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Oh my God.

It was the weekly sleepover between Kurt, Rachel and Mercedes, and the three were lounging on Rachel's bed, half watching the Sound of Music and half chatting with each other.

Rachel grinned and turned to face Kurt "So, Kurt, do you have any adorable couple pictures of you and Blaine on your phone?" Kurt flushed red "Maybe." Mercedes whipped her head around "Let me see!"

Kurt chuckled and took his cell out of his bag, holding it out, when it was immediately snatched out of his grip by an enthusiastic Rachel. The two instantly clicked on his photograph folder, looking through his photos.

They both beamed whenever they came across a photo of the two of them together "Awwww, you two are so adorable!" Kurt smiled as he watched his two best friends giggle over the photographs of him and his boyfriend together, playing with the sleeve of his shirt as he daydreamed about his boyfriend.

A sudden stop in the squealing and a quiet "Oh my God." instantly snapped Kurt out of his Blaine induced haze. Kurt looked up to find the two of them staring at him with wide eyes "You didn't tell us you and Blaine had started having sex."

Kurt's eyes widened and he squeaked, diving towards them, panicking "I forgot… Blaine took them! Give me that back! Stop it!" The two girls held the phone out the way of Kurt, continuing to look through the photos "Wow, you're both, erm, wow." Rachel said with wide eyes "It sucks that you two are gay, honestly, it really does."

Kurt huffed and snatched his phone back "Blaine wanted to take some photos, and his cell was dead. He stole mine before I had a chance to protest. No one was ever meant to see those. I'd forgotten they were on there."

Kurt rolled his eyes at the girl's judgemental looks "Fine, I look at them sometimes. Happy?" Mercedes and Rachel grinned, pouncing on him and hugging him "Our little baby penguin is all grown up!"

Kurt squirmed underneath them "Let me go!" His two friends sat upright, beaming "So?" Kurt raised an eyebrow "So what?" Rachel bounced a little "Tell us all about it!"

Kurt shook his head "Remind me why I put up with you two?" Rachel pouted "Because you love us. Now tell us."

Kurt started to talk "It was after the opening night of West Side Story. We hadn't really spoken since we'd had our fight at Scandles, but I wanted to tell him I was proud of him. So I went to go talk to him. He was practicing his dance moves in the auditorium, and he said that he was practicing a move that he'd messed up. But it didn't sound like that, you know? It sounded like he was talking about when we were at Scandles. He told me that Sebastian doesn't mean anything to him. And he put our hands over my heart, like the song, and he kissed me. And I told him I was so proud of him. And that he took my breath away, because he does. And then he asked me to be his date for Artie's after party, but I said no. That I wanted to go to his house. And so we did."

Rachel and Mercedes were watching with wide eyed attention "And? What happened then?" Kurt rolled his eyes good naturedly and replied "We went to his house. In to his bedroom. He dimmed the lights and lit a few candles, putting on some soft music in the background. His parents were away on business, so we could take it slowly. We just kissed, and then hands wandered a little, and then our shirts came off. We just held each other for a little while, kissing some more. And then, when we felt like it was time, the rest of the clothes came off, and we went the whole way. It was gentle and wonderful and slightly awkward but I guess that's to be expected when it's your first time. For both you and your boyfriend. And afterwards we just cuddled and I just couldn't stop smiling. It was incredible."

It was then that he noticed that the girls were laughing, and he flushed red. Kurt buried his head in his knees as the girls giggled "Oh my God, I can't believe I just told you all of that." Rachel and Mercedes hugged him again "I'm so glad you're happy honey." Kurt smiled "I really, really am."

Rachel smiled "Come on, it's late. Time for bed." The three of them tucked under the bed sheets again and curled up together, shutting off the movie smiling softly "Goodnight." They all chimed gently as they drifted in to sleep.