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10 things Kyouya "hates" about Tamaki


His eyes.

Those damn gorgeous eyes. Blue-violet orbs, glowing like sapphires. Kyouya hates them for getting lost in them every time.


His laugh.

That annoyingly beautiful laugh. Kyouya doesn't think it sounds like an angel's. No he doesn't.


His hair.

That amazingly soft hair. He didn't notice how it reflects the sun shining on it, and he sure doesn't think it's pretty.

Kyouya could stroke those golden blond locks all day and night. Without stopping only once


His fingers.

Those elegant fingers, moving across the keys of the piano like feathers. The piano Tamaki plays so perfectly.


His voice.

How could Kyouya possibly like that voice? That sweet, sweet voice. Nope, he definitely doesn't like it.


His body.

Kyouya didn't notice how Tamaki's body looks amazing in every costume, in every outfit. He doesn't admire his sexy body, one bit.


His skin.

Tamaki's soft ivory skin. Does Kyouya like the feeling of it? Maybe he does.


His lips.

Kyouya absolutely hates how Tamaki's lips taste so delicious, he could keep kissing him forever.


His personality.

Kyouya shall fall off a cliff if he likes charming, sweet, naïve, innocent, caring, funny Tamaki.

Thankfully he doesn't like it.


His Tamaki.

Kyouya hates how he loves Tamaki.

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