Fury of the Uzumaki

Chapter: 2

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No matter what happens, Naruto doesn't turn into a Sasuke overnight and
especially because some old cunts didn't tell him of his ancestry. "Hatake, I'll be seeking vengeance" LMAO.(even though I'm making a reference to this in my response I'm sorry I have to say if you're going to quote my words quote them right the line is "I'll see vengeance and justice one day soon.")

And hello? Uzumaki were lied to about Naruto? Then were (I think you mean where but I'm not sure want to get back to me on that?) did they think the
Kyuubi went? Assuming they weren't destroyed by the time Minato is Hokage,
they would know Kushina is the jinchuuriki, hell she'd tell em. So if Naruto
died, where did Kyuubi go, take a nap? You don't hide a jinchuuriki from an
ally village whose symbols you've been wearing for the last 50 years.

You're so pathetic you can't even spell Namikaze. Nam - i - kaze.

I started laughing when you pulled the evil council card. It's fucking
retarded AND overdone. And it's COUNCIL you ignorant fuck. English isn't even
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First of frae I didn't turn Naruto into a Sasuke overnight, if you read the line correctly instead of taking my words out of context you would see that the line is "I'll see vengeance and justice one day soon." To my knowledge Naruto is a prankster at hear so I don't know maybe just maybe justice and vengeance could take form that way but that's for the author to decide not for you to Ass? U? me? (like my word play there?)What form that will take is for me to decide, however there is still the matter that I have not done a full back story. While it may seem like I have holes in my tale so far it is done intentionally for the sake of because I fucking can.

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What an amazing start to what can be an amazing story. Kushina alive. That's a plus. Kushina with two other kids...that is a minus. Kushina not being a kage because of her nature. That's a plus. Naruto found out about his heritage
outside of Konoha. That is a plus. His slight disdain for Konoha while still
holding a degree of affection to those in Konoha that helped him. That is a
plus. Council bashing? It's incredibly over played and has been done a million times. That is a plus and minus at the same time. The minus comes from a lack of detail. The plus is the council's outrage at not being able to target
Naruto. I could say more, but I won't because it's the first chapter. All I
can say is that I love the way you've started off. Thank you for your hard
work and I can't wait for the next chappy.

ChoppedHige I thank you for a review that at least points out several key points of the first chapter. As I stated earlier this will not follow the standard formula for Naruto fan fictions it will weave in and out mixing events from the manga with others of my own design. Naruto's disdain for the villagers is born more from a background that I will be one of the major plot points of the story but like you said he also keeps a certain affection to those who helped him or cared for him. Again I thank you for your review and I hope that I can make this a fic you won't soon forget.

Hollyshortfowl, at this point I don't have a main pairing planned, yes while Naruto and Kushina or Naruto and Tsunade would be a good one for a more family oriented tale, but I 'm not sure on whether or not to include a romantic interest. If I do I'm not sure if I want it to be an OC or someone from either Konoha or Suna again though the question falls as to who would fit that role best.

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Chapter: 2
The enemy without is the one you know to watch for, but the enemy within that will take your life

Naruto held back the smile that wanted to be shown at Sakura's display of her mastery of Tsunade's teachings, however as the dust and falling rubble died away he dashed by her worry over Gaara's condition raising to the forefront of his thoughts. As he ran he summoned his naginata and two more clones and grinned as he heard the sound of an approaching puppet.

"Aka Suna no Sasori," Naruto said settling into a ready stance. "I can't let you finish what you've started with Gaara." The sound of wing beats alerted Naruto to move and without looking Naruto jumped high into the air using chakra to augment his height. As whatever approached him passed by he launched a hail of shuriken that were lost in the explosion that ensued on contact.

Naruto replaced himself with one of his clones and looked to see a blond hair shinobi with a slashed Iwa headband wearing the robes of Akatsuki standing or a bird made of what looked like clay.

"Looks like we're taking two today," the blond said looking over to his partner, "Kisame might not like me too much after I capture you but oh well."

