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(Beware flashbacks!)

'…..What the fuck?' Kanda had to swallow his surprise to keep it from showing, but he couldn't keep himself from staring at the boy. Or rather, left his arm. It was wildly discolored and deformed. From his shoulder down was red and quite veinous, the skin scaly and rough.

Kanda tried not to flinch visibly at Lenalee's gasp and Lavi's pointed silence. "A-allen-kun! How did this happen?" the girl fretted as she grabbed the moyashi's hand and examined it worriedly.

"U-um, its nothing, really! Just an old scar." Allen explained nervously, pulling his arm back so it was hidden behind the table. There was an awkward silence that lasted just a little too long for Kanda's liking. He could tell both of his friends were dying to ask how it had happened, but for some reason, neither seemed willing to ask. Normally, the Japanese teen didn't give a shit about things like social protocols or being rude, but this time he too felt that he shouldn't probe the topic further.

After another minute of quiet, the now nervous moyashi awkwardly put back on his jacket and dug a pair of gloves out of his bag. Lavi quickly started up a random conversation with Lenalee to ease the awkwardness, and Kanda continued eating his soba. At the sound of a phone buzzing, Kanda's eyes snapped up to see that the sprout had gotten a text. He tried not to notice how those grey eyes widened in dismay as he read the message.

"U-um, I'm sorry guys, but I've gotta go!" Allen quickly gathered his things and bolted for the cafeteria doors.

"Uh…. Okay then." Lavi stated as he watched the pale teen go. "I wonder what all of that was about."

Lenalee nodded. "What a strange kid," she muttered, more to herself than anyone else. Kanda glared into his noodles in silent agreement, suddenly not hungry at all. Something about that stupid kid just put him off. He was so fragile and innocent looking, even with all of those scars. It made the samurai feel like he should worry for the boy, which was very un-Kanda like. Kanda Yuu didn't worry about anyone. He didn't care about anyone. 'So why should I worry what happens to that little twerp? As long as he doesn't bother me, I don't need to give a fuck what he does.' Shaking his head slightly to rid himself of such thoughts, the annoyed teen quickly finished his food before exiting the cafeteria as well.

Allen POV

Allen tried not to drop any of his books as he sped down the street towards his neighborhood. "Get your scrawny ass home right now or I'll spend your collage funds on booze. I don't care if you're at school right now, this is more important than your worthless education. -Cross" Allen knew it wasn't a bluff either. His master had done worse when disobeyed. He tried to quicken his pace as he rounded the last corner and dashed up the sidewalk to his house. Scrambling to the door, Allen immediately halted in his tracks. The front door stood ajar slightly, and he could hear the sounds of people talking. Shouting, to be more accurate.

'Crap.' He winced as he slowly pushed the door open and stepped into the living room. Inside, he saw that his master was standing before three large men. Despite Allen's efforts to back away slowly without being caught, Cross spotted him and pointed. "Ah, there he is! My idiot pupil will do anything you want."

"W-what? NO! Not again! I'm not going to pay off your stupid debts anymore!" Allen shouted urgently. But before he could turn to leave, one of the men grabbed his wrist and yanked him forward, making him stumble and drop his things.

"And what exactly are we supposed to do with a little wimp like him? Don't fuck with us Cross!" The man scoffed, jerking Allen's arm upward and forcing the boy on his tiptoes.

"Ouch!" Allen couldn't hold back the shocked squeak from escaping his lips.

"Not to worry." His master assured them. "He may look useless, but he can work. Even better yet, he has connections!" Cross grinned at the thought. "He can get you the money." The man holding Allen seemed to think it over before he flung the boy to the floor. Allen tried to collect himself, but he could feel himself wince in pain as he rubbed his back.

"Three weeks!" the man shouted, sticking a thick finger in Allen's face. "You've got three weeks to get our three grand, or both you and your master are dead!" without another word, the men left.

Allen sat on the floor for a moment trying to completely understand what had just happened. Looking to his master, he saw that the man was checking out the window to make sure the men were gone. "You owe… three thousand dollars… already?" he asked, voice rasping barely above a whisper. They had only been living there two months! Allen jerked himself to his feet and dusted himself off. "What the fuck did you even spend it on? Moreover, what do you mean 'connections'? How the hell am I supposed to get three grand in just three weeks?"

