars! While one lucky teen will get to claim that prize, the rest will face elimination, and a new favorite of mine, the Hurl of Shame! This is sure to be one action-packed season, so keep it right here for Total Drama: Revenge of the Island!

Episode 1: Welcome to Camp Radioactive

A large boat pulled up to the rickety dock. The first new camper to step off was Jo, the tough jock-ette.

Chris: Hey there Jo, welcome to Camp Wawanakwa!

Jo: Wonderful, now get out of my way.

Chris: Sheesh, just trying to be friendly and welcoming.

As Jo rolled her eyes, Cameron—the bubble boy—was thrown off the boat and landed on the dock in front of them.

Cameron: Oh…

Chris: Cameron, welcome!

Cameron: Ugh, I think this was a bad idea. I want to go home!

Jo: Huh, seriously. You don't actually think you can beat me, do you toothpick?

As Cameron stood up, he gave Jo a look of defiance.

Cameron: Why not? I have just as much of a chance of winning as you do!

Jo: Yeah, you just keep telling yourself that.

Chris: Wow, we've got a feud already, I love it!

The next camper marched off the boat and gave them a salute. It was Brick, the military cadet.

Brick: Private Brick McArthur, reporting for duty!

Chris: At ease, soldier.

Brick walked over and stood next to Jo.

Brick: And how are you today, ma'am?

Jo immediately pushed him away with a glare.

Jo: Do not try to sweet talk me, got it?

Brick: Ah, okay, sorry. I was just-

Jo: Save it, corporal lunkhead.

Cameron: Hey, he was just trying to be nice. You could try acting nice too you know.

Jo: Don't think so. I'm not here to be nice, I'm here to win.

Just then, tan Italian girl Anne Maria walked onto the dock.

Chris: What's up, Anne Maria?

Anne Maria: Nothin' much. This where we stayin'?

Chris: Sure is.

Anne Maria joined the other three campers. She whipped out a can of hairspray and started spraying her hair all over. This caused the others to cough.

Cameron: Ack, my lungs! They burn!

Anne Maria: Sorry 'bout that, four-eyes.

Jo: Put that thing away!

Anne Maria: Can't, I need it.

Brick: Why?

Anne Maria: Well come on, this hair doesn't stay lookin' this good by itself!

Cameron: If you don't mind my input, using that much chemical on your hair isn't healthy.

Anne Maria: Whateva.

As she continued to spray, the next contestant got off the boat. It was Zoey, the indie girl.

Zoey: Ah, hi everyone.

Brick: Hello, ma'am.

He gave a salute, and Cameron waved. Anne Maria continued to spray her hair, and Jo just glared.

Chris: Welcome to Camp Wawanakwa, Zoey!

Zoey: Gee, thanks.

She stood between Brick and Cameron. Shortly after, Mike stepped onto the dock.

Zoey: Hey Mike!

Mike: There you are Zoey!

He joined her and the others.

Chris: I see you two have already met.

Mike: Yeah, we were talking on the boat.

He then looked at Zoey and smiled, which she returned.

Jo: Oh great, we've got the lovers over here.

Suddenly Mike and Zoey turned away from each other, embarrassed.

Zoey: We're just friends!

Jo: Whatever you say.

Chris: Yes, well. Not that I don't love the drama, because I really do, but could we please save this for after everybody gets settled in?

None of the campers said anything.

Chris: Good. Now, the six of you will be our first team, known as the Mutant Maggots.

Cameron: Mutant maggots?

Chris: Yes Cameron, that's what I said.

Just then, Dawn the moonchild stepped softly onto the dock behind Chris.

Chris: So, that means that the rest-

Dawn: Greetings.

Chris jumped a mile and turned around to see the short, pale blond girl.

Chris: Holy crap, you scared me!

Dawn: Sorry.

Chris then, remembering he was on camera, stood up straight and continued as if nothing had happened.

Chris: Okay Dawn, please stand over here. You're the first member of team two!

Dawn walked over and stood a little ways a way from the six Mutant Maggots. As usual, Brick gave a salute.

Jo: Oh would you cut that out? She's not even on our team!

Brick: So what?

Jo: So what? We're competing against her!

Dawn: Actually, we're all competing against each other no matter what team we're on, aren't we?

Jo whipped around and got in Dawn's face.

Jo: Don't you correct me, you little weirdo!

Dawn: Your aura tells me that you are a competitive person.

Jo: Aura? What are you talking about?

Dawn: I can read people's auras, and-

Jo: Oh, just shut up!

Zoey: Hey, that wasn't nice!

Mike: Seriously Jo, lay off.

Jo: Don't tell me what to do!

She grabbed Anne Maria's hairspray and tossed it at Mike.

Anne Maria: Hey!

Dawn: I'm sensing negative energy.

Mike: Ow!

Just then, Mike gasped and hunched over. His face became scrunched up, as if he were elderly.

Zoey: Oh my gosh Mike, are you alright?

Chester: Why you whippersnapper! In my day, we didn't throw cans at people all willy-nilly!

The others looked at him, confused.

Jo: What?