"Deidara, we need to retreat," Sasori said his tone guttural, but Deidara paid the warning no heed he made to attack again but stopped when Kakashi, Chiyo, and Sakura came up beside Naruto. "we are outmatched at this time after sealing the Ichibi. We need to retreat." Deidara wheeled around on his bird and the rescue party watched as he picked up Gaara's body that had been laying on the cave floor behind Sasori.

"Fine you distract them long enough for me to get a fair distance away since leader-sama wants the body of the jinchuuriki," Deidara said before he sped overhead of the rescue party. Instantly Naruto wheeled and took off in pursuit, Kakashi hot on his heels, leaving Chiyo and Sakura to fight Sasori.

"Naruto!" a glance behind him showed Kakashi following making to keep pace with him as he rushed after Deidara. "You can't take him on alone."

"I'm not the same kid I was three years ago Hatake," Naruto snapped, "I don't intend to fight him to anything conclusive, just to recover Gaara's body." Without looking to see his former sensei watching him with a critical eye. "Gaara doesn't deserve to die like this, not after what he has accomplished."

Kakashi watched his former student with a mixture of relief and wonderment. He knew that Jiraiya had trained Naruto to an extensive degree, but the blond that he ran with now, chasing after an S ranked criminal was a total enigma to the copycat ninja.

"Kakashi," Naruto's voice drew Kakashi from his thoughts, "keep your pace and don't look behind you," Naruto's hand blurred from his sight for a split second and there was a slight influx in Naruto's chakra before Kakashi noticed the sound of footsteps behind him in perfect time with his own.

"Smart," Naruto gave a foxlike grin at the compliment before the two ninja and the clone pacing Kakashi perfectly sped up and moved to intercept Deidara. As they closed in Naruto focused chakra to his hand and the familiar swirling blue ball of condensed chakra appeared.

Deidara sensed the chakra Naruto was using and turned on his flying mount to see the blond jinchuuriki rushing him with a ball of chakra held ready to strike in his hand. Deidara swerved his mount out of the way only to find a torrent of flame from Kakashi where he was headed. Turning back he thrust a hand into his clay finding just enough for one bomb.

"RASENGAN!" Naruto roared as he drove the attack into Deidra's chest, forcing the criminal off of his clay mount and into a tree some distance away.

Through his pain Deidara growled before he appeared behind the boy that had managed to get the drop on him, and grabbed him. "Time to go out with a bang," he said before engulfing a mouthful of clay. His body began to swell and a few seconds later he exploded taking out a large section of the forest around him.

Kakashi turned at the explosion and watched as the blast leveled the area he had been in a few moments before and frowned. "Didn't see that coming," he muttered to himself. "Wonder how Naruto got out."

"Quite easily, considering I was never there after I got Gaara free." Naruto said as he landed beside Kakashi, Gaara's body slung over his shoulder. "the first Rasengan was a distraction the second was to make sure his attention was occupied while I went after Gaara's body."

Kakashi regarded Naruto with a new appreciation; Naruto wanted to go after Deidara and take vengeance for Gaara but would not do so. He had set off after Deidara with no other goal but to recover Gaara's body he had done that and still he put others ahead of himself as he and Kakashi headed back to where they had left Chiyo and Sakura.

"We've recovered Gaara," Kakashi said into his microphone as they got back into range of Gai and his team. "However the Akatsuki members were able to extract the Ichibi. Gaara is dead."

Sakura and Chiyo caught up with them on the way back to Suna, and at the legendary wall of the village the entire shinobi populace and what looked like a fair portion of the villagers awaited them. Naruto was shocked at the showing and saddened of what he and his temporary teammates would have to reveal to them.

"Set him down," Naruto regarded Chiyo strangely at that order but did as she asked, but when she made to use what looked like a healing jutsu he spoke.

"The extraction process killed him," he said in a soft emotionless voice that he wished didn't sound so final. "Healing him won't work."

"Naruto that's not a healing jutsu," Sakura said setting a hand on his shoulder, Naruto flinched slightly at the contact. "It's a resurrection jutsu."

"A life for a life," Naruto muttered just slightly enough for Kakashi Chiyo and Sakura to hear him. As the minutes passed Naruto watched wishing that there was a way where neither of them had to die, but he could think of none. Sure he knew jutsu that with his chakra output he could level a mountain but he knew no healing jutsu. It was as this thought crossed him that Chiyo's chakra began to fade.