Cross just glared at him like he was annoying before making his way to the liquor cabinet and taking out a bottle of wine. "OI!" Allen shouted at his guardian. "Answer me! We agreed that I couldn't spend the rest of my life paying your debts! That's why I started school!"

Cross popped the cork and took a swig before answering. "Stop whining like a little bitch. You'll figure it out. Try asking that creepy boyfriend of yours!" Allen gaped as he watched his master carelessly gulp down another mouthful of alcohol.

"What? Who are you talking abo-… oh. You mean Tyki." He sighed. That was an option, however unpleasant. Tyki was very rich and would probably agree…. but at what price? Allen shuddered at the thought of what his stalker would ask for as payment. But there was absolutely no way he would be able to earn that amount in just three weeks. This was too much. Sure, he had been forced to pay his masters debts before, but never this much! And with so little time… 'NO! I'll never ask that bastard for help!' he mentally shook himself as he slowly made his way to his room.

(A/N: Queue the flashback!~)

9 years ago:

7 year old Allen stumbled on the hem of his yukata as he ran through the Muromachi style garden of the once Buddhist temple they were staying in (his master had somehow managed to get them free lodging there while in Japan. The land had been recently converted from a grand temple to a large estate). He sped across the tiny bridge over the pond onto the main porch. Once outside the door, little Allen could smell the scent burning candles and freshly cooked food wafting his way. He knocked, "Master?"

"About time! Come in, I have someone I need you to meet." Cross called out.

Sliding the traditional door open, the boy paused as his eyes locked onto their guests. There were three of them. The first was a large man with a rotund figure. He had sickly gray skin and was dressed in a large coat and top hat. But his creepiest feature was the enormous grin that remained fixed in place, seeming to stretch his face disturbingly. This mans image would forever be burned into Allen's mind. The second person in the room had to be the strangest. The girl appeared to be slightly younger than him, and was dressed in a punk-gothic lolita style outfit that contrasted greatly with the traditional room around her. She had purple-blue hair spiked up in a modern style that didn't seem to fit her sweet face and wide dark eyes. Thirdly was a slender boy that looked only a couple years older than Allen. He had lightly tanned skin, brown eyes, and dark wavy hair. Though he appeared rather normal in comparison to the others, he still gave off an aura of cold mystery that sent chills down Allen's spine.

Allen could feel himself blush as the three strangers turned their eyes to him. Briefly glancing at his master, the pale boy bowed and introduced himself. "H-hello! I'm A-allen Walker. Welcome and-" But before Allen could continue, he was cut off by a squeal and the force a body slamming into him, knocking the poor boy to the ground. "Oof!" Allen gasped as all of the air whooshed from his lungs. Blinking silver eyes open, he was met with a head of purple hair in his face. 'What the heck?'

"DAAAAAW! Allen, you're so cute!" the girl was now straddling Allen's waist as she giggled. "Uncle! Can we keep him?"

"Now now, Road. He's not ours to keep." The large (creepy) man chuckled. "You are being rude again. We are guests here, after all."

Road pouted before removing herself from Allen's body. "I'm Road Kamelot! Despite my looks, I'm thirteen." She gestured to the others. "This is my Uncle the Earl, and my adoptive brother Tyki." Allen had to pause mentally for a second. 'Thirteen? She barely looks my age, let alone older!'

"U-um…" he mumbled as he tried to brush himself off. He couldn't help but notice the boy- Tyki stifle a laugh in his hand.

"Anyways, introductions aside, The Earl and I will be doing business together for a while, so it's your job to entertain his family while were working. Even a useless pupil like yourself should be able to handle that!" Cross sneered before turning to his guests again. "You are welcome to stay here as long as you like. But for now, Allen will show Road and Tyki to the spare rooms."

Allen remained silent as he lead the pair through the temple. Tyki seemed to be watching him intently, as if he expected Allen to do something entertaining at any moment. It made him uneasy, but not as nervous as Road's cheerful skipping was. That was just plain scary. Her bubble of girly giddiness seemed like it would pop at the slightest indication of something going wrong.

"So Allen," The boy jumped slightly at Tyki's words breaking the awkward silence.


"Uncle tells us that you're not from Japan either. Your white hair doesn't help indicate what your heritage is, so I'm curious." The dark boy mused.

