Summary: Elizabeth Irene Hooper and Mary Estelle Hooper. Two extremely close sisters who grew into very different women.

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Warning: this chapter mentions both murder and suicide. There is nothing too horrible or graphic (this is a T rated story after all) but Molly is a pathologist, so in this chapter at least I am afraid it can't be helped. If you chose not to read this chapter but want to continue with the story don't worry, I will include a brief overview at the beginning of the next chapter.

Chapter 9

Molly had never realized just how much time could pass between Sherlock's visits to St Bart's. She assumed that she had never noticed before because when he was there his presents was so all consuming it could make you forget that he ever left, she probably would have continued in blissful ignorance if she hadn't taken to waiting for his arrival with baited breath.

Her new found belief in herself had not gone unnoticed by those around her, she had hidden much less from her co-workers than she had from Sherlock and John but even they had seen a change in her.

With each day that passed Molly's anticipation rose, she couldn't wait to see what reaction if any she would get from Sherlock.

It was 2 months after her new years eve meeting with Liz when she finally had a chance to interact with him and he wasn't even really there.

Lestrade had contacted the morgue at St Bart's one morning and asked them to have Molly re-examine the body of a young woman that had come in just the day before, the fact that he had insisted that it had to be Molly that meant that Sherlock must be involved.

The body was that of Olivia Vermont, she was a home grown TV star that had been gracing British screens since she had been just 3 years old. She had only been 23 when she died and the Doctor that had conducted her first post mortem believed she had taken her own life due to depression.

Molly couldn't help but feel desperately sad for Olivia, she hadn't followed the young celebrity's career the way some of her colleges did but she had liked her.

For someone so young Miss Vermont been through a lot and she always acted with such grace and dignity that you couldn't help but respect her.

When she was 13 she had survived her parent's messy divorce and the even messier custardy battle over her and her sister, which seemed to have more to do with the money the two girls made than anything else.

When Olivia was 15, her older sister Lucille had all but abandoned her by moving away from home and withdrawing from the public eye. She said it was because couldn't take being around her parents anymore, Olivia could have thrown a very public hissy fit but she hadn't. She had just smiled for the cameras and told reporters that she wished her sister well.

According to Lestrade Olivia's parents were not convinced that she had killed herself and they point blank refused to believe she had been depressed, even though that had admitted to not seeing her in months. They had somehow managed to get Sherlock to look into the case, just how they did so Molly didn't know and she was pretty sure she didn't want to.

"I'm sorry about this Olivia, it will all be over soon, I promise" Molly told the young woman as she began the second examination. Molly always spoke to the people she autopsied as if they could still hear her, she felt it was important to remember that they were in fact people and not just slabs of meat. A lot of her colleges found Molly's habit disturbing and weird but a few understood it for what it was, her way of showing her respect for the dead and those were the few that she held in the highest regard.

It didn't take long for Molly to discover that Olivia's parents weren't completely wrong but they weren't completely right either. Molly re-ran all of the tests that had already been done on Olivia's blood and soon she was sure that she knew what had happened to Olivia Vermont she would just need Lestrade or Sherlock to discover who it was that had done it to her.

By the time Lestrade arrived Molly had concluded the post mortem and Olivia lay waiting for him, her modesty preserved by the morgue sheet that covered her from chin to ankle.

"What have you got for us Molly?" he asked obviously believing that he was going to get the same answers from her as he had from the last pathologist, she really hated to disappoint him.

"I'm sorry Greg, it wasn't suicide" she told him.

"Damn" Lestrade swore.

"So the parent's where right, she was murdered" he clarified as he pulled out his mobile.

"No She wasn't" Molly said firmly.

To his credit Lestrade didn't get flustered or babble in confusion as some might, he just gave Molly a look that clearly asked her to explain, so she took a deep breath and showed him all of her findings.

"Are you sure about this Molly?" Lestrade asked once she was done.

A few weeks ago Molly would have told him she was as sure as she could be or she would have reminded him that there was always room for error but now she all is did was nod sadly.

"How could the first post mortem have missed this" Lestrade demanded.

"There are only two reasons I can think of and I don't particularly like either of them" Molly told him in a voice that trembled with anger "Incompetence or laziness" she explained "Don't worry detective inspector I will find out which it was and I will deal with the situation personally" Molly promised fiercely.

Greg Lestrade had always considered himself a brave man so he couldn't understand for the life of him why he suddenly found sweet, harmless little Molly Hooper quite intermediating. He couldn't deny that he was relieved when John chose that moment to arrive however he would have been more pleased if Sherlock had been with him.

When he and John had exchanged greetings and Sherlock still hadn't arrived Lestrade realized that the consulting detective had no intention of turning up.

"Is Sherlock letting you look at body's all on your own now John?" he asked teasingly.

"Well I am a doctor" John shot back.

