The Gilmore Girls meet the Evans Family

(Disclaimer) do not own Gilmore Girls or Harry Potter. If I did Luke would not have been April's father. Rory going and sleeping with Dean wouldn't have happened or the whole dropping out of Yale either. And Lorelai would have been with Luke from the beginning.

If I did Neville would be in the book and movie more. Remus and Sirius would of kissed in third year. RL+NT(Teddy)would have been named RL+SB(Orion). Harry would have green eyes and Tom Riddle would have red in the movie.

Pairings: Harry/Jess, Remus/Sirius, Luke/Lorelai, Neville/Rory, Draco/Lane, and Richard/Emily.

Warning: Slash, Sexy Stuff, Blood, OOC/AU, Character Death, Child Abuse, Attempted Rape(only implied), and Drama.

Bashing:(HP) Ginny, Cho, Pansey, Hermione, Tonkes, and Dumbledore. (GG) Dean, Christopher, Emily, Max, Tristan, and Rachel.


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Side note: Rory and Dean won't happened in my story. Oh and Jess has been living with Luke since he was eight(will be explain in more details later). Also Jess, Paris and Richard are going to be very OOC.

the story starts a month into Chilton and two weeks before Rory's 16th birthday(Which is october 8th).

Chapter 1

A Simple Dinner... Fight

(Gilmore manor September 24th)

Rory's POV

A month and a half had past since the beginning of the Friday Night Family Dinner and the tension between mom and grandma hasn't eased a bit.

I now have a list if things not to bring up while mom and grandma are in the same room. The list is as follows; Dad, Stars Hollow, Independent Inn, DAR, The CrapShack, and for some odd reason the color yellow. Safe topics are Chilton, Lane, books, and classical music.

Grandpa, mom and I have been getting along great so far after the whole golfing thing.

"Ok mom its your turn to ring the bell?" I told mom.

"But I'll get you a shiny new book if you ring the cursed bell for me."

"Child." I roll my eyes as I ring the door bell.

After the maid of the week takes our coats, Grandpa greets us with our drinks as we sit in the living room.

"Hello Lorelai, Rory. Emily will be right back she just went to check on dinner." said Grandpa with a small smile to mom and me.

"Hi dad."

"Hi Grandpa."

"So how has your first month of Chilton gone Rory?" asked grandpa as he got up to get grandma a drink who had just walked in the room.

"Oh hi Grandma, its been great so far Grandpa. We just finished The Crucible in history and are about to do a group project on the Salem Witch Trials. Harry, the guys and I are going to do it on the families of the accused witches and how they coped with the different myths surrounding their family.

Mom already said yes about me and the guys going on a trip there this weekend after she met them and their guardians at the end of last month."

"Oh so your reporting on the fam-." Grandpa was then cut off by Grandma questioning mom parenting skills again.

"Lorelai really you going to have Rory go by herself with three boys that you barely know."

"Mother! what is it that you think Rory and the boys are going to, join an orgy. I have met Remus and Sirius and they have raised fine boys and I trust them to stay way from Red Light District."

"Must you be so cru-." grandma was cut surprisingly by grandpa.

"Wait ,Lorelai, did you say Remus and Sirius?" asked grandpa.

"Um yeah dad Remus and Sirius Black-Evans. Why, do you know them?"

"Oh yes I met them last year when they just moved to Hartford. Sirius need insurance for his new car repair shop for classic cars. He and his second oldest, Harry I believe, fixed the engine on the Jag about three months ago. Their youngest Draco is quite the chess player and Neville is-" grandpa was again interrupted by grandma.

"Richard if your so chumie with them then why haven't you told me about them." asked grandma as the maid told us dinner was ready.

"Well dear I believe I did tell you about them during the summer as Neville was the gardner at the time." said grandpa with annoyed edge in his voice.

"Why in god's name was the boy the gardner, why don't you have a professional work on the grounds?"

As grandpa and grandma continue to fight mom and I talked while filling our plates.

Lorelai's POV

"Well what do you know a dinner and a show." I said to my one and only offspring.

" Sorry mom I didn't think that grandma would get mad at you, for allowing me and the guys to go to Salem for our project. Maybe grandpa can calm her down." said Rory as she looked from dad to mom as they argued.

"It's alright hun grandma would have thought of something about me to criticize sooner or later."

"Maybe but Harry and the guys are great, even grandpa likes them."

"Yeah they are."

I then turn to whisper in Rory's ear. "Good thing you didn't mention the study party slash sleep over at their house after the whole D on the English paper." Rory nodded quickly eyes still glued to the argument.

I was about to tell Rory we should make a run for it while they're busy, when mom suddenly shouted at dad.

"I will not have those kind of people around my granddaughter, Richard!"

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