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Chapter 1

Percy's POV

All my energy was surging inside of me as he giant boat landed.

All I could think of was Annabeth.

What would I say when I saw her?

Would she be happy to see me?

Will the Romans and Greeks get along?

So many questions went through my mind.

I looked nervously at the Roman crowd forming around me, making sure they weren't ready to attack.

A large ramp fell from the top of the ship and shook the ground when it came in contact to the dirt.

My heart jumed to my throat as demigods flooded down the ramp.

I noticed a few as they walked down, Thalia, Clarisse, Grover, The Stoll brothers, and I noticed Jason from a picture I had seen, but o Annabeth.

Were was she?

There wasn't a sound as they all piled to the ground.

I could tell the Greeks were nervous.

Both the Romans and them held their silence for a long time.

The boy I remembered from the Iris message being Leo walked up front.

"Ummmm…. We come in peace?" he said desperately.

"Jason!" I heard behind me as Reyna moved through the crowd, but stopped at the front of the crowd, smiling at him, and sighing with relief.

Jason gave a small smile back.

A girl with brown hair who was standing next to him looked up at him.

He shook his head at her slightly.

"It's Jason! He's back!" I heard from the crowd around us.

"He's with the Greeks" spat another.

"Hey!" I yelled stepping infront of them," this is my family. I won't hve you treating them like that."

It seemed as though the Greeks had just noticed me.

"Percy!" I heard some call.

"Percy!" I heard Thalia say as she ran up and hugged me.

"Thalia." I said as I hugged her back.

She stepped back abruptly and slapped me.

That set the romans off.

"Settle yourselves!" I turned around and yelled at them.

"What was that for?" I asked Thaila as I turned back to her.

"For giving us all a heart attack! You don't just disappear out of nowhere even if Hera is involved! You could have at least Iris-messaged or stayed were you where or maybe just give us one little hint that you're atleast alive or-"

"Ok Thalia I thinkher gets the point." Grover said as he steeped out of the clowd.

"Grover!" I said to him and gave him a hug.

As he man hugged me he whispered in my ear-

"Annabeth. 2nd floor. Room 24. She finally passed out from exhaustion and we let her sleep."

I nodded at him as we broke away.

I exchanged greetings and introduced people to others for the next 5 minutes or so.

I met Leo and Piper, who tensed as Reyna hugged Jason.

I finally managed to slip into the shadows and made my way up the ramp.

The boat was very complex an engineered perfectly.

I just had to realize I wasn't in a hotel and the 2nd florr was the 2nd floor down.

As I walked the halls there were many rooms like they were going to be housing more people than they had brought with them.

I moved down the hall and read the numbers on the door until I got to room 24.

I reached for the door handle bt stopped as nervousness took over me.

What if she had been mad at me like Thalia?

I shook off the thought.

That was just Thalia being Thalia.

I sucked in my breath, turned the doorknob, and lightly pushed the door open.

It was dark in the room, only a small amount of light was coming from a small lamp next to the bed.

From the light I saw a tall\long, slim figure lying on the to of the bed.

I walked silently over to the bed and approached the figure.

She was more beautiful than I remembered, her hair down and spread across the pillow.

She had on her short shorts and her orange camp shirt.

I let my breath out and sat down lightly on the bed.

"Oh my gods Annabeth I missed you." I whispered to her sleeping figure.

All I could do was stare down at her.

I wanted to see her face when she saw me.

I wanted to looked at her sleeping figure all day long.

I wanted to tell her how much I loved her and wished we could never be apart again.

But all I could do was plop down on my back next to her and stare up at the ceiling.

So many emotions were surging through me.

I turned my head to look at her.

She was on her side facing me.

If her eyes would only open…

I gathered up all the courage I had,lifted a shaky hand to her face, and tucked a piece of her golden hair behind her ear.

She shifted and her eyes slowly blinked open.

"Hey Wisegirl." I said to her.

"Hey Seaweed Bran." She said groggily,then caught herself," Wait, Seaweed Brain?" she asked shocked.

Her eyes sprang open.

"PERCY!" she yelled with excitement.

She threw herself to me and we wrapped each other with bone-crushing hugs.

"I missed you Annabeth." I said into her hair.

I sat up so she was no longer ontop of me but sitting in my lap.

"I missed you too." She said into my chest.

She was crying.

"I was afraid you wouldn't remember me." She sobbed.

"I never could have forgotten you Annabeth. When I forgot everything in the world I still couldn't forget you."

"Why didn't you stayat the camp for Tyson?" she asked.

I took her face in my hands.

"I was to busy saving the world." I looked into those grey eyes I missed so much.

She laughed weakly.


"Yes," I cracked a smile," Again."

"Well you have to be ready one more time Seaweed Brain. We've got our biggest threat yet comin for us."

I lightly kissed her lips.

"It's you and me 'till the end."

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