"Ooh!" Road exclaimed. "I was wondering about that too! How did you get your hair to be so pretty and white? Did you bleach it or something?"

Allen had to think over his answers before he spoke, seeing as both were rather complicated. "Well… I was born in the UK, but since Mana died, master and I have been moving around a lot. A-and I don't know what bleaching is….. b-but I was born with my hair like this." He silently tugged at a strand of white hair that fell over his eyes. He had always known he looked strange, but it was still embarrassing to talk about it.

"Wooow that's so cool~" Road giggled as they approached the guest bedrooms. "Hey Tyki!" she tugged on her brothers sleeve excitedly. "Let's have Allen stay in our room with us! He can share a bed with me!"

Tyki laughed heartily before eyeing Allen, a thoughtful grin lifting his expression. "I don't know... You might scare him off if you do."

Road pouted again before turning to Allen again, this time with a determined look on her face. "Where do you normally sleep?"

"What?" he managed to squeak.

"Where's your room? Pretty please, tell me!" Even though she was asking (sort of), the girl had a spoiled air and gleam in her eye that said she got what she wanted, or all hell was going to break loose.
"U-um, well… I usually sleep in the servants building. It's across the pond behind the main house." He answered shyly. "Why?"

Tyki raised an eyebrow at this. "You sleep with the servants? But aren't you with Cross?"

"Um, well, yes but he told me to sleep there so I could help the out with the cooking and cleaning. Also because he doesn't have to worry about me taking up space when guests arrive."

"That doesn't seem fair! I bet he treats you like a slave!" Road hugged Allen once again, but more gently this time. "Don't worry, you can stay with us in our room!"

As much as Allen protested, Road eventually won (mostly because she got her uncle to agree). That first night, he was snuggled between both Road and Tyki, all three of them crammed into one bed. The next morning, Allen was so shocked to find two other people in his bed, that he ended up flailing about until he fell face first on the floor.

Road just giggled and said "You're a funny kid, Allen."

"That he is." Tyki added.

And that was how Allen had made his first 'real' friends. The three of them grew very close as they played, explored, and lived together. For the next three months, every morning he would wake up in the same position: his head pillowed on Tyki's stomach and Road clinging tightly onto his chest. Allen was surprised to find that he actually liked having the strange family around (thought he only saw the Earl once or twice after their first meeting). Once he got past the mysterious outer shells they wore, Tyki and Road were fun people. Road was always giggly and had a (not so) secret sadistic side, which would have been bad if not for her brother reining her in most of the time. Tyki turned out to be of a witty mind and sharp tongue. Though he tried not to show it, he was very protective and caring of his "family", which now apparently included Allen. Tyki soon became like a big brother to him, and Road a sister. Allen couldn't imagine ever having to part with his new family. Well, so he thought. He never would have guessed that they would grow apart so quickly, and that his "family" might have changed for the worse.

(End flashback!)


Checking his watch, Allen saw that it was too late to go back to school. After a short nap, he decided to go ahead and get his weekend homework out of the way. After a quick search through his bag, Allen remembered that he had neglected to visit his locker before leaving school. Cursing his own stupidity, the frustrated teen left for school once again.

By the time he arrived back at school, the bell had just rung for the day and the sidewalks surrounding the area were crowded with students eager to get home. Allen made it to his locker without any trouble and quickly retrieved the books he needed. Just as he was about to shut his locker, he spotted a head of familiar brown hair from the corner of his eye. Turning, he saw Claire approaching him with a friendly smile on her expression. "Hey, Claire." He greeted with his best smile.

"Hi, Allen! How are you?" she asked cheerfully.

"Good." A lie. "What's up?" he asked to speed up the conversation. She obviously wanted something.

"Um, I was wondering…" she blushed slightly, "if you had spoken to Kanda yet."

Allen was instantly filled with guilt. How could he tell her the answer had been no? Claire seemed like a nice girl too…. Sighing, he looked the girl in the eye and opened his mouth to speak. "Um, well you see-"

"HEY ALLEN! There you are!" Allen was suddenly hugged (glomped XD) from behind by an overly excited Lavi. "We were so worried! Where did you go?" the redhead asked as he detached himself from his friend's neck. Turning around, Allen saw that Kanda was there too, standing a few feet behind Lavi and looking completely disinterested.