"I don't have the chakra," Chiyo's whisper was only caught by Naruto who instantly knelt.

"Then use mine." Naruto's voice was quiet but even so those closest to the small group still heard it. Without waiting for an answer he placed a hand on Chiyo's shoulder and began making his chakra flow into her, then out into her hands and into Gaara. His thoughts were completely focused on the two people in front of him, one as selfless as himself giving her life to save the life of her kage, the other one of the best people he ever had the pleasure of calling friend. Two people one who lived the life of a jinchuuriki had come to be so respected and loved by his people that they had allowed him to become their leader, their Kage, their protector.

"Gaara embodies what it means to take the title of Kage," Naruto whispered softly "You can't fall here Gaara not after all you've accomplished. It's not your time to die." The glow around Chiyo's hands faded and as they watched Gaara began to breathe again. Naruto however had his eyes on Chiyo, who let out a sigh of relief and exhaustion before collapsing to the side.

Gaara's eyes opened to a sight he wished he never had to see, one of his people lying dead beside him, he knew he should be dead, he also knew the only reason that he was alive.

"Chiyo," his voice was a hoarse whisper. One that silently wished that his life could have been bought without the loss of Chiyo's own. He would rather have stayed dead as opposed to have anyone of his villagers or shinobi die.

"She didn't hesitate to give her life for yours," Naruto turned at the voice to see his mother and half siblings watching a respectable distance away. "Mourn her, honor her sacrifice, and know that she did it for the good of Suna." Naruto stood and helped Gaara to his feet as Kushina approached.

"You are Uzugakure shinobi," Gaara said his eyes scanning the delegation from Uzu warily. "What brings you here?"

"The threat of Akatsuki is a threat to the world at large," Kushina said diplomatically. "But it is my firstborn that brings me here, like his father he rushes to the aid of those he cares for without thinking of the dangers to himself." She smiled a smile so familiar to Gaara that his eyes turned almost instantly to Naruto and back to Kushina and back again.

"Family?" Gaara looked at Naruto as he posed his question a question to which Naruto nodded. "seems that deceiving its most loyal is a trend in Konoha."

"Not the fault of the village at large," Naruto said, "Just political figures," Gaara's expression was one of knowing understanding. He had had more assassination attempts on him by the time he was twelve than most veteran shinobi had kills under their belts in ANBU. By the time the sand and sound invasion had come about he had spilled more blood than anyone in Suna both inside the village and out.

Gaara's eyes flicked over the Uzu headband Naruto now wore. "Uzu? That's unexpected,"

"Well I wouldn't be me if I were predictable," Naruto replied his eyes sparkled with mischief before they hardened slightly. "I resigned with honor and relegated myself to Uzugakure. I have family that I want to get to know, and after meeting my family and having been to Uzugakure…I'm not the same as I used to be. My lineage…is more of a burden than the beast sealed in my gut."

Gaara stared but nodded at Naruto, while Kakashi, Gai, and Kushina gaped openly at him, Sakura Lee Neji and Tenten were confused. Only his siblings were unsurprised by Naruto's revelation. It was such an incongruous statement from the blond that it stunned all those surrounding them into complete and utter shock.

"Uzu shinobi," Gaara said eventually breaking the silence, "I invite you to stay the night in our village, you had no obligation to offer your assistance but you did so anyway." Here he turned to Kushina. "I owe your son my life, and my title, and my family. I would have none of those without him. I wish you to send word to your leader that if ever you need a hand Suna will offer theirs."

At his words a cheer rang up from the Suna shinobi as if to reinforce their Kage's words. Then as the cheer died down Gaara knelt and respectfully picked up Chiyo's body. "A moment to reflect and respect the sacrifice Lady Chiyo has made this day."

They all fell silent saying nothing but thinking of Chiyo, respecting her sacrifice, loving her for giving her life for the life of their Kage. A Leader who had allowed himself to be captured rather than let any harm befall the village he was sworn to protect.

