The Gilmore Girls meet the Evans Family

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Pairings: Harry/Jess, Remus/Sirius, Luke/Lorelai, Neville/Rory, Draco/Lane, and Richard/Emily.

Warning: Slash, Sexy Stuff, Blood, OOC/AU, Character Death, Child Abuse, Attempted Rape(only implied), and Drama.

Bashing:(HP) Ginny, Cho, Pansey, Hermione, Tonkes, and Dumbledore. (GG) Dean, Christopher, Emily, Max, Tristan, and Rachel.


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Side note: Rory and Dean won't happened in my story. Oh and Jess has been living with Luke since he was eight(will be explain in more details later). Also Jess, Paris and Richard are going to be very OOC.

the story starts a month into Chilton and two weeks before Rory's 16th birthday(Which is october 8th).

Chapter 2

Ding Ding Ding Round Two

(Gilmore manor September 24th)

Richard's POV (five minutes before Emily yelled)

"Richard if your so chumie with them then why haven't you told me about them." asked Emily as the maid told us dinner was ready.

"Well dear I believe I did tell you about them during the summer as Neville was the gardner at the time." I said with a annoyed edge in my voice.

I was getting sick of her attitude tonight the Evans are a fine family here in Hartford.

Remus just got a teaching job at the new elementary school about seven months ago and the kids love him as the new art teacher. Neville is fascinated with plants and flowers that's why I had him work here for the summer so he could study horticulture. Young Draco wants to be a lawyer or chemist and has a great mind for strategy. Sirius can act like a over grown child must like my daughter at times but like Lorelai if it concerns family they take everything very seriously no pun intended. And even though Harry is a day younger then Neville he's the protector of the boys and has his mind set to become a teacher like his papa.

But every time I bring them up Emily won't listen to a thing about the family. It was a shock to me that Emily don't want to hear about the new family from England that moved into town.

I was bought out of my thoughts by my wife acting as if I told her we were going to join the freak show.

"Why in god's name was the boy the gardner, why don't you have a professional work on the grounds?" screeched Emily

"Emily I offered him the job after learning about Neville love for horticulture."

" And how is that normal for a teenage boy to play with flower. I knew as soon as I saw-" for once Emily cut herself off. But I knew where she was going in her rant. I might love my wife but as time goes by her has increasely became closeminded.

"Emily Sirius and Remus are fine parents to the boys, just because they are a gay couple-" for what felt like the hundredth time tonight he was interrupted by his wife.

"I will not have those kind of people around my granddaughter, Richard!"

(Rory's POV)

I was about to tell mom no to her plan about leaving before she could whisper it in my ear, when grandma yelled at grandpa.

I was confused at first having not heard what grandpa said before. 'What kind of people is grandma talking about?'

I looked to mom to see if she was getting any of this. Apparently she had a better grip about the argument if the scowl on her face was anything to go by.

I was about to ask what was wrong when grandma suddenly stood up and yelled, " Those people should be allowed to have kids who knows what they could be doing to them. Two fags for guardians I will not have those boys around my normal granddaughter. I don't understand why no one has taken the boys from their disgusting guardians. I will be calling the school and telling them to remove those abnormal boys from there before they could damage the minds of the kids already there." with that she stormed out of the shocked room.

I looked at grandpa's shocked face before he seems to snap out of it. He stands up before turning to mom and says," I will talk to your mother Lorelai and fix this mess but could you call the Evans for me. Tell them if something happenes at the school or at their jobs to call me straight away." mom just nodded, "Now goodnight Rory, Lorelai hope to see you soon." and leaves the dinning room to find grandma.

After mom and I get into the jeep I ask, " What the hell just happened!"

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