Something I wrote ages ago. Probably Mary-Sue, probably dumb, but I don't care.

Kiara liked it when the lioness visited, even more when she stayed for more than a couple of days, even though it was not at all in Reia's character. She only stayed when her help was needed or she was injured, which was rare despite her recklessness.

The lioness was beautiful, in a coarse sort of way, though she never mated and was never pushed to – except by Kiara's grandmother, who insisted she stop her pointless wandering – with bright green eyes that seemed to hold the experience of countless adventures and dark gold fur that always looked roughed up. Reia was older than her parents by a few months, but she retained a carefree and mischievous spirit.

With a little bit of persuasion, Kiara would be allowed to play at the most interesting places, under the solemn promise that she would be under her 'aunt's' watch. Nonetheless, Reia was far more easygoing than her parents – especially her father – and sometimes she would even be allowed to watch the other lionesses hunt on stealth lessons with her 'aunt'.

If Kiara had any other aunts, Reia would be her favorite.

"Aunt Reia?"


"Will you take me on an adventure one day?" She asked hopefully, earning a light chuckle from the lioness.

"Jewel, one day, you'll find your own adventure."


Another laugh, as Reia licked the top of her head gently. "Really, Kiara, really."

"But you'll still take me on an adventure, right?"

"If your daddy says I can… which I highly doubt. Looks like you'll have to find your own after all, hmm?"

"Maybe he'll let me when I'm older."

"Jewel, he'll be afraid you'll never come back. Do you know how many times he's told me stop risking my life and act my age for once?" Kiara laughed. "But I could never say yes. There's very little to do here."

"That's only because you do a million things every day." Kiara quipped; they laughed for a while before the cub turned her bright eyes on her 'aunt'.

"Aunt Reia, if you would choose to stay one day, what would be the reason?"

She seemed to think about this for a moment, before grinning. "Well, either my limbs have been torn off, or I'd have come to the point where I'd be too old to walk. If you asked your dad, he'd say the first one would be more likely, but I stand by what I always say – I'm always careful!" There was a twinkle in her eye as she said this. "I might just leave one day and never come back."

At her 'niece's' dismayed expression, she smiled and nudged Kiara. "One day, you'll find that adventure, and you'll find that someone along with it. Then you'll be a really lucky girl."

And as it turned out, all three happened.

Reia had a knack for knowing when she was wanted. And so she was right there, watching, when Kovu was welcomed into the family, even if Kiara only caught a glimpse of her emerald eyes glowing with pride, as her slim golden form disappeared into the savanna.

She never saw her aunt after that, but Kiara was sure she would always be watching. And that was good enough – it was Reia, after all. She couldn't have expected anything but.

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