This is another spitfire story. Yeah I know, but they are my fave pairing. Anyways, I kind of based this story on the movie the swan princess. So now, double disclaimer: I don't own young justice or it's characters, and I don't own the swan princess story.


It was a Saturday night, and after dealing with the snobs at gotham high, artemis just wanted to kick back, relax and watch a movie, and maybe treat herself to some popcorn.

If there was any left after wally had his food rampage last night.

Artemis walked inside the cave and walked to the kitchen, only to find wally pigging out.

She grumbled. "is there any food left?"

"well, yeah! I don't eat that…. Okay nevermind. But there is till food left. Brussel sprouts, peppers, stinky cheese, onion cloves, all of which I saved for you. Figured you'd like that, since you know, you're evil and all."

"when I said food, I meant good food."

"yeah. good food for you." Artemis rolled her eyes. "is there popcorn left?"

Wally looked at one of the cupboards, the turned to artemis. (cue the country showdown/duel music) "you know you can't out run kid flash."

"ehh, I can try." Then artemis lunged for the cupboard, but suddenly, the com beeped. Artemis froze along with wally.

"hello team, we have a mission. Report to the mission room to get briefed and ready for departure."

The teens in the kitchen groaned. "not another mission! Don't villains ever take a break?"

"apparently not." Wally said grinning at artemis.

"I mean really! Who works on a Saturday? And how come heroes don't ever get a vacations!" artemis continued on her rant, while wally poked her, and reminded her they had a mission to go to.

After briefing

The team was on their way to England in m'ganns bioship. Klarion was causing several disturbances there. Well, he was always making disturbances everywhere.

"arriving in 5." Megan reported.

"good. Team, prepare for landing." Aqualad ordered. Everyone started unstrapping themselves. "change to camoflague mode."

After landing…

"England! We're finally here!" m'gann squealed.

"yay. England. Let's just get this over with. I'm going to be late for my movie." Artemis said, boredly.

The team got off the ship and headed towards the area of disturbance. When they arrived, they saw klarion blasting spell after spell randomly.

"ahh, your finally here. I was wondering when you were going to arrive." klarion cackled. Then he started shooting spells towards the team. "ahahahaha!" klarion was clearly enjoying himself, while blasting spells out to trees, benches, statues, and other inanimate objects, and making them move and try to kill the team.

After 15 minutes, artemis and the rest of the team were getting tired. Artemis was already on her last arrow. Wally was low on fuel. Superboy, m'gann, and aqualad were getting too tired. Then, wally stopped to snack quickly since he was, as I already said, low on fuel. Suddenly a huge statue loomed behind wally, and wally, being too tired to run tried getting away, but was about to get crushed when artemis shot the last exploding arrow at the statue. It exploded, protecting wally. Robin saw this and grinned.

"again, her arrow saves your butt, wally." Wally pouted.

"duuuude!" wally turned to thank a tired panting artemis when he saw a person loom behind her.

"ARTEMIS! BEHIND YOU!" artemis turned but was too late. The person behind her hit her with a branch that had fallen during the fight behind her head, resulting in an unconscious artemis. the person picked up artemis and slung her over his shoulder.

Klarion cackled. "good job, abra! Now lets go! I have my 'souvenir'!" klarion pointedly looked at wally when he said that, somehow knowing wally liked to collect souvenirs. "good bye, justice babies! See you never!" and with that klarion disappeared in a puff of smoke with abra-kadabra and artemis.

The team just stared at the spot where artemis had been a few minutes ago. Then wally yelled out her name. "ARTEMIS!" he ran up to the spot where she was. Then he turned to the rest of the team.

"we have to find her!"

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