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Anime: D. Gray-Man
Pairing: Yullen (YuuKandaxAllenWlaker)
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SUMMARY: Allen is a new transfer student at Dark order High. Starting at a new school in the start of Junior year is proving difficult for him, and he is immediately teased because of his strange appearance. The only friends he manages to make are as big of social outcasts as Allen himself, and all of his teachers seem to find new ways to exploit his abnormal abilities to his peers. But Allen quickly finds himself attracted to one person in particular: Kanda Yuu.

Chapter 1:



"Shit." Allen Walker groaned as he frantically hit the snooze button on his alarm clock.

He turned around and buried his head under the covers. The morning sun which was barely peeking through the blinds seemed to assault his face and he hated every second of it. It was August and the summer break was at its end. Allen didn't particularly enjoy summertime (being as white as a vampire, he got sunburn easily) so it was both good and bad. The bad part being going to school.

"Allen!" He could hear Master Cross calling him from downstairs. "Get your ass outta' bed and go to school!"

Slowly dangling his feet off the bed, Allen leaned forward and ran his hand through his messy white locks, his half-assed attempt at combing it. He took in the smells of breakfast and the sound of his master watching TV downstairs.

Hesitating before entering the bathroom, Allen knocked to make sure no one was in there (sometimes he would find one of Crosses whores in the shower). After he was sure the room was vacant Allen walked in and glanced at himself in the mirror after brushing his ivory colored teeth. He stood and stared at himself for a few seconds. He looked tired. His bright silver irises stood in a surprisingly stark contrast with his pale skin, and his lips were pale as well. He brushed a few strands of his messy hair away from his eyes and made a face at himself before switching the light off.

Allen sighed as he left the small house, remembering to lock the door behind him. It was the first day of school and Allen was being forced to walk the mile and a half distance between Crosses house and Black Order High (not to mention it was 6:30 am and Cross had kept him up all night with his loud girlfriends… that alone is a disturbing experience). But Allen kept up a cheerful façade to hide his inner frustration and annoyance from the rest of the world. He wanted to make a good impression at this school.

As he began his trek, Allen's mind wandered to his past experiences at new schools. No matter how hard he tried (and despite his rather impressive people skills), Allen had always had trouble keeping friends at school. Either because of his abnormal arm and hair, or his dark past, people shunned the boy like he had done something wrong. One day things would be fine, then the next day the whole school would turn their backs on him.

As he approached the school building, Allen mentally shook himself of these depressing thoughts. 'I'll just have to try harder this time.' He told himself before making his way to the office to receive his schedule.

After stopping at his new locker (which was nowhere near any of his classes by the way!), Allen made his way to his Homeroom/first period. Adv. Chemistry II. The second he opened the door, he was assaulted by the unfamiliar, slightly sour smell of unused chemicals. After taking a second to adjust to the eye watering effect, Allen entered the room.

He was the first student to arrive, so Allen chose a seat in the back corner of the room (a window seat). He let his head carelessly roll to his left as he stared outside of the window. As his gray/white locks of hair covered most of his vision, he noticed something odd. Brushing the locks away, he could see a single student climbing their way over the fence. Silver eyes widening, Allen stared in awe as he watched the stranger launch themselves over the 10 foot barrier. The guy (at least he was pretty sure it was a guy… the long black hair contradicted the otherwise very masculine features of the figure) moved with amazing grace and strength. The landing would have been perfect….except for the tiny tree root that tripped the teen, managing to land him on his face.

It took all of Allen's considerable willpower to not break out in laughter at the terribly pissed off look on the strangers face. He watched as the guy stood up and brushed himself off, dark eyes swiveling around to make sure no one had seen his little slip up. Thankfully, Allen went unnoticed and the longhaired boy quickly grabbed his stuff and ran off to class.

By now, the classroom was full of loud teenagers chattering away about their summer break and such. At the last second, a strange red haired boy jogged into the classroom, making it seconds before the late bell. He had longish, bright red hair worn up in a bandana, and dark green eyes. But what stuck out the most, was that he wore a an eye patch over his right eye. Without a word to anyone, the redhead made his way to the only empty seat, directly beside Allen.

The boy turned to Allen and grinned. "Hi! I'm Lavi Bookman. Is that your natural hair color?" Lavi's green eyes were openly friendly with a mischievous glint in them.

Allen smiled at the frankness of the question. "My name is Allen Walker, and yes it is. Is that yours?"

Lavi chuckled. "Yeah, and damn proud of it too! And wait, is that a British accent I hear?"

"Yeah. I lived in outer London for three years until last month. But before that I lived in Germany, France, and Egypt." The only thing Allen had enjoyed about his years traveling with Cross was all the opportunities he got to learn about the places he stayed at.

The teacher had walked in and begun roll call, so Lavi was forced to whisper, "Holy shit! That's so cool! You sure are a strange one, aren't you?"

"I could say the same for you!" Allen retorted defensively.

"Well let's see: I've got weird hair, eye patched eye, and personality. That's three things. From what I can tell, you've got weird hair, eyes, scar on your face, and something hidden on your arm. Four. So give, tell me the story." Lavi smirked with pride at his observations.

Allen was shocked for a second. How had Lavi noticed his arm? Before he could ask, Lavi interrupted him saying "Its 90 degrees outside, and you're wearing long sleeves and gloves."

"Oh. Well the hair and eyes are because I was born with a strange mutation similar to albinism that resulted in my general discoloration. As for the scar and arm… well… let's leave that story for another day." Allen's voice became unnaturally shy at the end, and Lavi knew to drop it. After a couple more minutes of small talk, the teacher told the class to be silent and started class.

Allen slowly let his head loll to the side again as the teachers lecture slipped into an annoying monotone in the back of the boys mind. Before he knew it, Allen had dozed off, his face pressed against the window.

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