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Alleypup's POV

Why did they drag me along to Brooklyn?

I'll tell you why.

Because that girl, what's her name, Falcon, decided that they needed to go to Brooklyn.

And Jack didn't want me in his lodging house.

But I'd never met Spot Conlon.

"What is Spot Conlon like?" I asked, and Falcon smiled at me.

She had that blind kid on her hip, though I didn't get why insisted on carting her everywhere.

"Spot Conlon's the King of Brooklyn. An' you don' wanna get on 'is bad side, that's fer sure."

I rolled my eyes. "'How bad can 'e be?"

David looked over his shoulder at me. "Your funeral."

I shrugged, but I was worried. What kind of person was I being dumped off with?

But at the docks of Brooklyn, someone stopped us.

"Hold it," He said, and Jack said,

"We're heah ta see Spot. 'S'important."

The boy shook his head. "Spot don't see no one 'less he knows them."

"He does know us, thickhead." Jack said, pushing past him.

We all followed, ignoring the boy's protests.

But at the top of a pile of crates wasn't a boy, it was a girl.

"Oi Nick!" Jack called. "Wheah's Spot?"

"Out!" She said, jumping down. "Blank's back." She was expecting some kind of reaction, I guess, but she didn't get it, or at least not the kind she wanted.

"We know," Falcon said calmly.

"They took Sarah." David said.

Nickel nodded briskly, and climbed back up onto the pile of crates.

Focusing on a point somewhere far behind the crates, Nickel called, "SPOT! GET YER ASS OVAH HEAH! JACKY BOY'S BACK, AN' 'E'S GOT NEWS!"

Jack snorted. David looked taken aback. Falcon and Havoc bother grinned, and I had to join them.

Nickel jumped down again. She looked at Falcon and grinned.

"Fal!" She exclaimed. "Where've ya been all this time?" She peered at Havoc. "Hiya, Hav. How goes life?"

"Aunt Nick!" Havoc shrieked, and scrambled out of her mother's arms to clutch Nickel.

As Nickel hugged Havoc, she looked at me. "Who's dis?" She asked Jack.

"Alleypup." Jack answered. "I wanted ta see if I could leave 'er wit' you."

Nickel peeled Havoc off her, and handed her to Falcon. "Cowboy, Brooklyn ain't a dump where you can throw all your defective newsies, ya know."

"Alleypup's different." Jack said. "She disguised herself as a boy. Successfully."

They looked at me with interest. I scowled at them. "Don't you know staring's rude?"

"That changes things." Nickel admitted.


Nickel spat, and stuck out a hand. "Nick Conlon, Spot's sistah, an' beta o' Brooklyn."

I spat and shook, a habit I'd picked up almost immediately upon my arrival in Manhattan.

"C'mon," She gestured for us all to follow her. "Spot's at the lodging house."

"I thought you said he was out." That was David. He sounded puzzled.

"I lied." Nickel said cheerfully. She shrugged. "So sue me."

I liked her. She was nice, and she didn't have any trouble making herself heard. And she was a leader. Even if she was just my age.

At the lodging house, we found 'Spot' arguing with a dozen girls.

"I don't care whatcha want. If ya don' wanna get taken, ya gotta go in pairs!" He saw us. "Do it." He ordered the girls, and walked over.

"Jacky boy," He spat in his hand and greeted Jack. He nodded politely at David and Falcon, and glared at me. "Whozzis?"

"Alleypup," Jack explained. "Nickel said Brooklyn could keep her."

"I'm right here!" I said, but of course no one said anything.

Spot glared at his sister, who shrugged.

He turned his glare back to Jack. "Blank's back."

Jack nodded. "I know."

"He took Sarah," David said, sounding like he was about to lose it.

Spot's eyes widened.

"Spot, we want your help getting her back," Falcon said, "Blank asked for Havoc and me in exchange for her."

Spot looked at Nickel, then back at us. "Be right back,"

And he dragged his sister away for a private conversation.

In the meantime, Falcon sat on a crate with Havoc, and I sat next to her.

"Was she born blind?" I asked, and Havoc turned her head to me.

"I'm right here!" She said indignantly.

Falcon smiled. "She was, but she's never had a problem making herself heard."

I nodded. I got that.

"I heard you disguised yourself as a boy?" Falcon looked at me, and Havoc gaped.

"Ya did?"

I smiled. "I did. But Jack found me out." Falcon laughed.

"That's just like Jack."

I played with Havoc for a while, and talked with Falcon.

Spot came back. He looked hesitant, but he said, "We'll help."