What if Draco upon gaining his inhearintence he finds out he is half naga ( magic beings that transform into thiere half snake form at will, in combat, or hunting) Draco

being half can trasnfom into his naga form (his snake half having silver scales) at those conditions too but has no choice on the full moon and all naga's have a mate but

have too fight the mate if of same sex for the dominant position. Meanwhile Harry gains his and finds he's half neko on his mom's side having black cat ears, black tail,

emerald slit eyes, and claws at will and on the full moon. Neko's have mates too and like the Naga fight for the dominant position if both are the same sex, What if on a

full moon while hunting Draco comes across neko Harry and instead of wanting too make him his meal he wants too make Harry His little neko mate, Harry knowing that

nagas eat nekos doesn't know wheather to fight or run until he is told by Draco his plans instead of fighting Harry trys running so Draco "hunts" Harry down till the little

neko can't escape him makes a deal where if Harry wins the fight he'll leave the Harry alone but if he wins Harry becomes his mate. They fight and Draco wins and makes

Harry his mate! Those are the important basics make it T or M rated. I'll leave the little details up to you make me proud!