"U-um, I just had some matters to attend to at home. Nothing to worry about. I just came back to get my books when I ran into Claire here." He gestured politely to the now red faced girl. At the sound of Kanda's disregarding "Che" Allen glared at the man pointedly. 'Why can't he show some consideration for once? Bakanda…'

Lavi on the other hand, was not so reserved. "Hi, Claire! Nice to meet'cha. I'm Lavi, and this is guy here is Yuu." The redhead introduced himself with enthusiasm.

"How many times do I have to fucking tell you, if you call me by my first name again, I'll slice you to pieces!" Kanda spat.

"Uh huh, whatever Yuu say." Lavi laughed before dodging Kanda's fist aimed at his head. "Never a dull moment with Yuu!" the redhead chuckled some more before bringing his attention back to Allen. "So anyways, bean sprout. I was thinking, since its Friday and everything, why don't you spend the night at my house tomorrow? That way we can get to know each other better! It'll be so much fun! We can work on our homework together too."

Allen glanced nervously at Claire, not wanting to make her feel awkward. "Uum, I don't know Lavi…."

"But Aaaallen! Kanda will be there too! I won't take no for an answer!" Lavi pressed.

Allen really couldn't think straight at the moment. "Uuuh… fine, just give me a moment to finish this up with Claire, and then we can talk about it. I'll meet you guys outside in a minute, okay?"

"Oh, sure that's cool." seeming to catch on that Allen had been in the middle of something, Lavi took the hint and dragged an annoyed Kanda towards the door.

Turning back to Claire, Allen laughed nervously. "Sorry about that, what was I saying?"

Looking up at him, Claire's eyes seemed to water just a bit. "He said n-no, didn't he?" she sniffed. Before Allen could respond, the heartbroken girl threw herself into his arms and sobbed. "I-I'm sorry!….i-it's just…im sorry for making you go through the trouble… with the l-letter… a-and for dealing with me! You're so nice Allen!" she cried out between sobs and sniffs. After the initial shock, Allen felt his arms wrap around her comfortingly as he tried to soothe her. She was really just so sweet! A girl like her deserved better than that idiot Kanda!

A few moments passed before Claire pulled away. "I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have done that!"

"It's okay, no worries." He reassured her, awkwardly patting her shoulder. "Well, I'd better not keep Lavi waiting. I'll see you on Monday, okay?"

"Oh, yeah. See you." She tried and failed to smile before walking away.

Sighing again (something that was happening too often for his tastes), Allen went to find Lavi and Kanda. He soon spotted the pair on the front sidewalk waiting for him.

"Hey, Allen. What was that about?" the redhead asked shamelessly.

"None of your business~," he teased before glaring at Kanda. 'It is yours, though.' He thought spitefully. Looking back to Lavi, he saw that the male had pulled out a piece of paper and pencil and was writing his info for him.

"Okay, here is my home address, house phone, cell phone, and Kanda's cell as well. I expect you to be there at noon tomorrow!"

"Um, thanks." He said. Allen was about to excuse himself when suddenly a black car pulled up a few feet away. The driver stepped out and opened the back door for the passenger. 'Oh god.' Allen thought as none other than Tyki Mikk stepped from the vehicle.

"Aaah~ Allen there you are!" the dark man cooed and he slinked forward towards the trio.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Allen demanded. "I thought I told you to leave me alone!"

"Oh, feisty as ever, I see." Reaching up, Tyki grabbed Allen's chin and pulled him close, earning a swift kick to the shin. Pulling away, Tyki answered, "I missed you so much, I decided to pick you up from school. How's the arm these days?"

Lavi decided to interject then, "Um, Allen? Who is this guy?"

"No one important." He spat out. 'How did he become such a douche bag? He's a completely different person now!'

"Oh, you wound me so!" Tyki complained. Without warning, he grabbed Allen by the waist and hugged him to his body tightly, pinning him there. "How can you say that after all I've done for you? You didn't used to be this mean."

"And you weren't such a bastard back then either! Let go!" but before he could even struggle, Allen felt himself being yanked from Tyki's arms and pushed out of the way. A moment later, there was a loud smack, and Tyki hit the ground from the sheer force of Kanda's punch. Allen stared blankly as his savior retracted his arm and messaged his fist. 'Shit…' was all he could think.

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