Swan changeling chapter 9

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Training had been hard, and brutal. After 8 hours of non-stop training, her father had decided to give her a five minute break.

Five-minute. He said artemis should thank him.

Pshhh… yeah right. All artemis wanted to do right now was to go back to the cave and sleep. You know, the last time she had at least 8 hours of sleep was…. Days ago. She yawned. Thinking about the cave…. Where was wally? the last time she had seen him was before training. She bit her lip.

She bet that wally would go and tell the whole team about her family. They could kick her off the team. They might kill her. Even worse, they might ignore her and shun her.

Thinking of wally….she smiled picturing him in her mind when her father called her back by throwing a knife at her. She grabbed the handled from the back and threw it to him.

Training time…


What was going on here? All in one day, wally had witnessed:

Klarion kidnapping artemis

Artemis turning into a swan

Artemis turning back into a human

Klarion opening some portal (its not a portal! It's a pocket dimension!) and sending some guy artemis says is her father.

Someone (most likely artemis) spiked his drink, or maybe he was just going crazy.

Definitely the former.

He bet that this was all just a hallucination, and a good nap would clear his mind.

He started snuggling into the covers of his bed and fell asleep, definetly hoping this was all a hallucination.


It was 7 at night, and klarion had sent sportsmaster home. All in all, it had been an ok training session. Some (ok, MANY) bruises on her face and body, more cuts, and some burns. And a strained ankle.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

The sun had set just a few minutes ago, and the moon was already shining on the lake.

Artemis hobbled over to it and the transformation thing happened.


"I KNEW IT! You totally spiked my drink! You turning into a swan? Hahaha! For a second there, I was worried I was going crazy!" wally saw artemis materialize into the cave and he immediately began yelling at her for "spiking his drink".

"whatever wallman." Artemis seeing that wally CLEARLY believed that what happened earlier didn't happen, she decided to not do anything about it. Being hungry, she started walking to the kitchen.

"so where were you?" he asked.

She raised her eyebrow. "busy. Doing stuff."

"what kind of stuff?"

"do you actually care?" she suddenly put too much pressure on her foot and fell down with a small grunt.

"dang it!"


"dang it!" he heard her mutter.

"are you ok?" he asked raising his eyebrow.

"yeah… I'm fine…. Probably just a strained ankle." Looking at her closer, wally realized she had bruises, burns and some nasty cuts.

"what happened?" even wally was surprised at his tone of voice. Caring.

"you don't remember?" she asked skeptically.

" remember what?"

"ughhh…. Never mind." She tried lifting herself up. Failing, she looked up to wally.

"soooo…. Are you going to just stand there gaping at me or are you actually going to help me up?" he rolled his eyes, and held his hand out for her to take.

After getting up, she said, "I'm going to my room."

"don't you have to treat those cuts?"

"nahh…. They'll heal… in time. Any ways… I have to go say hi to the rest of the team. And she limped off.

Wally just stood there, staring after her.


After being greeted by the whole team artemis was sure she was going to die. She still had to go see her mother. Leaving the cave after she was sure mostly everyone was asleep, she was walking to her apartment. It was night, in gotham, and she was walking by an ally.

Not exactly the safest….

Well… I'm a big girl now…. I can take care of myself… it's not like OWW!

She had brushed against a wall where her burn was. She checked her watch.

Only midnight. And she could already see her apartment there. She gritted her teeth to stop a scream when someone almost pushed her down.

"watch where you're going!" she yelled. "people should watch were they are going…" she grumbled.

Arriving at her apartment, she walked in and climbed up the stairs (very slowly, and painfully).

Finally reaching the door to her apartment. Artemis knocked

"ARTEMIS! where were you? I was waiting for you! You get in here now and you are not allowed to leave."

"MOM! I have to go… I just come so you could see I'm fine."

"yes… he did let you off easy… come inside and we'll bandage you up."


Artemis had just left the cave. He heard the computer announce her departure.

Was it all true? No.. the drink was spiked! Then explain why she left again… she had to see her mom!

Wally was having a battle against himself. Reluctantly, he had to say… he did care…

About artemis…

Then seeing megan walking in the kitchen wally ran over to her.

"soooo… megalicious… how about the movies tonight?"

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