The very last, mind you.

The cliff overlooked a huge expanse of jungle greenery, a myriad of sparking blue and a thousand other colors bathed in warm, golden sunlight. The steady hum could be heard, even from where she was, of the rushing was and cascading falls, along with the songs of the crickets that always seemed to echo in a perfect, unique harmony.

So much time had passed, yet the lush paradise was still the same.

Only this time, she was very much alone.

Now, she had grown used to being on her own. But now, back at the birthplace of her dreams, she felt hollow, without her former companions.

But – all that mattered now was that they were safe and happy. It was one of the thoughts that best lifted her mood, in that nostalgic, solemn atmosphere.

Hakuna Matata. She smiled. What wonderful memories they brought; those two words alone held so much power.

No worries. It was, indeed, the best way to leave – without worries.

Simba… was the leader of Pride Rock, the king he was always meant to be. Timon and Pumbaa – she laughed; the bumbling rascals – were right there with him. They were happy.

And Kiara… she was happy as well, surely. She had a mate, last she checked – and Reia could smirk to herself and know she had been right after all.

"No! It – it's just, Daddy always says I'm going to be queen someday…"

"…I see. And you don't think you'd like to be queen, do you?"

She hoped her little Jewel had found the solution to that problem.

Something struck her then, as her breath halted and the midday sun seemed cold, for just a second.

It was time.

Reia drank in the sight for the very last time, before she closed her eyes and lowered her head for a content slumber; her very last, she knew.

And perhaps, over time, she would be buried by sand or picked apart by vultures, but it really didn't matter. Once she left that body and moved on to new adventures, very little mattered.

For all was well, and she could think of no better time or place to make the final departure.