"You also have a web cam enabled lap top under your arm" Molly added with a cheeky grin "Which you can set up over there" she added quickly pointing to her desk when John sent her a mock glare.

It took John a little while to get the lap top up and running but soon Sherlock was in the room with them wearing nothing but his bath robe, a least it wasn't a sheet.

"Finally" Sherlock blustered "Took you long enough" he huffed.

"Apparently not seen as you still aren't dressed" John muttered as he manoeuvred the lap top so that Sherlock could better see the room. "Sorry about this" John made it appear that he was apologizing to both Molly and Lestrade for Sherlock's state of undress but everyone in the room (physically or otherwise) knew that it was mainly aimed at Molly, they were all waiting for her to collapse into a flustered heap but that wasn't going to happen this time.

"So detective inspector what do you think you have for me?" Sherlock asked condescendingly.

"Actually Molly here has a theory" Lestrade told him sounding almost proud as he placed a hand on the young doctors shoulder.

"Oh she does, does she?" Sherlock said, his voice taking on a sickly sweet mocking tone.

"You like to hear other peoples theory's remember Sherlock" John quickly cut in before Molly or Lestrade had a chance to put Sherlock in his place.

"No, I like to hear your theory's John" Sherlock corrected his flatmate icily.

"Which you then blow full of holes, maybe Molly can do better" John suggested.

Sherlock looked completely unconvinced but indicated to Molly to continue.

Molly smiled hesitantly before taking a deep breath and began speaking in a much more commanding tone than any of the men had ever heard her use before. "Olivia Vermont's cause of death was massive blood loss due to two deep cuts, one on each wrist" she explained.

"Classic hallmarks of suicide" Sherlock stated in a board tone.

"Yes" Molly agreed "But she didn't slit her own wrists, both cuts are almost identical in depth and length, I have never seen that in a genuine suicide. The cut to the second wrist is normally shallower and much messier than the first" She explained "Plus both cuts were made by a right handed person and while Olivia was right handed it is nearly impossible for someone to slice there right wrist using their right hand" she added quickly.

"And you know this how?" Sherlock questioned.

Molly guessed that he was referring to her knowing the cuts were made by a right hand because everything else she had said seemed self explanatory to her. She also knew that chances where Sherlock knew exactly how she could tell the cutter was right handed he was just testing her.

"The directionality of the cuts and angle of the blade can tell us if it was held in a left or right hand, in this case it indicates right" she explained precisely.

"Very good Molly" Sherlock said, once again using his sweetly mocking voice.

"So someone murdered her and tried to make it look like suicide?" John asked ignoring Sherlock.

"I don't think so" Molly said sadly.

"Then what do you think happened Doctor Hooper?" Sherlock demanded.

"I think someone slit her wrists for her and she let them do it"

"Do you have any evidence to support your theory" John asked cautiously.

"There are no bruises on her wrist she didn't fight or resist in any way" Molly explained sadly she couldn't stop her heart from aching for the poor girl that lay before them.

"Could she have been unconscious?" John wondered aloud.

"She had a high concentration of prescription medication in her system but nowhere near enough to knock her out I'm afraid" Molly said regretfully.

"And that's all you have is it?" said Sherlock sounding unimpressed.

Molly's new found confidence wavered for just a moment and all she could do was nod.

John gave the younger doctor an encouraging smile, he could tell she thought she had somehow disappointed Sherlock but he could see a gleam of appreciation in his flat mate's eyes.

"Not bad, Molly not bad at all" Sherlock complemented with a genuine smile. He always found it enjoyable to watch Molly work she could always be relied upon to be competent even if his presents sometimes had her stuttering like a fool.

"I'm glad I could help" Molly smiled back at the consulting detective "The rest is up to you" she told him warmly but there was an undertone to her voice. She almost seemed to be issuing Sherlock a challenge but John knew it was more than that, she was pleading with him to find the person that had killed Olivia.

"John will report to you with our findings by the end of the day" Sherlock told her with a smug smile before disconnecting the feed between the two lap tops.

John took that as his cue to leave but not before giving Molly one last reassuring smile "See you later Molly" he said giving her a small wave as he went.

"Good work" Lestrade added before following John out of the morgue.

As the men left Molly could almost feel herself swelling with pride, she had finally done it. The woman that had just sent the last half hour discussing Olivia's case was the real Molly Hooper, not just the shadow she had always shown the world before.

Part of her wanted to celebrate her achievement but she knew now was not the time or place so she turned her attention back to the table where Olivia lay. "They will find out who did this to you" she told the girl firmly "and I am going to find out who in this department failed you" she said casting a glance at the girl's wrists.

One of Molly's co-workers had taken one look at Olivia and written her off as a suicide. They had thought she wasn't worth the time and energy of a second and Molly was determined they were not going to get away with it. Whoever this person was were soon going to wish that they had never brushed Olivia Vermont aside so easily, Molly was going to make sure of it.

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