AN: So this is a FB adaption of my story, The Magic Number. It won't really make sense without reading that, but it's kinda funny if you do. Each chapter covers an arc (which is normally a week, but this arc is before school on the first day, covering chapters 1-5) and is broken up between chapters/breaks within chapters.

Matheus Fernandes is now friends with Ellis Wylie

Matheus Fernandes hates his mother .

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Mariana Fernandes: Voce tem que ir para a escola!

Matheus Fernandes: Assim? Voce nao teve que me arrasta para fora da cama!

Ellis Wylie: What the fuck? o_O

Matheus Fernandes: Don't ask.

Matheus Fernandes: I'm fourteen, people!

Ellis Wylie is feeling surprisingly badass for a ten year old _

Matheus Fernandes: Thank you… Again…

Ellis Wylie: Dude, you need to learn to stand up for yourself.

Matheus Fernandes: Yeah, I know. .

Matheus Fernandes is a terrible flirt

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Ellis Wylie: Why doesn't this surprise me? And who the hell did you try to flirt with?

Matheus Fernandes: Shut up.

Ellis Wylie: It doesn't seem like we just met, does it? XD

Matheus Fernandes: True, true…

Cameron Mitchell is wondering who the heck that girl is

Damian McGinty: What girl?

Cameron Mitchell: I'll tell you later.

Cameron Mitchell is now friends with Hannah McIalwain

Cameron Mitchell hates stereotypes and slushies

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Hannah McIalwain: Don't we all?

Cameron Mitchell: Fair enough.

Cameron Mitchell: The girls' bathroom? Really?

Hannah McIalwain: You have no room to complain!

Cameron Mitchell: My hair… Dear God…

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Hannah McIalwain: XD Oh, this is fun.

Hannah McIalwain: *starts humming the Mission Impossible theme*

Cameron Mitchell: It's a school hallway, Hannah.

Hannah McIalwain: You're such a downer!

Cameron Mitchell: So I've been told.

Hannah McIalwain: Mm, cherry! My favorite! ^^

Cameron Mitchell: Well, that's one way to look at it.

Hannah McIalwain: Dude, perk up! C'mon! You have to (eh heh hem) loooooooooook on the briiiiiiiiiiiiiiight siiiiiiiiiiiiiiide

Cameron Mitchell: Oh, God. OTL

Marissa Von Bleicken senses a disturbance…

Emily Vasquez: This isn't a sci-fi movie!

Marissa Von Bleicken: Shhhhh!

Marissa Von Bleicken is now friends with Alex Newell

Marissa Von Bleicken: Marcus Karofsky is a jerk.

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Marissa Von Bleicken: You sure you're okay?

Alex Newell: Positive, m'dear.

Marissa Von Bleicken: By the way, good luck.

Alex Newell: With what?

Alex Newell: Hello? Marissa?

Damian McGinty is now friends with Lindsay Pearce

Damian McGinty: Note to self: look where you're going.

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Lindsay Pearce: Yes, or else you might crash into an innocent bystander.

Damian McGinty: Do I know you from somewhere?

Lindsay Pearce: I don't think so…

Damian McGinty: Weird… Well, in any case, I apologize. Again.

Lindsay Pearce: It's fine.

Damian McGinty: Alright, good. See you around?

Lindsay Pearce: I suppose…

McKynleigh Abraham is trying not to look like a nerd

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Ellis Wylie: Um…

McKynleigh Abraham: Don't. Just don't.

Samuel Larsen is trying not to look suspicious

McKynleigh Abraham: Dude. It's fine.

Samuel Larsen: Thank you…

Samuel Larsen is now friends with McKynleigh Abraham

McKynleigh Abraham: Note to self: never close your fist around a cigarette or anything similar.

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McKynleigh Abraham: Not that I've done it!

Bryce Vine: Right…

McKynleigh Abraham: Shut up. . Seriously, it looks like it hurts.

Bryce Vine: It does.

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Samuel Larsen: Hey, who's Bryce?

McKynleigh Abraham: I'll explain later.

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