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Kurt and Blaine snuggled up in the back of the car together; they were on their way home from a concert they'd been to see with some of their friends from the Glee club. It was just days after they had become a couple, and they were still very much in the new relationship stage. Kurt was snuggled up against Blaine with his head resting on his shoulder, the two of them holding each other under the blanket Blaine had tucked around them. They were talking quietly and kissing every few minutes, giggling happily as they held each other.

There was a little laugh and some murmured comments, and Blaine and Kurt looked up from where they were looking at each other, their smiles still on their faces "What is it?" Santana said "You guys are disgusting." Rachel poked her in the side and rolled her eyes "Ignore her. You guys are adorable."

Blaine smiled and nuzzled his head into Kurt's neck as Kurt rolled his eyes and said "Stop watching us." But he was grinning as his boyfriend pressed small tickly kisses over his neck. Kurt laughed softly and murmured "Baby that tickles." Blaine grinned "It does?" He proceeded to blow a raspberry on Kurt's neck and Kurt squealed "Blaine! Are you five?"

Blaine grinned and whispered "Five and a half. Kurt, I'm sleepy, can we nap?" Kurt nodded and nestled against Blaine "Sure baby, we can have a nap before we get home." Blaine snuggled back against Kurt, the two of them drifting in to sleep.

The two awoke a few hours later to Rachel shaking them gently awake "Hey, were back at my house. Come on, it's time for bed. Everyone is already inside." The two sleepily climbed out of the car, holding on to each other, and in to the house. They grabbed their overnight bags and sleeping bags that they had brought over earlier, and turned to face Rachel, who told them "I'm sharing my room with Mercedes and Quinn. Finn, Mike and Puck are sleeping in the dining room. Everyone else is in the basement. There's space in the basement or the front room is free if you'd rather sleep in there. It won't be as crowded in there. It's up to you. But no funny business." Rachel warned, kissing them both swiftly on the cheek before heading upstairs.

Blaine looked at Kurt with a smile "Want to sleep in the front room? You can say no, but it might be nice to sleep cuddled up without anyone teasing us." Kurt gave his new boyfriend a smile "I'd like that." Blaine smiled and took Kurt's hand, leading him in to the front room, the two of them starting to set up their sleeping bags. They zipped them together and laid their blankets on top of them.

Kurt blushed lightly "I'm, uh, just going to go change in the bathroom." Blaine nodded with a smile and kissed him lightly "Hurry back. I'll be waiting." Kurt smiled and his blush deepened a little. He hurried off to the bathroom to get changed.

When he returned, Blaine was already snuggled down in the sleeping bag, and Kurt gave a smile when he saw his boyfriend lied under all the blankets. He closed the door, the small noise causing Blaine to be alerted of his presence and open his eyes. Blaine beamed when he saw Kurt, who was tugging self consciously at the hem of his pyjama shirt "You look adorable. Now get in here and give me a cuddle."

Kurt smiled and turned off the big light as Blaine flipped on the lamp in Rachel's front room, and Kurt clambered awkwardly in to the sleeping bag beside Blaine. As he settled in, he looked at his boyfriend's pyjamas and raised an eyebrow "Blaine, is that a Katy Perry t shirt?" Blaine glared playfully at Kurt "Hush. The t shirt is soft and nice to sleep in."

Kurt chuckled "And it has nothing at all to do with the fact that you're obsessed with her?" Blaine pouted "I am so not obsessed." Kurt chuckled and tugged on one of Blaine's curls gently "Yes honey, you are."

Blaine pretended to look wounded but snuggled closer to Kurt, smiling "Would it be totally inappropriate for us to make out a little before we sleep?" Kurt's cheeks tinged pink again and he smiled "No, I think that would be okay." Blaine beamed and leaned in, pressing his lips gently against Kurt's. Kurt kissed back softly, and Blaine swiped his tongue gently over Kurt's lip. Kurt opened his mouth, but instantly pulled back with a wince, Blaine looking at him with wide eyes.

"Blaine, you bit me. Ow!" Blaine's eyes widened "It was an accident! Oh my God, Kurt, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to, promise! Oh my God, you're bleeding, oh my God." Blaine grabbed some tissues from the coffee table near them and pressed them to Kurt's lip gently. Kurt studied his boyfriend's panicked expression and he couldn't help but let out a little muffled giggle behind the tissue.

Blaine looked at him with wide eyes "Kurt, are you laughing?" Kurt murmured a muffled "No.' but couldn't hide another little giggle. "Okay, yes. I'm sorry. You just looked so panicked and it was so adorable. It was an accident, honey." Kurt collapsed in to little giggles and Blaine rolled his eyes but laid back down, laughing along with Kurt's little giggles.

Once they had calmed down Blaine smiled softly "What am I gonna do with you?" Kurt smiled "Kiss me again? Just try not to bite me this time." Blaine chuckled and pressed his lips to Kurt gently, and the two melted in to the kiss once again, mutual smiles on their faces.

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