Swan changeling chapter 2

Hello, this is chapter 2 of this story (obviously) hope you like it!


artemis awoke groggily. Her head hurt. Her skin was being irritated. What happened? And again, why did her head hurt?

And then she remembered everything.

She rubbed her eyes to unglazed her eyes, but when her eyes came into focus, everything was kind of hard to see anything because the lighting was dim. From what she could see, there was a chair, a TV, a camera, a pile of straw covered with a scratchy looking blanket, and obviously a window. The moon was shining, giving artemis a bit of light. She looked down hoping to maybe remove the irritating thing, and saw it was a dress.

Who the heck put her into a dress?

Whoever did this, were going to be sorry.

Artemis decided to be reasonable and try to get out.

She stood up and ran her hand against the wall, trying to find a door or a way out.

Finding nothing, artemis walked over to the straw bed and tried to come up with a plan to get out.

When suddenly, a part on the wall glowed bright red, and seemingly out of nowhere, a door appeared.

And who else to enter that door than klarion?

The team…

Everyone on the team had been working hard a t trying to find artemis.

Robin had been working non-stop hacking and working on the computer, trying to find something to tell them about artemis's whereabouts.

M'gann had been doing many mind scans over everywhere, continents, countries, states, cities, towns, everywhere.

Superboy and wally had been out scavenging the area (namely the country,)looking for her. By now, wally was getting tired of running around. He was running low on fuel, so he decided to turn in for the night, deciding that he would sleep on it, and maybe, the answer would come to him in a dream.


Artemis watched as klarion walked into the room.

"so, how are you liking your accommodations?" klarion smirked.

"accommodations? Hah! These aren't accommodations!" artemis spat.

Klarion looked hurt and surprised (he was faking it of course). "you don't like the tv? Abra was telling me not to put it in, but I thought maybe you would enjoy kicking back?" he teased meanly.

Artemis glared, then thought of something.

Unfortunately, so did klarion.

As klarion was thinking, artemis kicked him in the stomach, and ran for the door. Klarion, unfazed by all this, smirked as artemis got shocked trying to run out the door.

"do you actually think I would be so stupid? I actually think ahead. The door is made so only abra and I can go through. Foolish girl." Artemis growled at this.

"And that kick hurt a bit. Ahhh, I suppose I shall have to punish you. Ohh! This will be fun! I will think of a suitable punishment for a while. Sleep well artie!" klarion cackled.

Abra and klarion walked out of the door as artemis walked towards the straw.

As soon as she was sure klarion and abra were gone, she walked over to the camera and kicked it so hard that it broke. Then she walked over to the tv and started taking it apart.


Finally! She was done. Artemis had made a type of chain thing with a hook at the beginning.

Now for the finishing touch.

Artemis walked over to the bed and took the blanket and wrapped it around her waist, so if needed, she could use it as a parachute.

Finally. Ready.

She looked out the window and saw she was very, very, very, high up. She shrugged and hooked the chain under a loose but not too loose, brick. She tugged the chain to see if it was strong enough, then feeling satisfied, she threw the chain out the window, and started her climb.

1 hour later…

Artemis was starting to get really tired. She had been climbing down the chain for an hour and she hadn't gotten anywhere. Literally. the window she climbed out of was still on top of her. Klarion mut have really thought ahead.

She was going to get out of here, one way or another.

So she let go of the chain, and while falling, she untied the blanket from her waist and use it as a parachute. It was kind of working. Suddenly, artemis met ground.

"I MADE IT! YES!" then remembering that she was trying to sneak away, she clamped her hand over her mouth, silently reprimanding herself. After that, she decided to try and figure out where she was, so she started to look around.

She was in some sort of clearing in a forest. Willows hung over a medium sized, blue lake, and flowers and other plants surrounded it. The tower she fell from was in the middle of the lake. Further into the forest were some ruins, and more bushes. She sighed and sat down. She was tired. That was weird. Just a second ago, she had been wide awake. she thought maybe she could… just… take a …. Little nap…


"look at her! Sleeping so… peacefully. Like a baby. But she won't be after I'm done with her!" artemis heard klarion (she thinks) cackle. She opened her eyes groggily, then rubbed them to unglazed them.

Klarion was leaning over her with abra standing behind him. Artemis jumped up quickly and kicked klarion on his head, fazing him for a few seconds. He growled and muttered some words.

Suddenly, artemis was being carried by something invisible back to klarion, and the lake.

"well, I've thought of a punishment, for kicking me, but now, you're trying to run away, and kick me in the head? Well my pet-"

"I'm not your pet." Artemis interrupted, snarling.

"you're not my pet? You know, that gives me an idea. We'll see about that."

Artemis paled. "how about something graceful. You know, since you aren't." he cackled at this. If this was the cartoons, klarion would have a lightbulb on top of his head.

" I know! I'll turn you into a…"

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