Finally after a few minutes passed Gaara turned and walked towards the village walls. His elder siblings Temari, his elder sister, and his elder brother Kankuro falling in a step behind him. Naruto his mother and siblings entered followed after them, and they were followed by the Konoha shinobi. The group was a silent delegation of respect from three different villages coming together against one threat. That the result of such high level fighting be only one life among their people was nothing short of astounding.

As the group entered the village they were offered words of thanks and respect for what they risked for their village, from shinobi and civilians alike. The villagers here knew what Naruto carried but did not scorn him for it, they respected him. Like in Uzu they offered Naruto the same respect that they would offer Gaara and his family. They understood the burden he carried, they understood the harsh reality that he lived day after they however after seeing what isolation and hatred had done to Gaara they respected Naruto for not only being the one to steer their Kage away from that dark path, but also for never stepping onto it himself.

Naruto nodded respectfully to each person who said something to thank him for what he had done, trying to wave it off like he had done what anybody would have. Inside however, he knew that not many people would face down two s class criminals not like he had attempted, not boldly and not without hesitation, not without keeping a firm handle on his terror. But Naruto knew better than to show fear, he had learned that lesson hard a long time ago.

Abruptly Naruto forced his thoughts away from that particular line, he knew where it would lead and he had no intention of going there not today, not like this, he would not go there. He kept in step with the delegation but no longer spoke only simply nodded respectfully.

Most didn't notice Naruto's abrupt change however Kushina, who always kept a part of her attention on her eldest when he was near, however did. Behind Naruto he could see that Kakashi had noticed as well but it was the rapt attention that Mikoto regarded her elder brother with that made Kushina smile softly. Maybe just maybe Mikoto would be the one to break his emotionless shell.

It was a few hours later when Naruto was meditating on the bed in the room Gaara had assigned him that he heard a soft knock on the door. He knew it was Mikoto from the way the knock sounded and called for her to enter.

"Naruto-Nii," Mikoto began hesitantly, unsure of how to phrase her question she knew that there were few things about his past that Naruto was willing to talk about, and from what he had divulged, she didn't blame him. "Are you alright?"

Naruto nodded and gave her a small smile, "I'm fine Miko-Chan." Naruto smiled at his half-sisters slight blush. He only referred to her like that when they were alone much to her relief. "Just memories that I wish I could forget."

"Sometimes it doesn't hurt to talk to someone about what bothers you," Naruto cut his eyes to her own so sharply she gasped in surprised.

"There are some things that are better left alone little sister," Naruto said in a dark tone. "However some things are also so dark that they keep you up at night until you face them down with all the courage that you can muster. Memories like words can break you more effectively than anything else,"

"You say that like you know what it means to be broken," Mikoto said as she sat on the bed across from Naruto. "Was it really that bad for you in Konoha?"

Naruto sighed flopping back on the bed, no matter how probing her questions, he could never bring himself to hurt Mikoto; she had grown on him with her gentle nature. However he knew that that gentle nature hid the fierce kunoichi he knew that she could become without a moment's hesitation.

"To me it's nothing short of astounding that I never became the killer that Gaara did." Naruto said. "The way the villagers in Konoha did more that mutter about me behind their backs or isolate me by telling their children to say away from me, that didn't bother me after a while as much as it did initially. None of that got to me, none of that hurt, none of that made me hate them." Mikoto stared at him as he spoke completely taken in by the emptiness in Naruto's voice. "It was the beating I got during the festival one year that broke me. The festival was to celebrate the day the Kyuubi was defeated, that day also happens to be my birthday." Naruto closed his eyes seeing the day as clear as the day it happened.


Naruto at 8 years old usually wasn't out after dark, but tonight he hadn't been able to resist going to the festival. He had always loved the bright lights the pretty colors of the clothes everyone wore. He had just walked around taking everything in. drawn in by the festive happiness that everyone was engulfed in.

Shortly after he started wandering the festival he had come across Ayame from his favorite place to eat Ichiraku ramen. Her father Teuchi had given her the day off to let her have some fun for once instead of working at the stand. Together the two had explored the rest of the festival taking in the sights without really paying attention to the time until the crowds began to thin, consisting more of partiers drinking than of families or teenagers having fun.

When they did notice the time however Ayame offered to walk Naruto home before going home herself. Neither of them noticed however the group of men that followed the pair.

