A/N: The first part of this is me filling out the prompt I got from Kara, flailingfangirl on tumblr :) The second part is me adding in my own idea, partially based on an incident involving me, my best friend and my Dad. If anyone else would like me to fill a prompt, please let me know. You can send me a message here or at my tumblr. My url is bitchboughtmycookie . tumblr . com. I'm a bit nervous about this, so I hope I do okay should anybody decide to send me a prompt.


Blaine instantly dragged Kurt upstairs the minute they had arrived through the door. They had a few hours before Kurt's parents were home from work, and Finn was out on a date with Rachel. Kurt shut the door to his bedroom as they walked through it, taking advantage of the privacy they would have before his Dad came home and made them open the door again.

Blaine smiled, backing Kurt towards the bed, the two of them gently falling on to it, Kurt scooting up so his head was on the pillows. Blaine pressed a small kiss to Kurt's tummy before scurrying up the bed, pressing a little kiss to Kurt's neck, prompting a little breathless giggle to pass through his boyfriend's lips.

Blaine grinned, lifting up his head and pressing his lips to Kurt's. Kurt hummed against Blaine's lips, happily returning the kiss, lifting his hands to settle them on Blaine's hips.

Blaine swiped his tongue over Kurt's lips, slipping his tongue in to Kurt's mouth as he opened it, the two of them gasping as their tongues met. They pressed eagerly in to the kiss, both boys responding with enthusiasm. Blaine settled his hands on Kurt's chest, and Kurt slid his hands round to gently cup Blaine's ass, prompting a growl of approval to escape the smaller boy's lips.

Kurt chuckled, squeezing slightly, and in return Blaine rubbed his thumbs over Kurt's nipples, both of them releasing breathy little moans. All thoughts of kissing were abandoned; they simply couldn't concentrate on it any more. Blaine ran his hands lower down Kurt's chest, towards his stomach and ribs.

Blaine pulled back when Kurt let out a little giggle "Kurt, what is it?" Kurt shook his head and gasped out breathlessly "Its fine. It's nothing. Don't stop. I don't want to stop."

Blaine nodded and leant back in, albeit hesitantly, gently kissing his boyfriend again, running his hands over his sides again. This prompted a slight squirming from Kurt and another, louder giggle. Blaine pulled back and beamed at Kurt "You're ticklish, aren't you?"

Kurt glared at him "No way, Blaine Anderson. Don't you dare-ah!" Kurt squirmed more as Blaine instantly started running his fingers over Kurt's sides, tickling him mercilessly. Kurt giggled uncontrollably, hands gripping the bed sheets and Blaine's t shirt "Blaine, Blaine stop it!" he said through his laughter.

Blaine grinned "Now when I have this power over you? No way. I'm never stopping." Kurt squirmed more and laughed "Blaine, we're, ah, we're gonna fall off the bed!"

The next sequence of events happened so quickly they were both powerless to stop them; Blaine and Kurt landed on the floor with a loud whoomph and some groans of pain as Kurt's head and back collided with the floor and Blaine's knees smacked in to the ground. Kurt had accidentally dragged the sheet with them, and the two were now tangled up in it. Kurt's hand gripping Blaine's shirt had caused the buttons to pop off when they fell, so Blaine's shirt was now hanging open. They lay on the ground, trying to check the other was unharmed, but in reality they were just giggling helplessly as they lay tangled up with each other.

And this was why they had failed to notice the door open. But they did hear the clearing of someone's throat from the doorway.

Kurt and Blaine both turned to look at the doorway with wide eyes, and Kurt squeaked "Carole! You're home early!" Carole laughed and shook her head "Please, don't let me disturb you. You boys just have your fun." Blaine turned an instant state of red and Kurt stammered out "B-but Carole, we weren't-!"

Kurt was cut off by the door closing, hearing the footsteps heading back down the stairs. Kurt had thought they were safe until he heard a muffled, distant shout of "Use protection!"

Kurt choked on air "Oh my God. What a boner kill." Blaine smirked "Oh, I don't know about that." He bent his head, pressing little open mouthed kisses over the side of Kurt's neck. Kurt instantly moved his hand to hold Blaine's curls "Mmm, maybe not a complete boner kill." Blaine simply flashed him a wicked grin and started unbuttoning Kurt's shirt as he went, kissing over the newly exposed skin, saying breathily against his chest "I should hope not, Hummel." Kurt growled "Mmm, this helps." Blaine grinned and murmured "I think this tickle fight was the best idea I've ever had."