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Taylor POV

Taylor Mitchell always knew that she was different, that she was special. Some part of her always knew she was a witch. How could she not be? It was the only logical explanation for all the crazy things in her life.

When she was little her parents said she had a great imagination. A three- year-old talking about magic is cute. An eight-year old talking about magic isn't so cute.


She was delusional. That was the only explanation her parents' religious upbringing would allow them to believe. She couldn't be a witch, to accept that would be to accept the devil into their home. When she yelled at them to get out of the way of the bus heading straight for them her parents told her she was seeing things. When they found her talking to the nice ghost that lived in their house they thought she was hearing things. When they found her in their ruined garden with bloody fingers, crying because she couldn't get the gnomes to leave the roses alone, they sent her to a mental hospital. She was nine.

It was the worst year of her life. They told her she was schizophrenic. They kept trying to cure her. But it didn't work and there are plenty of ghosts in mental hospitals to torture -little witches. None were nearly as nice as the one back home.


Eventually, they broke her. She gave in, admitted she was crazy, ignored all the things she was always so sure were real.

She almost had a heart attack when she walked in on Cameron, her baby brother and the only person who ever believed her, talking to her old ghost friend. She had always assumed that he believed her through blind adoration for his older sister, there was never any sign he saw things too. She will never forget the smile on his face as he turned to her and exclaimed, "See TayTay! You're not crazy!" It was the greatest day of her life.


The second greatest day of her life was when Professor Shuester came to her house with a Hogwarts letter. She had been getting the letters for weeks, but her parents wrote them off as a bad prank. She never tried to convince them otherwise. Professor Shue tried to tell her parents that she was a witch, that she needed to be trained, but it was pointless. Eventually he told them Hogwarts was a school for gifted children. He told them that she got a full ride scholarship to the best boarding school in the country just so they would let her go. As he left she asked him, "Does this mean I'm not special anymore?"

He smiled down at her, "No Miss Mitchell, you will always be special."

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