They were a fair distance away from both the festival and Naruto's apartment when the men stuck. Ayame and Naruto were rendered immobile in mere moments.

"What do we have here boys?" One of the men slurred drunkenly a sick smile on his face.

"A demon and his whore," one of the other men said, his eyes glinting maliciously. "Well if he can deal with a demon than we're more than good enough for her."

At those words Ayame's eyes went wide and she struggled with renewed strength against the men who held her. The first man stepped forward and slapped her, Naruto growled in anger at seeing one of the few people that was kind to him being attacked. One of the men holding him hit him and Naruto saw stars from the force of the blow.

"Watch demon," the other man hissed menacingly in his ear. "Watch as we take your whore from you."

"I'll kill you bastards if you touch her," Naruto snarled bloodlust blazing in his eyes and the men holding Ayame began to strip her. "I'll revel in it." Naruto was no fool, he knew exactly what they were going to do, but he also knew that there wasn't much that he could do to stop them. and then he felt a something stuck to his forehead.

Any strength that Naruto could have used to get out of the men's holds was instantly sapped from him. He could only watch as one by one they violated Ayame and took sick pleasure in her cries of pain. No matter how much she begged for them to stop they did nothing but laugh and continue.

***Flashback end***

Naruto stopped speaking at Mikoto's sob. He sat up to see her in tears her eyes flowing with tears. She felt so harshly for her brother, and understood why he didn't want to let himself close to people. One of the few that had been close to him had been violated just to spite him.

"Naruto…" both of them whirled around to look at the door where Kushina her eyes swimming from unshed tears. She felt for her eldest son, she truly did, and she wished that there was something that she could do for him, but what could she do. He didn't entirely trust her. Not that she blamed him one bit for just hearing what had been done to that Ayame girl.

Kushina could tell just from the way he spoke that that was just one memory among dozens from his 13 years alone in Konoha. 13 years to which she had no knowledge of her sons' life. She felt horrible, she felt like she had abandoned him, she felt like the lowest scum of the earth for having not verified her son's death for herself instead of listening to…that man and his flunkies would die, and she would personally make certain of it.

"Kushina," she started at Naruto calling to her. "Don't," Kushina blinked at her sons command, how had he known what she was thinking, had she given anything away? She wasn't certain she couldn't be certain, when Naruto was concerned there was no telling what she would do no telling how she would react to things. A threat to her son would be taken care of with every bit of her skill, and though she knew he was more than old enough to take care of himself she still wanted to protect him.

"Naruto, I'm so sorry," Kushina said breathlessly, still holding back her tears.

"I know," Naruto stood and crossed the room to the door. Before Kushina was aware of what he was doing he hand her arms around her in a tender hung, one that let the elder woman know that Naruto held no animosity towards her for his loneliness growing up. "It's not your fault," Naruto whispered to her softly. "But I do forgive you…mother."

Kushina turned her head to look at her son, to be sure he heard him correctly but he was already gone, not even a trace of chakra to give her a trail to follow. She smiled at that revelation. "Jiraiya has taught you well."

Naruto sighed as he went through yet another set with his Naginata the weapon cutting through the air with a slight ringing of the wickedly sharp blade. It had been two hours since his conversation with Mikoto, he was dripping with sweat and still he pushed himself.

"Damn," he cursed himself. He didn't have time to be forging ties with people, he needed to train, and he had to become stronger in order to protect those he cared about. Sure he had trained with both Jiraiya and his mother, Kushina, but while they were highly feared ninja they were too cautious they always wanted him to take it easier to not push so hard. And in a way Naruto could understand their concerns, growing too powerful too quickly had destroyed many a ninja.

So instead of trying to learn high level techniques on his own he trained in the basics, from basic weapon work, to projectiles, strategies with the most basic jutsu and of course he trained with his naginata and in both the taijutsu style he learned with Jiraiya and the style his mother had begun teaching him.

He trained and would continue to train this way until every motion was instinctual and flowed like a river, but with the power of a maelstrom.