Zoey: Mike, what's wrong?

Chester: Stop calling me Mike, missy! My name is Chester!

Anne Maria: What are you talkin' 'bout?

Suddenly, Mike gasped again and returned to normal. Cameron eyed him suspiciously.

Zoey: Mike, what was that all about?

Mike: What was what all about?

Brick: Your old man impression.

Mike: Oh, that! Ah, yeah, that was Chester. He's just one of my impressions that I do!

Zoey: Oh, okay. Well it was pretty cool, you were really convincing.

Mike: Ah, gee, thanks Zoey. Heh heh.

As the commotion on the dock died down, B, the large and silent genius, joined them.

Chris: Hey B, what's happening?

B simply smiled and waved.

Chris: You can join Dawn over there.

As B stood next to her, Dawn put her hand on his arm.

Dawn: Greetings, B. Your aura says that you don't talk.

B just gave her a thumbs-up.

Soon they were joined by Dakota, the rich fame-monger.

Chris: Welcome, Dakota! Is everything to your liking?

Dakota lifted her sunglasses, looking from the broken dock, to the other campers, and to the campground behind them.

Dakota: Well, not really, but I'm fine as long as I get on camera.

Chris: In that case, don't worry, you'll get all the camera time you want.

Dakota: Yay!

She ran over to join B and Dawn.

Dakota: Are you guys, like, my teammates?

Dawn: Yes, we are.

Jo looked over and laughed.

Jo: Wow, some team you've got over there!

Dakota: Hey, leave us alone!

Zoey: Don't mind Jo, she just does that.

Suddenly, extremely athletic Lightning jumped off the boat and landed in front of them.

Lightning: Sha-bam! The Lightning has arrived!

Chris: Lightning, what's up?

Lightning: What's up? Winning, that's what's up! Lightning's ready to win this thing!

Chris: Glad that you're so enthusiastic, now stand with your teammates.

Lightning: Teammates? Lightning doesn't need no teammates!

Chris: Yeah, well you've got 'em, so deal.

Lightning looked at Dawn, B, and Dakota.

Lightning: This is Lightning's team?

Chris: Uh-huh. Now if you don't mind, I'd like to-

Lightning: Man, this stinks!

Dakota: You know what else stinks? Your attitude! Now stop hogging the camera!

As Lightning shot her a glare, Dawn came up behind him.

Dawn: Your aura is pretty clear. You are a very loud, rude person, aren't you?

Lightning: What? Lightning's not loud, or rude!

Dawn: Your aura tells me otherwise.

B silently laughed to himself as Lightning walked away from Dawn, muttering under his breath. Right after, Scott walked off the boat with a scowl on his face.

Chris: Hey Scott, welcome to-

Scott: Save the introduction, McLean.

He walked over and eyed the other teens suspiciously.

Dawn: Greetings.

Scott: Hey.

Dawn: We're your teammates.

Scott: That's… great.

Dakota: Yeah, but just warning you now, I'm the star!

Scott: Ah, right…

Jo looked over at the other team.

Jo: Hey, where'd you come from, the trailer park?

Scott didn't respond, but instead just glared in her direction. Lightning looked at Dawn.

Lightning: See creepy girl, that guy over there is rude, Lightning isn't!

Dawn: Jo is a girl.

Lightning: Huh?

The campers then turned back to the boat when they heard music and a series of beeps. Sam, the gamer, had stepped onto the dock playing his Nintendo 3DS. He was completely engulfed in it.

Chris: Hey there, Sam.

Sam: Hey, how's it- yes! New high score!

Chris: That's great, but why don't you just stand over there with your team?

Sam: Sure thing.

He walked over and stood next to B, who tapped him on the shoulder and pointed at the 3DS.

Sam: Huh?

Dawn: He wants to know what videogame you're playing.

Sam: Oh, just a little Super Mario 3D Land. It's pretty awesome, and addicting.

B nodded.

Sam: I guess you don't talk much, huh?

Dawn: B doesn't talk; it's just the way he is. His aura is pretty clear about it.

B just shrugged and nodded. He then pointed to the 3DS again, and then to himself.

Sam: You wanna try? Sure thing, man.

As he handed B the console, he looked and saw Dakota putting on lip gloss. He hadn't noticed her on the boat, as he was too busy playing Mario.

Sam: Whoa…

Dakota noticed that Sam was staring at her.

Dakota: Uh, hi. Can I help you?

Sam: Uh…

Drool began to come out of his open mouth, and Dawn wiped it away with a tissue.

Sam: I'm Sam.

Dakota: Oh, nice to meet you, I'm Dakota.

Sam: Dakota… I like that name.

Dakota: Gee, thanks.

Chris was now clearly annoyed.

Chris: Okay, we should have been finished with the introductions a long time ago. Just look at how much time we've wasted!

Mike: But isn't all this good for ratings?

Chris: Zip it, I'll decide what's good for ratings, thank you very much.

Zoey: Well we must be finished by now; there are six of us on each team.

Chris: Not so fast. We still have one more camper.

The twelve teens on the dock looked at each other, confused.

