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Please remember me.

That's all Annabeth could think as the ark neared the ground.

Please still love me.

That's all Percy could think as he took his arms off Hazel's and Frank's shoulders.

Annabeth's stomach flipped as the ark landed with a jolt.

"We hope you enjoyed your flight today on the Argo II and we ask you to please use the ramp exit on deck. Thank you for choosing Camp Halfblood airlines and we hope to see you again!" Leo said in his best airline voice through the loud speaker.

But even Leo's jokes couldn't get the butterflies out of Annabeths stomach.

Percy looked around at the crowd of Romans.

The air was tense and they all had their weapons drawn.

"Cease your weapons!" Percy ordered.

They all put their weapons away, but the tenseness still hung in the air.

Annabeth had to control he breathing as she made it to the deck.

The other Greeks were emerging also.

He's just so close...

As Percy saw the Greeks start to descend down the ramp he tried to get through the crowd.

But they just wouldn't part for him.

They all were wanting to get a good look at the Greeks.

But they didn't have to like her did.

He had to see her.

So he made his way toward the front as quickly as he could.

As she walked down the ramp Annabeth held her head high, despite her nervousness, not wanting the Romans to think she was weak.

She analyzed the crowd.

It was a fairly large group, but they were all tense, like they thought the Greeks would attack at any moment.

All that was heard was whispering and breathing.

Percy was tearing through the crowd now.

He heard Hazel and Frank calling for him and following him, but he didn't care.

He had to see her.

The Greeks finally reached the ground, Annabeth up front.

There was a few yards distance from the two crowds.

Annabeth searched the crowd with her eyes, by she didn't see him anywhere.

She turned as she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"He's here" Thalia assured her.

The crowd started to part for Percy now.

He was stampeding through now and pushing demigods out of his way as fast as he could.

He finally reached the front.

Annabeth turned her head to the Roman crowd as she saw commotion out of the corner of her eye.

Gray met green.

Both Percy and Annabeth's eyes softened.

Everyones eyes were on Percy when he walked halfway.

He opened his arms out to Annabeth.

She just stared at him with a mixture of surprise, happiness, and disbelief.

Percy urged her one more time and she came running into his arms.

He picked her up off the ground and spun her around.

The Romans stared at the two with utter surprise.

The Greeks just smiled, happy their lead couple was back together.

When Percy set Annabeth back down on the ground they kept their arms around each other, afraid that if they let go the other wouldn't be there and it would all be a dream.

Annabeth placed her hands on Percy's cheeks and looked into his eyes.

Percy put his hand ontop of hers.

"Percy" Annbeth breathed.

"Annabeth" Percy breathed.

"I found you." she said.

He smiled down at her.

"That's where you are sadly mistaked Wisegirl, I found you" he corrected.

"I don't think so." she said smiling," I didn't see you ride on an ark all the way to get me."

Percy smiled down at her.

"I'll make it up to you." he said.

He dipped her back like in a n old cheesy romantic movie.

The greek crowd smiled widely.

Even a few Venus children smiled.

Percy and Annabeth's lips connected in a long, overdue kiss.

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