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"Come on," I said. "Let me introduce you to my other family."

The warship was getting really close now, so my ADHD was obviously acting up, making those last few minutes before I saw Annabeth seem like forever. I looked at it closely then realized that that the masthead was the head of the automaton dragon Beckendorf and I had tried to control….. The ship landed with a THUD. Finally, I thought. I get to see Annabeth!


'Percy' I thought so intensely I thought my head would explode. But being a child of Athena, I was used to thinking and feeling like this. What if he doesn't remember me? What if he has another girlfriend? STOP IT, I screamed at myself. You'll drive yourself crazy thinking like that. I decided to walk around the ship to try and clear my head.

The Roman Camp was now coming into view, and what I saw took my breath away. The Camp was huge, and its architecture- wow! There was a city in the center of the camp, which looked like a mini Ancient Rome. If only Camp Half Blood had such magnificent buildings and statues.

I noticed Jason standing by Festus the masthead, and I walked over to him.

He was leaning over the ship maybe a little too far and he was tapping his head as if he wanted his memories to come back faster. He glanced over at me, as if he knew I was torturing myself by thinking of Percy, and all the outcomes we could possibly have when landing at the Roman Camp.

"Hey Annabeth, chill. We'll be there really soon." Jason said.

As if on cue, Leo's voice started blaring from the loudspeaker "This is Supreme Commander of the Argo II, we'll be arriving in about two minutes."

Jason pointed like, 'See'. Piper walked up to me and said, "You're thinking about him, right?"

I sighed, because as cool as it was to have a friend to comfort me about Percy; it was somewhat annoying that being the daughter of Aphrodite, she could practically read my mind. I nodded.

"Annabeth, breathe. You'll see him soon, actually in about one minute."

When she said that, I had a serious case of "OH MY GODS IM GOING TO SEE MY BOYFRIEND WHO I HAVEN'T SEEN IN EIGHT MONTHS" type of hyperventilation. THUD. The ship (at last) landed. I looked over at Piper who mouthed, "You ready?", and I nodded.

Leo placed a ladder under the bottom deck, and Jason, Piper and I headed towards him. Jason climbed off the ladder fairly quickly, and Piper followed him. I glanced over the side of the ship, and saw an enormous crowd gathered at the base of the ship.

Jason and Piper were going off the ship first, because the Romans would actually recognize him. Piper, of course, was because of her charmspeaking. They were soon standing at the bottom, and I heard some gasping, (the Romans no doubt) when the crowd saw him and Piper.

I walked over to the edge of the ship and climbed down the ladder.

"Hi Romans…"

I heard Jason say, but I wasn't listening. I was scanning the crowd of people, looking for the person I needed most. My beloved boyfriend... wow I sound like a distraught, love-struck Aphrodite girl.

He was in the front of the crowd, next to a girl who looked thirteen years old, and a Chinese guy. Percy had grown at least six inches, and his raven black hair looked even messier than before. His beautiful green eyes were stern, none like the goofy sixteen year old he was before. He was listening to Jason's speech, but he looked insanely uncomfortable in his purple toga. His ADHD was actually under control. When did that happen? The only thing I could do is hope some of the Percy I know and love was still there. I kept staring at him until I just couldn't take it anymore; I sprinted forward, and tackled him to the ground.

"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN THE PAST EIGHT MONTHS?" I yelled absolutely furious.


"Oh my gods Percy, I'm so sorry I—"

He interrupted me by grabbing my face tenderly and kissing me. His lips moving in sync with mine, our hands tangled in each other's hair… This moment was so perfect, so right until he had to end it, because we were making too much of a scene. Normally, I would never launch into a full make out session with a bunch of people around, but I couldn't help it, I had missed him so much… He hugged me fiercely letting me know that now that he had me in his arms, he would never let me go.

"I've missed you so much, Wise Girl." Percy said, his eyes staring into mine with the most love he had ever looked at me with. I replied, "I have too. You'll never know how hard these past months have been for me. I love you, Seaweed Brain."

"I love you too." He said.

My ADHD took over, "Why are you wearing a toga?" I asked.

Percy groaned, clearly he didn't like wearing it.

"Yes, anyway, we'll have a Senate meeting in 20 minutes." Said a girl who looked strikingly familiar.

"Reyna! Come here. I want to introduce you to my girlfriend." Percy said.

"Hi, I'm Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena or as you would call her, Minerva." I said.

"I am Reyna, daughter of Bellona and praetor of the Twelfth legion."

"Have we met before, I feel like I've seen you somewhere…"

Reyna's eyes flashed murderously. Percy leaned in to remind me of how Reyna's sister Hylla had been the girl who took us to Circe in the Sea of Monsters.

I suddenly had a flashback of a dark- haired girl in a white dress inviting us to stay on the island.

"Oh my gods, Reyna, I'm so sorry."

"It's fine, if you hadn't done that then I would've never gotten to get to Camp Jupiter and become praetor so I suppose I should thank you."

"Yes, well your welcome." I said sort of awkwardly.

Reyna turned and walked away.

Jason had been talking with Piper and Leo, but was about to go and talk to his Roman friends, when he saw me looking at him expectantly.

Piper was looking at Percy, who was glancing back at her and Leo curiously.

They started to walk towards us (well, Leo was sort of bouncing, I had told him all about Percy's adventures, so Percy is now Leo's role model.) Jason stepped forward.

"I'm Jason Grace, slayer of Krios, son of Jupiter." He shook hands with Percy, seeming a bit nervous for some reason.

"Percy Jackson, slayer of Kronos, Son of Poseidon, and Seaweed Brain." (A/N: I had to say that :D) Percy said while grinning at me.

Percy turned to Piper and Leo. "I'm sorry; I don't know either of you."

"I'm Piper McLean, charmspeaker, and Daughter of Aphrodite. I've heard a lot about you," Piper said while smiling slyly.

"Oh really?" Percy said.

"Yeah, yeah, don't get an even bigger ego," I teased him.

"Leo Valdez, fire user, and son of Hephaestus." Leo said excitedly.

"Nice to meet both of you, now Annabeth and I have to get going, see you around." Percy said, and dragged me off to some random place. I had just enough time to see Piper grin knowingly, and Leo snicker. Jason looked bored, like always.

Then, as Percy was about to speak, the girl that had been next to Percy in the crowd came up to us, arm in arm with the Chinese guy whose face looked like a baby's. The girl had curly brown hair and startling golden eyes.

"Percy will you please introduce us to your girlfriend?" the girl asked.

"Guys please my toga's about to slip." Percy groaned.

"No, no, no Percy. I want to know who your friends are!" I said mischievously.

He groaned yet again, and I flashed him an evil smile and so did the other girl.

"Okay, I can't say no to my extremely dangerous and beautiful girlfriend."

I beamed at him, pleased. "Annabeth, Hazel." He said.

Hazel grinned at me and I did the same. "So who's your parent?" I asked.

"Pluto...Sorry Hades. This is my boyfriend, Frank."

Frank nodded at me. "I'm a son of Mars."

I looked at Percy, he nodded, too like he got that never in a million years would I expect Frank to be a son of Ares. "Okay, it was great meeting you; we'll leave you two alone." Hazel said kindly, and I shot her a glance that said thanks.

"See you later Percy and Annabeth." Frank said.

"Bye." I quickly said.

Percy turned to me. He flashed me the smile that always managed to melt my heart. "So Wise Girl what do you want to do next, after I change into some real clothes?"

"I don't know, you tell me."

"Back in a flash." He grinned at me. Finally I had the one thing I wanted and needed most in the world… My Seaweed Brain.

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