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Old Friends ~Chapter 1~

Thoughts have been floating in my mind as I lay on my bed upside down, things have been weird, like for one Cronus hasn't been seen or heard from for a month or so. That has been driving Jay up the wall as he is still currently pacing his room, not even Theresa can get him to get out of the house on a date.

"Atlanta, you ready?", said Archie as he popped his head through my door.

Let me fill you in. Jay and Theresa have been getting super close lately and they started dating after the prophecy was fulfilled. Since it was fulfilled, we stayed and still fight Cronus, but this time we don't know if we will be successful, for all we know Cronus could kill us all. Why we stayed? We decided we wanted to defeat Cronus once and for all, so no more destrustion would happen. Call us crazy? Most people would.

"Yea I guess, I was thinking though we should take Theresa and Jay with us, he hasn't been out of the Brownstone for awhile and Theresa would like it.", I said while pulling myself off the bed.

"Okay I will, but I am going to have a hell of a time convincing him", Archie said with a laugh.

"Just tell him that if he doesn't come then Neil will go with Theresa".

"Ohhh your mean, I like it!", Archie said with a devilish smile. He walked over to me and put his arms around my waist and pulled me into a kiss. I pulled away and smiled, " We better go if were going to make the movie."

"Okay I will go get Jay", he said walking away dramatically. Ohh yeah did I mention Archie and I are dating, and it couldn't be more perfect.

Theresa wasn't hard to find as she was watching Odie and Herry playing video games and sitting with Neil on the couch. "Theresa were going on a double date, come on!", I said while pulling her off the couch.

"Odie, you and me need to find some girls.", Herry stated while kicking his butt in the video game.

"Umm no I am fine with computers", Odie said sounding a little surprised that Herry would say that.

"Hey can you guys tell Jay and Archie were waiting in the vehicle please?", Theresa stated nicely. Herry mumbled somthing that sounded like a yes so we walked outside that lead to her red convertible.

"Hopefully Archie can convince Jay...", Theresa said starting to get a little worried.

"I am sure he will", I stated while thinking about my idea on how to convince Jay.

"Did you hear that?", Theresa asked as we heard a loud crashing sound like a window broke.

"I think it is coming from that ally!", we started running over to the back alley that wasn't far.

We stood at the end and at first didn't see anything due to the darkness that the high buildings provided.

"Well, well, well, I didn't think you would come Atlanta", said a mystery voice that slowly brought up the images of him in my mind.

A dark figure started walking closer and it was someone who I never wanted to see ever again..

"Atlanta, is that Pan?", said the worried Theresa beside me.

I slowly nodded me head yes...

Well this is short, I know but I wanted to leave you guys hanging for more! I hope people like it and you can be expecting more soon! :)