Swan changeling chapter 11

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"artemis… don't forget to tell your friend, peeping tom, that he should really stop peeking. It dosent suit him so much." Then the guy threw an evil smile towards where wally was 'hiding'.

Artemis looked over at the bushes and glared. Sure it was sweet he was there, but still. He could get hurt or something! But she didn't care.

As if. He still was her teammate.

He stepped out of the bushes.

"well, if it means artemis will be safe, then you can count on this peeper." wally said.

"hm. Well. That's too bad. I thought you were the good guys." He grabbed her face with his dirty grimy hands and shook her face. "he's not my boyfriend!" She growled and kicked him in the knee.

He didn't even budge.

The next thing she knew, her arm was hurting like no tomorrow and her limbs were splayed all over the ground.

"don't mess with me girly." The man snarled.

"then… don't mess… with me…" she groaned as she tried getting up from where she lay.

"stay there!" man growled as he muttered something under his breath. Then artemis froze. She couldn't move.

Then the guy held up his hand to grab wally's hand, that was trying to hit him in the back of the head.

He spun around to face wally and glared.

"don't even try, buddy." He then slapped the boy across the face, leaving a hand print.

"wally! I told you not to come here!" artemis yelled angrily, but her voice was laced with worry. Due to the man's loss of concentration, artemis was able to move again. Barely, but it was still something.

"yes wally! Why not listen next time? Oh wait, there won't be a next time!" the man cackled gleefully. He muttered more words and wally's feet froze in place. Then he walked over to artemis.

"you should really learn your place. As in, a hole in the ground." He pulled out a knife. Artemis was already running to wally.

"what are you doing here?" she yelled angrily.

"oh, I don't know. Trying to die maybe. NO! I was following you to see where you were going, and if my hallucination was real. Which apparently, it was. So maybe you could be a bit nicer."

"yeah well-" suddenly she stopped talking as her face turned into a surprised look.

"look, if you just noticed my awesomeness, and are surprised by it, I don't blame you. You can be slow at times." Her expression didn't change.


"oh, she's not surprised by your 'awesomness'. Actually I think the surprisedness comes from the coldness of my knife." A voice said from behind artemis. Wally's eyes widened as he realized what he meant.

"ARTEMIS!" he yelled angrily.

"oh don't worry about your girlfriend. I didn't stab her heart or anything that important. Just maybe her lung." He said inspecting her.

"you better –grunt- fix her! Or I'll –grunt-"

"or you'll what? Breathe on me? Oh I'm so scared!" he said, shaking his arms and fake quivering his knees.

Suddenly, the man was on the ground holding his leg and screaming.

Wally saw a knife sticking out from the back of the man's leg, and artemis was standing upright.

"we…have to…go…" artemis wheezed. Wally was able to move again, due to the fact the man was screaming in pain and lost concentration.

"c'mon beautiful, we better get you back."

Artemis didn't answer because she didn't want to waste her breath, and wally sped off towards the mountain.

Back in the forest/glade…

The man that had been laying on the ground in pain suddenly got up, took the knife out of his leg and laughed.

His eyes glowed and a map of the world appeared in front of him. On it a red speeding dot was speeding, and suddenly stopped close by.

"got you."

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