Chris: Staci, come on!

Suddenly Staci, the really annoying liar, joined them on the dock, and the boat finally left.

Staci: Hey everyone! Wow, I really like this dock. Did you know that my great great great grandfather invented docks? Yeah, before him, boats had no where to go.

Chris: What are you talking about?

Staci: The invention of docks of course! Hey, did you know that my great great-

Jo: So what team is she on?

Chris: I don't know, who wants her?

No one said anything.

Chris: Well, I guess she'll just have to join team two, which will now be know as the Toxic Rats, by the way.

The Rats groaned as Staci ran over to them and continued to ramble about her made up stories.

Chris: Okay, finally we're done! That took way too long! Now, if you'll all just follow me, I'll show you to your cabins.

The thirteen campers followed Chris onto the campground, where they saw two identical cabins across from each other.

Chris: Each cabin has a girls side, and a guys side. Rats will take the cabin on the left, and the Maggots get the one on the right.

Cameron noticed the main lodge.

Cameron: Is that where we'll be eating?

Chris: Sure is. There, Chef Hatchet will cook you up delicious and nutritious grub for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also, we have the outhouse confessional. Feel free to go in there at any time and air your dirty laundry.


Cameron: So, first confessional of the season. Wow, as scary as being here is, it's kind of exciting. I think I might be able to win this, no matter what Jo says.

Zoey: Oh, this is so exciting! I loved watching Total Drama, and now, here I am! I'm so glad I met Mike. He's just so great, and honestly, it's good to have a friend. I never really had many friends… okay, I've never had any friends before.

Scott: Huh, by the looks of it, these losers won't know what hit 'em when I take them all down. This'll be as easy as taking candy from a baby…. or, a bunch of babies… or whatever.


The campers began to settle in to the cabins. On the girls' side of the Maggots' cabin, Jo had taken the top bunk on the left.

Jo: This is my bed, deal with it.

Anne Maria: Fine, whateva, but I get the otha top bunk.

Zoey: Why?

Anne Maria: Because! My perfect hair has to be elevated, duh!

As Anne Maria threw her bag on the top right bunk, Zoey decided to take the bed under Jo's.

Jo: What do you think you're doing?

Zoey: Just taking a bed, that's all.

Jo: Nuh-uh, I don't think so. Go sleep on spray head's side.

Zoey: Ah, okay, but-

Anne Maria: No way, why has she gotta sleep ova here?

Jo: Because, I said so.

Anne Maria: Well I don't want her!

Jo: Neither do I!

Zoey just looked at the floor sadly, wishing that she could be with Mike right now.


Zoey: It's just like at school. No one wants me.


On the guys' side, the three guys had no quarrels about the sleeping arrangements. Cameron pulled out a sleeping bag and put it on his bed, while Brick plugged in a nightlight next to his.

Brick: This will fend off the dark.

Mike: Hey Cam, what's the sleeping bag for?

Cameron: Well, this is the first time I'll be sleeping away from home, away from my bubble. I figured it would be safer to curl up inside my sleeping bag.

Brick: Be careful, it'll be dark in there!

The guys then heard shouting from the girls on the other side of the wall.

Cameron: What's going on in there?

Mike: I don't know, but I hope Zoey is okay.

Across the way in the Rats' cabin, Dawn and Dakota were being forced to listen to Staci's tall tales.

Dakota: Ugh, make it stop, make it stop!

Dawn: I wish I could, but I sense that these horrors will continue.

Staci: Yeah, and my great great uncle Billy invented toilet seats! Before him, people always fell in!

Dakota: Stop!

As Staci droned on, Dawn managed to slip away. She went next door to see what the guys were doing. When she looked inside, she saw Scott giving the others a lecture.

Scott: So, this is my bed. The rest of you can take whichever ones you want, I really don't care.

Lightning: Man, who put you in charge?

Scott: I did, so deal with it. I'm the one who'll be leading our team to victory, just you wait.

Sam: Sure, I'm cool with that. What about you, B?

B just shrugged and nodded.

Scott: Good, I thought we'd see eye to eye.

He then turned towards the door, but Dawn managed to sneak out of the way before he could spot her.


Dawn: I sense a lot of negative energy within Scott. It troubles me, but I hope that I may be able to help him conquer the evils inside of him.


Chris stood outside, in between both cabins.

Chris: All right, let's go everyone!

The thirteen campers emerged from the cabins and congregated in front of Chris.

Chris: Before we go to the main lodge for lunch, I thought I would just mention one more thing. I hid a wooden carving of my head somewhere on the island, and the camper that manages to find it will be safe for one elimination ceremony, if they get voted off.

Jo: That stupid head could be anywhere!

Mike: Yeah, how are we supposed to find it?

Chris: Ah, hello, it's supposed to be hard. Duh. Now, time's a wastin', let's go eat!

As the contestants headed to the main lodge, Chris turned to face the cameras.

Chris: So, what did you think of the new cast? Tune in next time to see them take on their first challenge, and see who's first to take the Hurl of Shame, right here, on Total Drama: Revenge of the Island!

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