I know this has been done like a million time before, but this is my take on the story. Yes, anyone who knows my X-files stories won't have to ask, this starts Canon but quickly turns to an Alternative Universe.

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Waiting impatiently for the three hundred and one locks to open, Scully tapped her foot on the pavement outside The Lone Gunman's door. The sound of her footfall cushioned by the four inches of snow, the movement didn't compensate for the below freezing conditions at two in the morning. Drawing her trench closer in a vague attempt keep body heat, Scully found the situation ironic.

Still feeling frustrating by the late night call at the same instant she'd finally fallen asleep, Scully almost decided not to pick the instrument off its cradle. Expecting Mulder's dulcet tone on the other end of her home line, Dana let her displeasure illuminate her tone with a single word "Scully". Since losing the X-files for the second time, he'd continued his work behind Kersh back, graciously allowing HER to take the heat for HIM.

'Not this time Mulder,' Scully promised silently, only to hear Byers calm tone. The message simple, get here now and then an impertinent dial tone. The call left Dana Scully to wonder what trouble Mulder had managed to fall into this time. They'd returned from sunny Florida yesterday and the Queen Anne fiasco. 'If you really loved me Mulder,' Scully informed her absent partner with a wistful fancy, 'you'd stop chasing after monsters with a butterfly net.'

Finally the door cracked open to a short, unruly dressed man. 'Agent Scully,' he greeted, none of his usual innuendo displayed in either his voice or action. Scully began to seriously worry for Mulder's safety, especially when she couldn't see him behind any of the mountains of electronic monitoring equipment.

'Where's Mulder,' Scully demanded, sashaying her way over to Byers and Langley with Frohike following like a lost and lonely puppy. Byers' demeanour didn't change. John Byers assessed the woman before him with cool blue eyes, ensuring his expression and body language never gave away his inner thoughts.

Langley searched the room to avoid Scully's direct gaze and his panicked expression. Crossing her small arms over her chest, Scully waited while two of the three men exchanged worried looks. Wondering who'd crack first, she finally asked, 'just tell me what he's done this time.' An irritated sigh, combined with a frown gave the diminutive woman an air not to be messed with.

Byers, elected leader by the other two, responded in his usual warm voice. His monotone prepared Scully for the shock ahead. Not that Mulder hasn't put me through just about everything possible, a sudden shiver of apprehension caught Scully unaware. Neither Langley nor Frohike had the courage to face the red head agent in this mood. This concerned Scully more than she let on.

'Three children were abandoned at Little Sisters of the Poor Orphanage Thursday last week,' Byers informed, 'three day old twin boys and their eleven month old sister.'

Scully's heart went out to the children as she wondered what tragedy forced their parents to surrender them. Unable to see any situation leading her to give up her offspring, Dana grieved as much for the infants as herself. Now, when the choice became impossible, she finally realised how much she wanted to be a mother.

I always thought I had plenty of time, the melancholy thought ran through Scully mind, that I could make the decision when the opportunity presented itself. In discovering Emily, Scully and Mulder proved she'd never get the chance. The syndicate wouldn't allow her access to her stolen DNA, let alone her biological offspring. They'd left her barren, unable to conceive a child even if she wanted. Scully's career choice and single status ensure she never be eligible to adopt.

'Mulder's gone to get them,' Langley stated, a humourless smile on his face.

'Why,' her train of thought broken, Scully forced her mind to the conversation.

While Langley sat on a stool before his computer, Byers and Frohike stood either side. They looked like the three stooges, lined up with identical expressions on their faces. Curley and Mo glanced at Byers, letting him field Scully furious glare. Inside she shook, realising the enormity of Mulder's dash to secure the safety of these orphaned children.

'These children were abandoned without identification in the early hours of the morning,' Byers explained. 'In the middle of winter, they might've frozen but The Sisters attend vespers at four thirty every morning.'

'They took the kiddies to the local hospital,' Frohike chimed in. 'The police contacted the local Children's service office. The Sisters where given temporary custody until the parents could be located.'

'When the police couldn't find any leads, the doctors took blood for DNA typing,' Byers once again took up the story. 'They managed to find the parents on the national database.'

'But the biological mother's never given birth, at least not in any hospital in the US,' Langley added, a nervous smile creeping onto his lips. Turning his attention to the computer screen, he pointed out several lines of text, 'so we decided to dig.'

'We discovered three children, matching the description, conceived using an IVF clinic here in D.C.,' Byers continued. 'The birth mother used donor ova, supplied by the clinic to achieve two term pregnancies, a girl eleven months ago and twin boys last week, using her husband's sperm. At least that's the official version on the paperwork filed in triplicate with the National Assisted Fertility Council. Both met an untimely demise Wednesday evening, leaving behind three children and no one to care for them.'

'Which clinic,' Scully asked, her legs shook with anxiety. As the name rolled off Byers lips, Dana found her knees unable to support her weight. Falling into the stool behind her, the colour drained from her face. 'What are you trying to tell me,' she demanded of the three men before her.

'Biologically, those three children belong to you and Mulder,' Byers enounced each word slowly and carefully. 'Mulder left to gather evidence, giving both of you a chance to gain temporary custody of your children.'

'He left this for you,' Langley handed Scully an envelope with her name scrawled across it in Mulder's untidy handwriting.

Tearing the flap open, a diamond engagement ring fell out. Scully had seen it before, on Mrs Mulder's finger before she'd succumb to a massive stroke (OK, I know, not canon but it serves a purpose) just over a year ago. Searching for anything else, Dana took out a slither of paper.

It's the only way. Everyone thinks we've been in a clandestine relationship for years. Ten AM, Judge Harold Macomb's office, central D.C. M.

Nodding her agreement, Scully picked up the ring and slipped it onto her left hand. She knew sleep would evade her tonight. Making a mental list of what needed to be achieved in the next six hours, she took in a deep breath.

'I'm going to need your help,' she told the three men still staring at the glittering stone with gob smacked expressions.

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