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A deep growly voice answered, "We can help with that."

Holy mother of the gods, Darth Vader strikes again!

It's not Darth Vader, stupid. I think these are the giants who finally came to us instead of us coming to them! Piper yelled in my mind with an annoyed tone.

Gosh, Beauty Queen, I was just trying to lighten the mood! I muttered.

By thinking? I could practically hear her rolling her eyes.

I dissolved the connection between mine and Piper's thoughts, because I could not take being yelled at mentally. Humph.

Anyway, I could almost see the gears turning in Annabeth's mind. They went something like this: Holy Zeus, the giants found us! Damn, now I have to burn through Rome, etc.

Yeah, I'm feeling quite random today.

Thalia flipped in the air and landed with her bow in her hand. That's still as impressive as it was eight months ago.

Nico drew his Stygian iron sword, and looked quite menacing while doing that. The rest of us drew our weapons as well, and I could tell that this might be our last battle. Might as well make it count.

Time to make our legend. The Seven Heroes did the impossible: closed the Doors of Death, and defeated the Earth goddess and her army.

Hey, Owl- Head, how are we supposed to get the supreme beings of above to help us? I asked in a sarcastic tone.

First off, don't call me that, and second, we should be able to convince them by closing the doors.

How wonderful. Now I have to figure out how to make a fire resistant bubble to make when Annabeth becomes the fire of Athena.

Just imagine your friends perfectly fine with a raging fire all around them, which should do the trick. Hephaestus spoke kindly in my mind.

I silently thanked my dad and the other gods, and glanced at Reyna, who was clutching my arm and looking forward fearlessly. I wondered how she could be so calm in the face of our destruction. But then again, her mother was the goddess of war, so she would be calm in the eerie silence of the beginning of the War.

"Is that so?" I was startled when I heard Hazel speak in such a cold, harsh tone that was filled with hatred. Hazel may be a daughter of Pluto, but she's one of the nicest people I've ever met. That's why I was so surprised when I heard her speak that way.

"Yes. Be afraid, puny demigods. Mother Gaea has many tortures planned for you."

"But she's dead," Piper pointed out.

Porphryion laughed cruelly.

"No, the Mark of Athena merely delayed her plans," He finally emerged from the shadow, and his face was more horrible than ever; he was clad in bronze armor, and he was smirking when he gestured to his army. There were nine giants standing behind him. The only giant I recognized was the Anti-Aphrodite, and that was because she was way more beautiful than the others and she had this sort of powerful vibe to her.

"Her name is Annabeth." Percy spat at Porphryion, who merely raised an eyebrow, and looked to his comrades.

"Oh, yes, we know your little girlfriend's name."

Annabeth practically exploded in rage, and she almost threw her knife at all of the giants, but Percy and Jason had to hold her back.

"So where are the Doors-"I was interrupted because suddenly the floor of the Argo II disappeared, and we were standing in the Basilica Nova in Ancient Rome.

Annabeth was gawking at all the gateways and arches of the Nova, and she practically died when she realized we had been transported to the site of the Doors of Death.

"How dare you infiltrate one of the greatest Architecture sites of all time with your Doors of Death? Not to mention that this place is sacred to the roman form of my mother, Minerva?"

"Don't you think we know who this place is sacred to?" The Anti- Hera said in an extremely annoyed tone.

"Well, we thought that you didn't care," Frank said with just as much ice in his tone as Hazel.

"You're damn right we don't care," The Anti-Apollo exclaimed.

The other giants roared in agreement, and the sound echoed all around the Nova.

The ADHD part of me wondered if the mortals who lived here were either slaughtered by the giants, or hiding in their homes. I felt a strange urge to go and help the townspeople.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Annabeth and Piper turn invisible, but the giants were too busy arguing to notice what happened. Before they turned invisible, Piper mouthed, distract them! Annabeth and I will close the doors.

Well, this was a battle I'd easily win. Prepare to be annoyed by the great Leo Valdez!


I reached down into the pockets of my cutoff shorts and was glad to see that my Yankee's cap was safely stored there.

I put it on, and then sent a mind message to Piper: Hey, I'm going to turn you invisible, but you and I can still see each other, but you have to mouth to Leo to distract the giants while you and I close the doors.

Piper nodded in my direction, and did as told.

I closed my eyes and focused on turning Piper invisible.

I also sent a mind message to Percy: Piper and I are invisible; could you please cover for us? We're going to try and close the doors. No matter what happens, remember I love you.

It nearly broke my heart, saying that last sentence to Percy.

But I had a job to do. Nothing could distract me right now.

Instinctively, I knew Piper and I were the ones who had to close the doors. It made the most sense, since the last line of the prophecy said: And foes bear arms to the doors of Death.

I was the champion of Athena, and Piper had once upon a time been Gaea, so in a strange way, we were enemies.

I gestured to Piper, and quietly moved along the floor to find the trapdoor to the place where the Ancient Romans had kept the supplies for their plays and performances.

I also knew the doors would be underground, since it was closest to the Heart of The Earth. Finally, my hand found the tiny flap and I quickly and quietly flipped it open. It was just big enough in space so that Piper and I would be able to fit through it.

Once inside, I glanced around the dusty space, and the one thing that caught my eye was a hole that was rapidly expanding and was glowing a fiery red.

"That hole is the Doors of Death? Shouldn't there be more holes, then?" As soon as she said this, two more holes started to grow until they were as tall as both of us.

Next to me, Piper stiffened. A green mist flowed out of her, and it formed the body of a goddess. A certain evil goddess.
"Welcome demigods, to your doom."

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