"Impressive Naruto." Kakashi's voice came from the shadows from his left and without thinking Naruto reacted blurring from his position and dropping low while swinging his naginata high, Kakashi's arm blurred drawing a kunai but Naruto's longer reach proved to be enough for Naruto to get his weapon to Kakashi's throat.

"It's not nice to watch from the shadows, Kakashi," Naruto said with a hint of a slight smile. "you know how ninja react when surprised even slightly."

Kakashi gave an eye smile that made Naruto relax and rise to his full height before resealing his naginata in the seal on his wrist. The jounin put away the kunai he held and as he did his expression turned serious. "It's not like you to run," he said softly then frowned when Naruto laughed.

"I don't run Kakashi, I never go back on my word, even when people that are supposed to act for the good of all fail to do so." Naruto's tone was clipped with his agitation at Kakashi's words. "I may want to but I never will. I have every intention of living up to my promise to making sure Sasuke returns to Konoha," Kakashi frowned at Naruto's words before Naruto continued. "I don't remember promising that I would return him alive."

"Naruto." Kakashi began but Naruto cut him off before the jounin could say more.

"Hatake if you dare try to defend that bastard to my face I will show you exactly how much stronger I've become since I left Konoha three years ago." Naruto's voice was now one of warning on of anger an anger so strong and profound it sent chills of trepidation down Kakashi's spine. "Everyone's precious Sasuke turned traitor to Orochimaru of all people, the man responsible for the Sandaime's death. Sasuke, during our battle at the Valley of the End, plunged his hand through my chest not once but twice with your damned Chidori." Kakashi instantly paled, if Sasuke had landed such a strike…

Naruto made to continue but at that moment Sakura's voice cut through the night air. "So you intend to kill him?"

Naruto didn't even bother to look at Sakura as he answered. "If need be I will kill him, if only to keep Orochimaru from gaining the sharingan." Naruto moved his head to the left neatly dodging the fist that Sakura attempted to strike him with. "Let me tell you something Sakura-Chan." The emphasis that he put on the honorific was a mocking coldness that revealed his rising anger. "Jiraiya taught me some of his spying techniques and for me kept tabs on any known sound bases in the elemental nations. I've known every time Sasuke has left the safety provided by Oto's secrecy and everything that he has done in the three years that I've been gone." he spun now forcing Sakura to step back from the intense anger snapping in those sapphire eyes.

"Did you hear about the village that was destroyed in a single night on the borders of Hi no Kuni?" Naruto's question split the air between her and Sakura nodded mutely. "That was done by Sasuke, and only Sasuke. And you want know what for?" Naruto didn't wait for Sakura's answer he was going to tell her exactly how far Sasuke had fallen in the last three years under Orochimaru's tutelage.

"To test a damn JUTSU!" Naruto roared in a voice that echoed through their surroundings. "If Jiraiya and I hadn't been close by there wouldn't have been any survivors."

Kakashi had paled at those words, he had known that Jiraiya was the one who had sent word of that village a little more than a year previously, but if Naruto spoke the truth then he must have fought Sasuke.

"Did you two fight?" Kakashi asked.

Naruto didn't answer he made a quick handseal and disappeared.

Kushina and his two siblings were waiting for him as he approached the village gates. Naruto said not a word and Kushina stayed silent. Mikoto simply offered her elder brother a gentle smile and laid a comforting hand on his shoulder, Lian offered a slight nod and as one the four turned and departed the Sunagakure.

The Konoha shinobi would leave less than an hour later to return home. They would reach the other end of the desert to see the Uzu shinobi rising to their feet after a rest. They hadn't ran hard but none had slept fully during the night Naruto approached team Gai.

"Team Gai, a request if you will?" Kushina said as she approached with her son who held out a scroll bearing the Uzugakure symbol. "This is the alliance proposal for an alliance with Konoha, make sure that this is delivered to no one other than Tsunade-sama. It has already been approved by Uzugakure's council and signed by the Leader and his advisors." Gai nodded and Neji took the scroll from Naruto, who turned and started to walk away.

"Naruto," Neji called to the blond who turned back a questioning look in his eyes. "I want a rematch next time you're in Konoha." Naruto smiled at the challenge and turned and started walking away again raising a hand in farewell as he walked away, his family falling in behind him.

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