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Herry finally sat up after however long he was out for, his head was pounding and felt a lump already forming. Finally his memorys came flooding back into his mind starting with Atlanta.

Herry's head shot up and saw Atlanta passed out draped across the tile floor, Herry instantly forgot about his headache and ran over to hear and checked a heartbeat, there was one but faint. He picked her up and quickly bolted to Hera's office making sure to not hurt the fragile body of his friend.

He finally came across the office and bolted in making Hera gasp.

"Hera, I think it is happening!"

~~~~~~~~ 1 Hour Later ~~~~~~~~

"Wait so go over this again." Jay said starting to get frustrated as all 6 teenagers stood.

"I went to use the washroom and as I walked in the hall, Atlanta was holding Andrew in the air with one fist, she threw him at me, I told him to run. Then she came at me and punched me out! The scary thing was her eyes were pure black." Herry said still bewildered by the past occurence.

"Do you think Cronus is planning now?" Theresa asked Hera.

"I am not sure Theresa but there is a chance of that." Hera said with her face in her one palm of her hand.

"She is asleep now, she should be fine." Chiron said walking through the pale white doors leading to everyone.

"Can we see her?" Archie said hopeful since he hasn't been allowed to see her yet.

"When she wakes you may." Chiron said then started walking away again, "I will tell you when she is awake."

As Chiron's tail dissapeared through the door Archie spoke up again, "I just want to see her!".

"It is okay Archie, for now you can look at me!" Neil spoke up and everyone sighed at his remark.

"We have to be serious! How can we stop Cronus?" Jay said exasperated.

"Maybe I can get into her head right now as she sleeps?" Theresa offered nicely.

"Great idea Theresa! Go do that and tell Chiron, that I give permission." Hera said waving towards the doors.

Theresa nodded her head and walked off to Chiron's office where Atlanta lay sound asleep.

As Theresa told Chiron what she was going to do, she kneeled in front of Atlanta bracing herself for whatever her mind was holding. She laid her hand across Atlanta's pale forehead, and instantly saw things she didn't want to see.

There was Atlanta, standing next to Cronus and they were in what looked to be the forest on the outskirts of town. It was dark like midnight and the moon was full in the sky, and Atlanta, she was crying, Cronus telling her things. Theresa couldn't hear though, wait Cronus knows that I am here!

Theresa instantly lifted her hand and disconnected right as Cronus looked her in the eyes knowing that Theresa was there seeing it.

"Hhhee_llpp" Atlanta mumbled in her sleep. Theresa quickly stood up and bolted towards Chiron, "Chiron! We have to wake her, Cronus is approaching her in her sleep!"

"Ohh no, quick go get the others!" Chiron said then ran over to Atlanta to wake her.

Theresa sprinted as fast as she could towards the others who waited patiently in the other room. As she approached she said, "Guys, this isn't good! Come on!".

Everyone hurried towards the office and as they approached Atlanta bolted up and immediatly burst into a river of tears.

Archie ran to her side to comfort her as she held him not planning on letting go and embracing him in a hug.

"Atlanta what happened?" Jay asked while the others awaited her answer to why the emergency.

"He was there, in my dreams! He told me things, he even hurt me! It felt so real and I feel as if it was real, and the things he told me I was going to do! It is horrible!" Atlanta cried leaving her friends astounded at what happened.

"It is real sadly. I didn't hear what he was saying but it is real all right, he even looked at me before I disconnected." Theresa said then stepping closer to Jay as he put his arm around her.

"I think I know when it is going to happen too..." Atlanta said looking down and wiping the tears off her pale face.

"When?" Archie said letting go and taking her hands and looking her in the eyes.

"The next full moon... I think and in a forest or somthing! That is were Cronus and I were standing!" Atlanta said looking around at everyone.

"That is in 2 nights." Hera said looking down trying to hide her fear.

"What are we going to do?" Atlanta said while her voice squeaked quietly.

"The best bet is to wait and prepare for ourselves. We don't know what is going to happen or what Cronus is going to do..." Jay said sadly looking down and holding on to Theresa.

Atlanta slowly slouched and started choking back the tears as she once again embraced Archie.


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